Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good Morning! It is still morning, I guess.
I've already been up 12 hours. Just no sleeping much the past couple days. Maybe this will be the day I enjoy a nice long sleepathon. I hope so. I have things to do. :)
I searched online and finally found a picture of my Zip'eMate. Has always been a bear to crank this thing. So much so that I cannot even use it with my bum arm--no lie! Leah even has a terrible time because you have to hold on tightly with your left hand while you cranked hard with the right hand. We have followed the directions for the sandwiching part and even tried our own versions to no avail. If it wasn't so tight it hardly moves, then it didn't emboss. *sigh* So we have hardly used it at all since I bought it--let's see--maybe 6-7 years ago?
This is the Cuttlebug. Smaller, lighter, the sides fold up, and from all the videos online it looks soooo easy to crank that I should actually be able to use it--tada!
Here's a short video about the Cuttlebug for those of you who don't know what these kind of little machines do:
Leah and I are mostly interested in the embossing to begin with. The cutting dies are more expensive than the embossing folders--by a long shot. But we would like to try some basic ones one day--like squares, circles, and ovals. I never even bought one single die for the Zippy because it was so dang hard to use. Good thing, eh?
Oops! I thought this one was a larger picture. Oh well--you get the idea. The sides fold out and then you can feed the mats through. Nice and easy to store, too! The Zippy is large and heavy and takes up a lot of room.

I have been thinking about it and I think I should give Zippy away on freecycle. I would really hate to sell anybody something that works SO poorly, you know? It may have been a lemon in the first place. These portable die cutters and embossers were fairly new back then--so who knows, right? But--bottom line--it sucks!

I've been quite zombie-ish the last couple of days. I'm tired enough when I get sleep--ROFL! Throat has been a little sore. All I have managed to do is putter a bit on figuring out a new Christmas card (nope-don't have any samples made yet to show Leah-been brain planning--hehe!), wrote a couple letters, and planted some more cat grass. This is why our plans are always fluid. Especially mine--hehe!

Been very windy and chilly up here the past couple of days. They're talking rain tomorrow. The lamp worked last night. So far, so good, Leah! :) I hope I am feeling up to working on my to-do list after I sleep long and well. Think positive, right? Right! Wish me luck! :):)


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I'm just getting over my sinus blockage from the dust storm. It hit me pretty hard.

    I saw the Cuttlebug in action on a DVD that came with one of the card magazines I bought ages ago. I'm sure it would be very handy for you and Leah.

    Does the lamp have a screw-in bulb? I sometimes have trouble with those types. Hopefully, Leah has fixed it in nice and tight.

  2. I hope you feel better soonest!

    That cuddybug thing lookes pretty cool! And yes, I know what you mean about not wanting to sell something that doesn't work well - but not wanting to just throw it away either.

  3. Serena--It's the pits to be just generally miserable. Not the high temp, knock-you-off-your-feet, can't-get-out-of-bed miserable, but miserable enough that you're barely functional. Of course, that doesn't take much for me. I am barely functional as it is--ROFL!

    Yes--at least the Cuttlebug has been around for several years and hopefully isn't the next "Beta" or "8-Track" of the die machines--hehe! I am so glad now that we never purchased any additional supplies for the Zippy! Wait till you see all the things I am going to order! 40% off on everything--awesome!! We'll have a lot of fun with this one. :)

    The bulb doesn't screw in. It is one of those where you push in and turn the base. I have used it since Leah re-snugged the bulb and --so far, so good! :):) Leah has the touch. Maybe it had gotten loose somehow? Hope so! :)

  4. Iggy!
    Me, too. The days go on. My throat feels like sandpaper sometimes. :( I'll get better eventually, of course. It's the waiting we all dislike, right? I'm lucky I WILL get better. Grateful. And it hasn't been a really bad deal--knock on wood. :)

    I know! I just can't sell it unless I give FULL FULL FULL disclosure. Leah thinks we should sell it, but I want to give it away--hehe! I did pay $90.00 for it back then and we haven't used it but maybe three times. Can't throw it away--it's brand new really. Next time I see Leah in person we'll discuss what to do with the lemon clunker Zippy--hehe! :):)


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