Thursday, September 24, 2009


Dagan and Leah were over last night--and I forgot to get pictures again--duh! I made a chicken and cashew stir fry over rice with broccoli--salty, but yummy! We watched one of The Office DVDs from last year that D&L got from Netflix. Leah decided to sit and glue the two card front pieces together while she watched and I finished up the last of them after they left. We've kept the leftover pieces with the fronts in case we want to use some of them on the insides of the cards. Wait till you see them all! Such variety! Of course, that makes it extra enjoyable for me--hehe!
Leah has been enjoying her training at the new job. It's one of those places for digital TV where you get a little satellite dish installed. Several people have the dishes here in this building, Leah said. She has to work every other weekend on Saturday and Sunday, tho. Gets one day during the week off. She's hoping to work her way up. After all, she basically ran a call center in India from Fargo, right? :) She's just glad she is working!!
Dagan's been back to work and doing well. He was pretty sore, tho, by the time they left at close to 10pm. He gets his stitches checked here in Fargo pretty soon and then goes back to Minneapolis for a check-up after six weeks. Looking especially good to Mom!! :) :)
Intense Guy sent Miss Karma a youtube video--and she loved it! Thanks, Iggy!!
I had seen a clip from it on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Karma even pawed the screen sometimes--especially, for some unknown cat reason, when the guy bounced down the stairs.
It's cute! I can see why it has had over 26 million hits!
I hope it didn't give her any ideas--hehe! Karma's always been full of enough ideas on her own--ROFL!! You can watch The Mean Kitty Song here.
We're back in the 70's during the day and the 50's at night. Perfect weather! Ahhh!
Let's see...I have the original X-Men, lizards on Life In Cold Blood, and Rage (about a blogger and the fashion world?) to watch--and I might sit and fold inside paper for the bookcards. Just feeling happy. Smiling as I type this. May happiness settle upon you, too! :):)


  1. It sounds like all is going quite smoothly for you. Your dinner sounded delicious....I've always loved creamy rice dishes though it would be minus the chicken, of course. :)

    Glad to hear Leah is settling into the new job well too. I hope Dagan heals up quickly.

    The Rage movie, or documentary?, sounds interesting.

    Love the pics of Karma watching the cute!

  2. Serena--being Swedish, anything with cream, sauce, or cheese on it has to be good--hehe!

    I'll let you know about Rage after I watch it. :) :)

  3. Drops in to see what Krazy Kat is doing and gets a HUGE smile on his face watching Kharma's antics.


    Sounds like you, Karma, Leah, and Dagan are all doing splendidly! I can't imagine trying to run a call center IN India let alone from Fargo. That took some special talents.

  4. Iggy!
    I just had to show you pictures of Karma actually watching the Mean Kitty video--hehe! She watched it twice before she was bored with it. I never know what will peak her interest. A couple of winters ago she became enhralled with that cartoon santa and reindeer singing. ?? No clue why--but she watched that silly thing over and over and over until she finally got bored with it. I saved it. I'll have to find it in my favorites for the upcoming holidays--ROFL! But it may hold no interest this year. :)

    I couldn't have handled that Indian call center job, either. Leah had endless patience explaining things over and over on the phone. She trained people in, supervised calls, answered questions, organized conference calls--I don't know what all. And she was very good at it, too! So I'm sure this job will be a snap for her. She said it is a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere, too. Good! :)


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