Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sometimes I am the CatTV. ;)
On occasion Karma likes to spy on me from the porch--hehe!
Well, I have a warning. Be very careful taking the covers off the divided Ziplock containers after they've been frozen. As you can see, the covers don't necessarily come off easily and pieces can crack off.
I have been keeping the Mother's Day roses up here next to the TV to keep you-know-who from eating them. She loves to eat flowers!
I was watching Human Planet 1 & 2. Have one more DVD yet to watch. Very good! That scene on the TV is an ariel shot of rice patties, I think.
I got my new Ink Drop order. Filled my three empty Preppy pens half full with ink samples. :)
I am still having trouble with that new Noodler's piston pen drying up. Have tried three different inks. So, I emailed the Goulets to ask them if this is a normal thing or did I just get a lemon?
The roses!!
Most of them have opened up now and they are even more beautiful! :)
The noisy construction in the field continues.
I never made it to the dentist's for the checkup on Monday. The car was dead as a doornail. Dagan and Leah think the battery just drained down to nothing because I haven't driven it for so long. I hope they're right. They're going to try to jump it when they come over tonight after work.
Tori is a fairly new vegetarian, too. I finally went and looked up when exactly I watched Earthlings and quit eating meat. Was on May 4, 2010. Hard to believe it's been a year already!
Well, that's quickly what's been happening up here.
Hope you're having a good week. :)
"Light tomorrow with today."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Desiree said...

OK cat peeping not cool lol :P beautiful flowers! enjoy the day regardless of noisy constructors! :D

AliceKay said...

Oh my goodness! I love that shot of Karma looking at you thru the door. LOL

Yep, the plastic breaking can be a problem. Be careful not to cut yourself trying to open them.

Interesting picture on that TV. I'm glad you told us what you thought was there because I was wondering.

Sorry to hear your pen problem hasn't resolved itself using different inks. I hope you find out what's wrong soon. It's a shame the inks are drying up before you can use them.

The roses are BEAUTIFUL! :)

I was looking at the construction pic a little closer and think I see a Love's Travel Stop sign next to the McDonald's sign. I never noticed that sign before tonight. We stopped at several of those travel stops on our way to and from Texas two years ago. Nice stores and rest areas. Lots of souvenirs to purchase, too. (and i did) :) We don't have a Love's around here.

Sorry to hear you didn't make it to your dentist appointment. I hope the car battery is salvageable, only requiring a jump start and charging. Will keep my fingers crossed.

We had a very warm day here today...around 80 degrees. It was too warm inside this trailer. I finally had to open the windows and let in some air...along with the pollen. :\

Nice quote. :)

Parsley said...

HAHA love how she's looking through the door!

The roses are lovely!

Intense Guy said...

If Karma was a boy kat - she'd be a peeping TOM...


I bet she's just checking that you don't put any of that Asafoetida powder in her treats.

Rita said...

Desi--LOL!! Yes, thanks-it was a very good day! Hope you had a good one, too! :):)

AliceKay--Karma the spy! LOL!
I know. That shot of the earth looked like abstract art to me.
I haven't heard back about the pen yet, but they just posted that Rachel Goulet is having another baby around Christmas, so that explains why she's been under the weather. :)
Love's Travel, eh? I have no idea if that is what it is, but I looked in the phone book and didn't see a Love's. Might just look similar from far away? Sounds like a nice place to stop, tho. :)
Thanks for crossing your fingers. Must have helped. ;)
80! Whew! Too hot for me--ROFL!

Parsley--I think Karma thought she was invisible--hehe!

Iggy--LOLOL@peeping Tom!! Yes--you'd think she didn't trust me! ;)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Karma is precious!

We are finally getting some rain here. We've already gotten more in the last couple of hours that we have all spring. I was listening to the radio and someone called in to say they just saw someone riding a jet ski down the street - somehow I doubt that ;-)

Rita said...

Donna--You sure could have had some of our rain from up here! We've had too much. Hard for the farmers to get the fields planted--too wet. But if you had somebody jet skiing down the street then you'd be in deep trouble--hehe! ;) Have a great day!

Toriz said...

LOL @ Karma!

Well, at least you know now to be careful with those containers.

Let us know what the pen people say (if you get a reply).

Hope that was all that was wrong with the car.

May 4th, eh? Well, then you were about right for a moment of weakness, I think. Good luck with continuing the vegetarian eating! :)

Felicity Grace said...

Your cat is so sweet! (I can never see enough cat photos!) I just wanted to say thank you very much for your lovely comment and sorry that it was lost as Blogger went down last night. Just so you know I didn't get rid of it and it was appreciated!

Serena Lewis said...

LOL at Karma watching her 'CatTV'.

I use those Ziplock containers..tho I don't normally use them for freezing, more just fridge storage.

WOW...those Mother's Day roses are BEAUTIFUL!!!

It sounds like your pen is a lemon. I wouldn't think it would be normal to dry out like that.

Congratulations to both Tori and you for maintaining a vegetarian diet. I've been pescetarian for 6½ years now. A pescetarian is a vegetarian who eats seafood although I only have a little seafood now and again.

Sorry I've been absent. The family and medical issues have been quite persistent.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Karma peeking that is just so cute. When I first saw the tv pic I thought it was a picture on your wall and I was thinking wow I love that picture and the pattern then I read below it and see that it was the tv hahaha. The roses are beautiful :o)

giddy up said...

You roses are beautiful! I need to check out those pens you have. I need to see if they have them around here...

Rita said...

Desi--Been raining for two days so quiet and no construction--ahhh! ;)

Tori--Yes, I think the containers may be made mostly for the frig, but when I am careful now I haven't cracked any more of the covers.
Yup! I went a whole year without a momentarily chicken weakness--hehe! Not too bad, I guess. :)

Felicity--Hi! Well, if you love cat photos you can always find Karma photos here. You're welcome! I'm glad you got to read it before it got sent off into cyberspace. I lost some of mine on my blog, too. I'm sure all the comments I made that day were lost. :( Let's hope Blogger doesn't have troubles like that again. ;)

Serena--Those containers probably are more for frig storage, I guess, but if I am careful they've been working okay.

I sure hope that pen is a lemon. I was all excited to eventually by a Nibbler's flex pen, but that's a piston pen, too. I'm sure I'll hear from them. She's expecting again and suffering badly from morning sickness all day long and their part-time hep is gone for two weeks, so he is swamped working everything by himself. I'll be sure and report. ;)

Does a pescetarian eat dairy and eggs? I think you might have told me a long time ago, but I can't remember. Just glad to see you back. You're in my prayers, lady. :)

Lynn--LOL!! I agree with you. I think that picture on the TV would make a striking abstract painting! I can't stop looking at it. :)

Karen--Thanks@flowers! My favorite places to buy pens are:
Feel free to email me about pens. I don't know everything, by any means, but I can tell you which ones I have and how I like them, etc.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Rita. I hope the pen is a lemon too because then they will just replace it for you.

Yes, a pescetarian does eat dairy and eggs....they are basically a full vegetarian who also eats seafood.

A vegan is someone who doesn't eat, or wear (make-up/clothes etc), any form of animal or animal by-product which includes dairy and egss.

Serena xo

Rita said...

Serena--Thanks! That's what I had remembered, but wasn't sure it was accurate.
I hope the pen is a lemon, too. It loses about an eighth of an inch of ink a day! My other pens don't do that. :(
Hope you're doing well. :)

Intense Guy said...

I know I commented here...


Oh well, I never say anything profound anyway... :)

Rita said...

Yes! I read your comment on Karma being a "Peeping Tom". I love your comments--don't say that. I know I spent a lot of time making comments on Thursday, too, and they're probably all gone with the wind. What a dear friend for you to stop back to check. :):)