Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The heat wave of Indian Summer has apparently ended. Got down into the mid-40s last night. Cold enough that I woke up and had to close the bedroom window. Slept a split shift. Went to bed at a normal time and was up in the middle of the night (closing window--hehe!). I read for a while and then went to bed again this morning and slept till noon. Got my 8 hours--in shifts--but that's fine. :)
Another great cheap toy.
Treats in an empty kleenex box.
I am making dinner for Dagan and Leah tonight. Sounds like they'll be here after they both get off at 5pm. Leah and I will work on making cards if she's not too tired. I'd better get busy and check emails and such...more tomorrow. :)


  1. LOL! That cat just cracks me up.

    Does she prefer Puffs to Kleenex?

  2. She's pretty smart--so it's like having a smart child--you have to keep them busy and challenged--hehe! Otherwise I'd be making mean kitty videos--ROFL!

    Oh--Puffs with no lotion--hands down! :)


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