Saturday, May 14, 2011


Cold and dark and drizzly up here. Good snoozing weather, Karma says. ;)
Well, Blogger has been just nuts! Deleting all posts and comments from 7:43am on Thursday until who knows when on late Friday afternoon. I couldn't access my blog at all ("unavailable") but other people could go read it? I lost my Thursday post and any comments I made. I think we'll all have to just go from here. If I missed commenting on your blog it may be that it was just lost in cyberspace with my post--LOL!
And you can blame Blogger for the sideways pictures (I can never fix) below as I re-post. Once I put pictures in my document storage system with Apple's Safari they will revert back to sideways if they had shown up that way for some reason from my camera--even if I had fixed them and clicked save. Maybe I should blame Apple? Or my camera? Or maybe I am too dumb to figure it out? *sigh*
Anyways, Dagan and Leah came over on Wednesday with this box! My new fancy cell phone!! LG Optimus S.
Here's my old flip phone. Compared to the new one, this one is like using an old dial phone!
I bought this leather case for it as soon as I got it (my first cell phone)...
...but this is what it looks like naked--hehe!
Here's the old and new phones side by side--and sideways--LOL!
I didn't notice the flecks of dust on the new screen until I saw this picture of the new matte purple phone.
Side view.
Leah spent the whole evening getting my phone set up for business. I have a "home page" now like on my computer. Have shortcuts to the internet, weather, email, contacts, texting, voicemail, maps, calendar, clock...and I have four other pages I can put shortcuts on!
Tilt your head and you can see my blog on my phone! (Still seems a bit strange to me.) Leah taught me how to enlarge with a finger and thumb so I can read things easier, too.
Most awesome--a keyboard for typing texts or emails!! And I have this swiping thing on there where I can just slid my finger from letter to letter. I'm getting more used to doing it now after a couple of days. Yup! Most awesome!!!
OH--and I got to choose an old ringing phone for my ringer!! LOL!! Startles me every time, but I don't think I could ever sleep thru it. ;)
I still have booklets to read...
...but I can tell you that I love my new fangled phone already! :):) Thanks Leah for all the work you did to set me up and teach me how to use this "smart" phone. I'm sure I'll have more questions for you in the future, but I'm doing amazingly well so far! Surprising myself! ;)
And thanks for jumping the car , you guys!! :)
Yes, the Paseo is up and running. I took her out for a spin on Friday, too. Plan to do that a couple more times before I make any appointments--to make sure she's holding a charge. I guess I do have to drive her more often. Can't let her sit for months or the battery can totally drain down, I guess. So, I am going to try to take her out and about every 2-4 weeks--even if I just drive around for 10-15 minutes and come right home. I am so thrilled that it wasn't anything bad! Whoohoo!! :):)
The last couple days I have been working on letters owed (five!). I figured I should write those before the Circle Letter arrives for the first time. I guess it is on the way to North Dakota--tada!
I haven't heard back from Goulet Pens about the piston pen, but Rachel's had bad morning sickness and their part-time help is gone for two weeks, so I figured it might take a while. Life happens, right? ;) I have no doubts they'll answer me as soon as they can.
I've been on a low this week. Not state of mind, just the usual fibro stuff. Which means I haven't worked on the birthday cards or made the video on how to apply the caulk frosting yet. I will get back on task as soon as I can. :)
Meanwhile, I am feeling about as energetic as Karma--ROFL! We're supposed to get some sunny, spring weather again soon. I hope so! I want some porch reading time. I've only managed to get one day out there so far this spring. Been wet or too cold. Of course, I need a day of sun to dry out the soggy carpeting first and it's been hard to find two warm days of sun in a row so far. But we're supposed to see the sun for days starting tomorrow. I hope they're right this time! Several sunny days in the 60s--yippeee!
Have a great weekend!! :)
"Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."
Eleanor Roosevelt


Leah said...

I'm so glad that you're liking your new phone, and I look forward to answering all the questions you encounter. :)

PS. I am commenting from my Smartphone. ;)

Thank you kindly,

Deanna said...

Blogger has been crazy. Technology. It is great until it doesn't work... then not so great.

I hope you enjoy your phone a lot.

Does the weather affect the fibro. I've been hurting a lot lately too, but unless I am totally worn out, I can't tell for sure whether it is my arthritis or Lupus. I guess it doesn't really matter which.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

AliceKay said...

Wow, did you upload all these pics to Blogger again? I know I read your blog on Thursday, but when I went to comment, I saw the message saying Blogger was having maintenance issues and it was "read only". :(

That's a cool looking phone. Sometimes I wish we had cell service here where I live so I could have a cool phone like that (Marty has a smart phone of some kind) but then I might want to play on it more than I should and not get any work done. LOL

I think I need a snooze like Karma. I mowed the entire lawn all by myself this afternoon after I got home from work. :) My neck and back are feeling it but at least I got it done without waiting for Terri to get around to doing it. He isn't home this weekend anyway. It's Spring Camporee time with the Boy Scouts this weekend.

I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

Rita said...

Leah--I'm sure I'll have a few when I see you next week. ;) I never would have been brave enough to try a phone like this without you! :)

Deanna--Yes, we really realize how much we love our technology when it doesn't work! I think the damp weather might contribute to the overall aches and pains. I am never sure if it is the fibro or the arthritis. I feel like I have the flu ALL the time. You just adapt, right? I can totally relate! ;)

AliceKay--Yes, I redid the whole blog post and added a little more. Even tho it said read only I couldn't get to me blog at all. Sounds like they deleted everything that was done on blogger for a day and a half--posts, comments--all of it--gone. Oh well. I'm just glad it is up again. :)
I know I'll play on mine more when I download some free solitare games--LOL! ;)
You'd better rest up and take it easy. Nice to have the lawn done, tho, I imagine. That always feels good getting big projects done. Relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

That is one awesome phone for sure and Leah is so nice and wonderful to do all of that for you and talented too hehehe. I would be lost trying to figure out that phone. Your old phone is cute too though pretty color :o) I think it is a good idea to drive your car around a bit to keep a charge I cant imagine how cold it gets up there that it is good for that battery. Kiss Karma and have a good Sunday, hugs!

Barbara said...

This weather has me feeling like Karma myself. I need some sunshine! Have fun with your new smartphone. I don't have one yet but I'm sure I will soon. :-)

Rita said...

Lynn--I would have been lost without Leah's help, too-hehe! I'm saving my old phone as back up. You never know. And it works just fine in case anything happens to the new one.
I kissed Miss Karma! Hope you're having a god Sunday, too. :)

Barb--We finally got some sun here today on Sunday! I hope you get some, too, and that Nina's legs will be sound and well soon. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Your new phone looks awesome, Rita! I love the colour ~ :)

I did hear that blogger will gradually restore the lost posts but better to re-do it, just in case.

Life certainly does happen...just when I think I have a spare day to myself, one of the kids need me for something. Ah is nice to needed so I'm not complaining especially if it means spending time with little Mikayla.

Our weather is starting to get quite cold at night and in the early mornings. Winter is making an early entrance.

I hope you're feeling much better after a good rest.

Love, light and peace,
Serena xo

Toriz said...

The thing with the blog access was that if you didn't try to sign in, you could read blogs, but try to sign in and it wouldn't work. I know this because I could get on my blog (it's my homepage for my internet browser, so just opening my browser puts me on it, but not signed in) but trying to access anything - comment boxes, my dashboard, etc) didn't work. It wont help much for you to know that, but at least it solves the mystery of why you couldn't access your blog and others could. Well, unless you did try to do so without logging in, in which case... *Shrugs*

Glad you like your new phone and are getting on well with it so far! :)

I'm also glad the car is running again and it was just a flat battery! :)

Hope you're feeling better today.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Look at you with your fancy dancy cell phone!!!

I'm still in the dark ages - my phone just processes phone web GPS. It does take itty bitty low quality pictures - but just barely. I figure that way I can't mess it up too bad!!

Karma looks awfully comfortable - I'd be really tempted to settle in next to her!

trump said...

I think ill stick to my old school phone, but good luck with the new one. Richard from Lebanon countys Amish settlement.

Rita said...

Serena--The phone only came in black or purple. It was no contest--hehe! ;)

Well, if blogger ever does repost my Thursday post I'll be surprised. Think how many people would have posted something in a day and a half. And will they repost all the comments people made on blogs, too, I wonder? Be interesting to see. With all the millions of people on blogger, that would be a huge task, I imagine.

If the kids keep you busy at least you get so see that darling granddaughter!! :):)

Tori--The odd thing is, tho, I posted several comments before I wrote the blog on Thursday. It said everything was fine, until I went back to my blog for something. I was signed in the whole time. Face it--techie stuff is just too confusing for me--ROFL! ;)

I was really glad it was just a low battery, too. Nice! Still sore and tired, but in good spirits. :)

Donna--My old phone was just a simple phone and I didn't do much else with it but use it for phone calls. Could have had a fandangle phone over a year ago...too scared it would be too complicated for me to figure out. Well, if it wasn't for Leah I never would have! :):)

Richard--Greetings!! So nice to hear from you. I had help to figure this new fangled phone out and I might never use but a portion of what it is actually capable of, but I am really surprised at how much I am liking what I do know how to use. LOL! I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;) In what state is Lebanon County located?

f8hasit said... phones. Once you have one, it's hard to go back!

I've had a iPhone since their introduction and don't think I could live without it now. However, there ARE times that I wish I weren't 'as available' as you are with a smart phone. Remeber the days when if you wanted to be alone, you just took the phone off the hook?

Intense Guy said...

Not to be contrary or anything, but what I like the most is that black mat with all the white lines! What a cool photo background!


Move over Karma... you're hogging all the blankies...

Leah said...


That's my black mat, for crafts. Rita and I both really like that mat. Though it's a great mat, I must say that I like technology more and therefore I'd have say that, for me, I like the Smartphone more. Though I understand your liking of the mat more, I've just always loved technology and it's possibilities. ;)

Thankyou kindly,

Rita said...

Nancy--I am late to join the smart phone folks. In fact, I guess this one is a not as smart phone compared to the new ones--but it's nearly too smart for me--LOLOL! I am hooked, tho. I guess these days you have to just ignore the sounds and let it go to voicemail...or "forget" your phone at home...or put it to sleep. ;)

Iggy--Leah explained the black craft mat. It took me over a year to agree to even try the new fangled phone and I needed (and will continue to need) lots of help--LOL! I understand. ;)

Leah--If it wasn't for you two I would be back in the dark ages with my land line phone and my computer would have died years ago. Blogging? Youtube? What's that? *hugs*

Artoholic said...

New Phone bliss and a happy sleepy cat - life is good!



Rita said...

Cindy--Yup! Life is really good!! ;)

Parsley said...

Congrats on a new, cute phone!

Karma just makes me smile. I find my gerbil sleeping like that...funny.

Rita said...

Parsley--I have seen hamsters and rats and mice sleep that way, too, with their heads curled half upsidedown--hehe! ;)