Wednesday, May 04, 2011


We went from this... this.
In just a couple of days...winter to spring. Again. ;)
They're plowing under a section of the field out there past the garages. Looks like they might be planning on putting up another building or something. Eventually there will be various buildings and parking lots as far as I can see, I bet.
I've been puttering with the birthday cards. Got the bottom scalloped layer attached to the cards...
...and then I started trying to figure out how to color and decorate the cupcakes.
I had this idea of the dots on the frosting being multi-colored. Easier said than done. I tried acrylic paints, gouache, metallic paints, markers, markers adding a dot of clear glaze on top...tried different colors for the cupcake paper bottom that would look okay with the cardstock I am using...tried painting the frosting with metallic pearl and then tried white glitter...nothing seemed quite right.
Was only around 50 degrees, but little wind--so I put Karma's bed out on the porch again. She loved being out there while I puttered.
This is the cupcake front runner. Would either use foiling or metallic gold paint for the flame on the candle. Shimmery paint or glitter kind of buries the colors or the dots on the cupcake. I'm still not happy with this, either. Who would have ever thought a little cupcake would be this frustrating.
I think I'm taking the day off. Going to cupcake percolate for a while--hehe!
Caroline came yesterday. Leah wanted to switch from Tuesdays to Wednesdays from now on so that she can keep golfing. Cool! No problem. ;)
So tonight we are going shopping--including those new fangled phones! Supposed to be in the low 50s and rain or thunderstorms. Guess I should remember my umbrella and wear a warm coat. :)
Hope everyone is having a good week!
Aha! If my purpose in life was to teach people about silence--I have done an excellent job! ;)
"I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind. I should not be ungrateful to these teachers."
Khalil Gibran


Toriz said...

Wonder if Spring will stay with you this time? ;)

I'm sure you'll figure out a way to do the cupcakes that works for you in the end!

Hope you enjoy your outing.

Furry Bottoms said...

I love those cupcakes. I wish my mom would get back into stamping like she used to. She just fizzled out.

I would have joined Karma on the porch!

Intense Guy said...

The crazt weather continues - yesterday it was 86F with bright sun and today it is rainy and barely 50F.

I like that last cupcake - I think you are closing in on a nice design! How many cards will there be? You really gotta like a cupcake to color 50 of them alike!

I would sit out with Karma (at least until she left). Its a shame they will (further) ruin your view... Is there a view out the other side of the apartment building?

Deanna said...

That cupcake looks good enough to eat!

Hopefully Spring will stay with you now! And I'll bet you are right - you will soon see buildings as far as the eye can see :(

Celticspirit said...

I can't believe you had snow recently. Seems like some crazy weather has been youngest daughter in New Mexico told me they got snow there on May 1st. That is unheard of. We have had a wacky winter....It's been very mild and I've barely had the heat on since Jan. We had tons of 90 plus days already yet a few days ago it was 36 degrees in the morning and I think we broke a record.
Cute cupcakes! I like the one u piked too. Looks like fun doing all that decorating stuff.

Rita said...

Tori--I hope we have seen the last of snow by now. I'll keep thinking and experimenting with the cupcakes. I'll either find something I love or take the best idea of the lot. :)

Nikki--I've been stamping for many years. I probably have never fizzled out because I also have so many other art and crafty things I love to do. When you can rotate you are never bored. ;)

When it gets warm enough eventually, I LOVE to sit out on the porch and read or write letters. Still been so chilly that even bundled up I get cold too fast. Soon! I just hope it doesn't jump to hot and humid in a flash. ;)

Rita said...

Iggy--Seems like Mother Nature just can't decide--hehe!
Yes, I am making 50 of them because I am making some extras for the Etsy shop. I usually use 25-30 of them each year.
The view from the other side of the building is a wide, busy street and across the street is a housing development. Nothing much to look at there. This is the good side--hehe! ;)

Deanna--Thanks! I'm afraid that's all I'll see pretty soon--buildings. But maybe they'll all plant trees and it will get greener out there.

Barb--New Mexico had snow, too!! Really is crazy weather. And to go from 90 to 36 where you are--goodness! Let's hope things settle down pretty soon.
Yes, it is fun to play with all my card making stuff. And once I decide how I am going to make these it is really relaxing (for me anyways) to sit and do 50 of them little by little. Love it! :):)

AliceKay said...

That's quite a transformation from winter to spring. It looks so pretty out there now (or did when you took those 3rd and 4th shots).

The cupcakes look like a challenge, but that "front runner" looks great. :)

It was in the low 60s here yesterday, but it's only 48 out there right now. We had a line of thunderstorms roll thru again last night, and it poured down rain for hours. The creeks handled it better this go-round, tho. Something (rain?) has beaten down my rhododendron, and I have no idea what. I've never seen it like this before. Will post pics to show you what I mean when I can get to it. Time is limited these days, and being offline due to thunderstorms in the evening isn't helping.

I've been around a lot of talkative people in my life. Must be why I'm not much of a talker myself. LOL

Possum said...

Aaah...I am having craft table envy...all that lovely stuff to play with!
My little island has had backwards weather as well with all the tourists from Europe whining about how they have come on holiday to weather colder than back 'ome!

Rita said...

AliceKay--I'm still hoping to do better than the forerunner--hehe!
Honestly--I grew up in a family who all talked at once over each other and yet could still follow 2-3 conversations at once at our family gatherings. Very noisy! So I learned very bad habits for common social discourse. LOL!

Possum--I thought you lived in California? Do they have that many European tourists over there? They must come for the California sunshine--and didn't get it--LOL! My goodness! Of course, we don't get a lot of tourism here in Fargo--ROFL!!
When you live alone you can use your only table as a permanent craft table. I have years and years worth of art & craft supplies in my little sanctuary here and I love them all! ;) I love seeing other people's art & craft areas or rooms. I'll show more pictures when Leah and I finally get to reorganizing the bookcases in (probably) June. :):)