Friday, September 25, 2009


My sleeping around the clock got interrupted and I guess I am right back there again. I've been up since 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Going to bed soon here--but I thought this time I'd blog before I went to bed instead of after I get up. Just had to show you what I got done last evening and all night long--little by little. I worked on the inside pages for the bookcards.
I'd pile them up in sets of five pages and then fold-fold-fold.
When the timer went off and my hour was up I'd go watch my Netflix movies.
I watched X-Men again and understood it better after having seen the new Wolverine movie. Yup! X-Men was the one I had seen. Now I think there are two more for me to watch.
I also watched Rage:
A young blogger attempts to document the inner workings of a top New York fashion house in the week leading up to a major show, but his behind-the-scenes interviews take on much greater significance when a runway model is murdered. A celebrity supermodel (Jude Law), a war photographer (Steve Buscemi), a critic (Judi Dench) and other personalities share their versions of the week's events in Sally Potter's darkly comic riff on the information age.
Hard to describe--but fascinating! The whole movie takes place with an assortment of fashion industry people coming one by one and talking in front of a green screen to a young boy/teen (you never see him or hear him). He's apparently doing a school project--or that is what he told everyone. They didn't know he was posting the videos on his blog. A murder of a runway model takes place (off camera, of course) and people come and discuss things with the young man. The acting--well, I remembered Judi Dench was in it and I love Steve Buscemi--but I never re-read the sleeve. Well, I had to go back and re-watch some of it because I had no idea that was Jude Law playing a supermodel!!! I knew it was a guy--a male--but he was actually exotically beautiful! No lie! Those eyes! I almost kept it to watch it again just because of realizing at the end that it was Jude Law--hehe! But Netflix takes up enough of my life as it is--ROFL!!
Anyways, what a strange movie! Compelling just for the acting alone. Of course, that's all you're getting come to think of it. I don't think it was ever clear what happened off stage or who killed the model (and I won't tell you anything else), but I didn't really care. I got wrapped up in the array of characters--which was the point, I guess.
Movies-Schmovies. Karma slept.
By morning I had finished folding ALL the business paper I had! Here's the finished stack of covers and four stacks of folded paper for the insides of the bookcards--tada!!
Another step done!
I have never mass produced this many bookcards! I think the most I did at one time was thirty-three (just for me, of course). We have never mass produced this many regular cards, either--not counting Christmas cards, I mean. Like the ones we call the "scrap cards" we are working on that I showed you yesterday--(because they are made using the scraps from my bookcard covers). It's exciting! :)
Don't be concerned we've lost our minds--ROFL! I am not worried if other people don't love the bookcards as much as I do and they don't sell because you know I can use them up myself. And Leah and I would also use up the scrap cards. (Leah's not a letter writer so she doesn't use the bookcards.) We already have transformed scrap cards into whatever we need--birthday, thank you, get well, congratulations...everything but Christmas cards, I think. We love them. :):) But we are quite willing to part with some of them--never fear. So we can make some more--tada! You will see some of these on Etsy later on.

Yes--us crafty folk are often a little crazed, aren't we? LOL! I can hardly wait to see how they all turn out!! I do want to pick out the best ones for Etsy. :):)
Anyways, I pushed my limits--so tomorrow--I mean today--after I wake up--I'll take it easy. Do other things--not cards--save the shoulders. But I can walk by the table--often--and gaze at the stacks--the progress--and smile--and smile. Another very good day indeed. :):)


  1. You need to rent a movie just for Kharma that has an exotic actor with rivetting eyes...

    Perhaps Garfield? I think there are at least two movies with him in it out...

    :) Seriously "Rage" sounds just odd enough to be intriguing.

  2. Garfield! Iggy, you crack me up!

    Seriously--"Rage" was strange & kind of incomplete and yet I have found myself thinking about it. I'm going to post a link I found to the trailer in the morning so people can get an idea of how this low budget film was shot and who is in it. If you don't like "arty" films at all, you might not like it because it is so stark and segmented. Not the usual, that's for sure. :)


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