Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Proof that even on our cloudy, overcast days... to the east in Moorhead somebody saw a glimpse of sunshine. ;)
Today, though, has actually been sunny! Cooler--only 62 degrees right now and there was a frost advisory north of us last night--but today it's sunny!! Too cool for Karma to want to lay about on the porch, so she snoozed on "her" chair.
Cats can become deeply relaxed. Believe it or not, she was awake when I took this picture.
Okay--the piston pen. I finally asked on the Goulet's live stream program last night why my piston pen was evaporating so fast and was that normal? (Never did get a return email, but they just got their help back and said they are behind on emails and blogs because they had to focus on orders.) Anyways, they said there's holes in the cap and that can cause quicker evaporation. It was hard to get a close-up of this tiny hole that I found on the side of the cap--was the only hole I found?
What I did was take a tiny little piece of poster tack and squeezed it into the hole. Looks huge, doesn't it?
But it is very small as you can see from a regular shot. We'll see if that slows down the evaporation. I mean, good grief! I can lose an inch of ink in a little over a week! My apartment must be very dry, eh? I do like the pen, tho, so wish me luck! :)
My days and nights are still flipped. So, I am often going down in the middle of the night to check my mail. Twice within the past week the elevator has looked like this. :(
Pee or whatever it is all over the floor. Even almost looked like a couple poop smears? Dog? I've often wondered if it was a dog, but then you can see where they pee down the wall in the corner...
...and it would have to be a pretty tall dog.
Why do people do things like this? And even if it was their dog, why don't they clean it up? I'd be mortified if my dog peed all over the elevator, you know? Oh well. Sorry to complain, but it hadn't happened for a while and I had gotten my hopes up that maybe they had moved. :(
Anyways, Leah is running about doing errands and is going to stop by quickly to make a graduation card later tonight, I think. BTW--Dagan and Leah and even Caroline do not use the elevator and take the stairs. I don't blame them. There's also often snot wiped or spit dripping down the wall and they scratch all over the door with their keys. Right now there's a swastika--that they had to draw three separate times before they got all the angles going the right way--LOL! These are obviously well-read, intelligent folk we're dealing with.
Deep breath.
Clear out my negatives.
I think I need to watch one of those 10 minute relaxation videos. ;)
Well, I have finally started coloring the cupcakes (for the birthday cards) with the copic markers--another step to do 50 times--LOL! Always relaxing to color. :)
Yesterday I watched a movie from Netflix called I Am Number Four. If you like movies like X-Men, I think you'd like this movie. It is set up to have sequels and I hope they make them. :)
I'm not going to let the urine soaked elevator get to me. (I feel so sorry for the cleaning person!!) I'll continue to wear rubber soled shoes and press the buttons with my mail key. ;)
"In the midst of gathering darkness, light becomes more evident."
Bonnie Bostrom


AliceKay said...

Those are neat looking sky pictures. We've had some strange looking skies lately. I've taken some pics, but deleted a lot of them earlier tonight.

Karma looks comfy. :)

I'm glad you found out why your pen's ink was evaporating. Seems odd to have a hole in the cap. I hope the plug you made works.

That elevator is disgusting. I can't believe people can be so disgusting, but there seems to be a bunch of them out there. Makes you ill, doesn't it? It did me and I was only looking at a picture.

We had sunshine and temps around 80 today. The weather forecast is for possible thunderstorms after midnight, with some being severe. :(

I hope you have a good day (night) tomorrow. *hugs*

Desiree said...

let us hope it was a dog and not a person! just saying! lol :))

Toriz said...

I'm glad you found out what was up with the pen. Hope the plug you made works!

People can be disgusting sometimes! It does sound more like people than dogs, but... Ewww! Whether it's dogs or people, it's still gross! And - for the record - I'd be highly embarrassed if Kero did something like that, and at least do my best to get it cleaned up. He once had an "accident" when we were in a pet shop, and I immediately got hold of cleaning supplies and cleaned it up. They didn't ask me to (actually, they said they'd do it) but he's my dog, so it's my responsibility. OK, so I do allow people to do it for me now, and can't clean up after him when I take him places by myself any more. But what I do these days is let people know right away so someone can clean up for me. I always did it myself when I could see to do so though. Anyway, it sounds more like people than dogs to me. Not something you should have to be dealing with though... Don't blame those who can do so for using the stairs!

Furry Bottoms said...

That is disgusting about the defectation of the elevator!!! I wonder if somebody was extremely drunk and thought it was funny. No excuse though!! Ugh.

I wish I could have been as relaxed as Karma looks in that picture last night! And Horray for sunny skies in the Dakotas!

Intense Guy said...

I'm not going to soft-pedal it - a lot of people are disgusting.

Basic statistics... half the people in the world are dumber, more disgusting, more whatever you want to measure them by, than average.

And unfortunately, average is too low.

They claim we are "civilized" - I'm not convinced.

Deanna said...

The skies are pretty, even if they are overcast. And I definitely wish I could relax like Karma does.

As far as the elevator goes, good grief! I am so sorry you have to deal with "humans" such as that. I feel sorry for the cleaning people too.

Serena Lewis said...

Definitely people, not's way too high....and absolutely disgusting! It turns my stomach and makes me mad. It's also depressing to see so many disrespectful people nowadays. :(

I wonder why the hole is in the pen to begin with? Do any of your other pens have a hole like that? Hopefully, the plug will stop the evaporation.

The trailors for "I am Number Four" look pretty good. I did enjoy X-Men so might look it up when it's on sale.

Enjoy your evening, Rita.

Serena xo

Carol C said...

Great photos. Keep looking for that sun in the sky and watch your step in the elevator!

Rita said...

AliceKay--I would still like to know why there's a hole in the cap to begin with? I'm going to try to email them and ask why and if there's only the one hole. I mean there must be some reason for it, right? I do hope plugging it up works. :)
Been pretty cool here. 50s and rain today. :)

Desi--I wish I knew if it was a dog or not. I suspect it isn't. :(

Tori--I never thought about how difficult it would be to pick up after your dog or clean up a puddle when you can't see. Maybe I'll just imagine that it is a really big dog and the owner is blind. That will make me feel better, actually. Of course then I'd wonder why they don't move to a ground floor apartment...LOL!

Nikki--If they were drunk, then they must have a real drinking problem as this has been going on here and there for at least a year or more. :(
Karma is normally one relaxed (lazy?) cat--LOL!

Iggy--Civility is relative, I think. The more people dislike and hate other people and have an "us vs. them" mentality, the less they care about anything but their own people or things. I doubt this person pees in their own apartment, but they don't think of themselves as a part of the apartment as a whole. Really is sad how separate people feel. Sad, but it also pisses me off (pardon the pun) to worry about stepping in their anger and self-pity. I just continue to smile and nod at people and try to spread some tiny bit of...of what? Civility? ;)

Deanna--I really think about the cleaning people a lot. We have gone through so many since I moved here--and you can see why. What a thankless job. I have always tried to say hi and thank you to the ones I run into. :)

Serena--I know. I think it would have to be like a great dane and I haven't seen one of those around here.
My other pens don't have a hole in the cap like that. I do plan to ask them what the purpose is and see if I get an answer. I hope the tiny poster tack plug will do the trick. I do like the pen. If it works, I'd just seal the hole off right away with any new ones--LOL!
If you liked X-Men, I thought this was a similar type of show. People after the different (aliens that look human)...with powers...and you only meet two of them in the first movie. I thought it was pretty good. Liked it enough that I know I'd watch a sequel to see what happens and learn more about them.
Have a great day, Lady! :)

Carol--I'd never enter our elevator without looking down--ROFL! Looking for the sun is more fun! :):)

Artoholic said...

Beautiful cloudscapes and a VERY relaxed kitty. Mine is all snuggly right now on the couch.

Boys marking their territory - try not to think about it. Hold your nose and hope for an express elevator ride.

Great surgery with your pen. I'm the same with my brass calligrphy nibs, although sometimes they are just beyond any CPR I could perform.



Rita said...

Cindy--Some cats are snugglier than others. I find with most it is on their terms only. That's why cat snuggles are special--LOL!

I do hold my breath and am glad there are only three floors and the elevator is pretty fast--ROFL!

I've been lucky with my brass calligraphy nibs. I hope the poster putty does the trick.

Have a nice fall weekend. :):)

Anonymous said...

Disgusting people in this world for sure. Goodness Rita you be careful going out at night like that to check your mail, please!

Toriz said...

That one's easy... Being blind doesn't automatically qualify you for a ground floor place, especially if the building has a lift/elevator in it. Ground floor is a bit easier (no steps to fall up/down) but not really necessary.

Glad I was able to make you feel better about the mess. :)

Rita said...

Lynn--I started bringing my cell phone with me every time I leave the apartment after I almost got trapped in the elevator. (Twice actually--once after I had the cell with me--had to shoulder the door hard several times.) Now I guess there might be more reasons to have it with me, eh? I have rarely ever run into anyone in the middle of the night when I quietly go down to get my mail, but I do have my phone. ;)

Tori--They are only concerned about the people with wheelchairs being on ground floor here because when there's an emergency the elevators close down and you have to be able to navigate the stairs. I love being up on third floor (away from vandals, peepers, and thieves), except when the fire alarm goes off and I have to get Karma in her stroller down three flights of stairs. I've done it a few times now, so I am getting better and faster at it--hehe! ;)