Sunday, September 20, 2009


Discovered a great new cheap "toy" for Karma. Empty cat food bags. :)
They make crinkly noises and smell like treats!
She obviously plays with them while I am sleeping, too--hehe!
Quick hello today. I get thrown off with the inverted hours, but all is well our way up here. Hello! Hello! :):)


  1. LOL@Miss Karma. Does she actually fit inside the bags? :)

    You could open up the other end and make her a halloween costume!

    I hope you get your waking hours shifted back around soon.

  2. She gets her front end up to her shoulders into the bags so SHE thinks she is in them--ROFL! Halloween costume--you crack me up!! :):)

  3. hahahaha ya cats love bags and boxes, well at least ours does, Brown paper bags and old boxes and the best is Christmas wrapping paper! HAHAHA too cute!

  4. Yup! Bags and boxes! It's like when you've got a toddler and they get a new toy and play with the box instead--or they delight in just banging on pots and pans or stacking cans from the pantry--hehe! And yes--wrapping paper!! :):) I think I am as easily entertained as Karma--hehe!

  5. Cody loves things like that though he would chew those bags into a million pieces. lol

  6. Serena,
    Yup! Dogs have a very different take on playthings--hehe! :):)


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