Thursday, May 05, 2011


Leah and I had an interesting shopping trip yesterday. First Leah had a chiropractor appointment (I brought a paperback book with me). Then we headed for Tochi's...5:59...closed at 6pm. (We're going to try to make it over on Saturday morning.)
Anyways, I don't know exactly why but I have loved this little store ever since I first laid eyes on it. This is one side of the building (opposite from the entrance side) with a painting of a rainbow coming down out of a blue sky with clouds right onto the roof peak of Tochi's--hehe!
Tochi's is like its own little wild oasis. A throwback to the 60s. Maybe that is when it was founded? I only moved up here in 1999 and I never asked.
I absolutely love the dense scraggly tree on the edge of parking lot next to the building that you can see in these pictures. In the summer it is usually loaded to the brim with singing birds. The grass is getting green and the trees are just starting to bud up here.
I just love it all! The various bright colors painted on the different sides of the building, the handpainted Tochi sign and Foods of the Earth under the little rainbow and the wild sun with the smiling face...
...the faded rickety specials sign by the front sidewalk...
...the porch and front door with the carved wood frame and yellow siding and cool small window...looks like you are walking into a house (Leah was getting their hours down in her phone)...
...the inexplicable old wooden child's desk sitting on the front porch...
...the small section of the front walkway/sidewalk made from old salvaged bricks...
...the side of the building that faces the street is covered with vines (I'll have to get a picture this summer when everything doesn't look dead--hehe!) this cool big old window with the six panes, too...
...the handmade long handicapped ramp...
...I just love it all! And inside is interesting and jam packed, too. Maybe I can get some pictures on Saturday. :)
We were driving away from the old downtown when I asked Leah if we could turn around and go back up Broadway because I wanted to get a picture of the old Fargo Theater for Iggy (even if it looks better all lit up at night). I don't know what possessed me but I decided to try doing it in video. Was sooo bumpy! If you want to see these views of downtown Fargo you may want to take a dramamine first! ;)

Then we drove over to Moorhead and parked the car. Here's the old brick apartment building I used to live in from 1999 till I moved across the river to Fargo in 2005. I lived on second floor on the right. At the time that tree was just a little shorter and I could look right smack into the main branches and watch the birds and the occasional squirrel.
You can see that where I used to live in Moorhead it was more residential and an older neighborhood. Tons of trees, birds, squirrels, and the river is a block away. I was within a block or two from the post office, library, Atomic Coffee, and the bus stop. Even Moorhead Center Mall (home of K&Krafts, our favorite local craft store) and my bank were only 3-4 blocks away. I really do miss that. But the older building with the badly leaking garages (nothing was safe for storage and it would drip water on your windshield and freeze a layer of ice on it in the spring and fall), my bathroom ceiling leaking (big hole covered by a board) and the floor around the toilet sinking and disintegrating...well, let's just say my apartment in Fargo is much nicer.
But I still cried when I left here. It was home.
Here I'm still standing in the same spot on the corner across from my old building and turned to the right. At the end of the block you can see the blockades. There is a park down there that is under water. You can kind of see what I am talking about on the next video.
Chilly wind, noisy and a light rain had just stated again.

They were working on this Veterans Memorial Bridge and building all the new apartment buildings across the street from me when I moved away. It all looks so different now.
As we drove across the bridge to Fargo I had Leah get some pictures of the sand dike on the other side that they are just starting to take down. You'd have to click to enlarge it to see the wall of sand all across the horizon there.
That big truck is actually hauling wet sand away. (Iggy--note the cone sentry.)
We stopped at K&Krafts over at Moorhead Center Mall. (Pictures below of goodies.)
We went to the Sprint store and looked at the fancy phones. In order to get the free ones we need to order them online, but I got to see the one I purple! (Leah also ran in and checked at Best Buy, but they wanted $30 for that same "free" one.) So Leah is going to order it for me!! Whoohoo! You can bet I'll have pictures for you.
The last shopping stop was at Lowes. I couldn't walk any more, so Leah went in and we talked via the cell phone. We figured out what wood to buy and the lengths to be cut...and then discovered that their saw was broken. So, have to go back another time to pick up the lumber, but at least now we know exactly what we want for the shelves. Leah could stop and pick it up without me, too.
Then we went to Pita Pit so I could try their falafel...9:06...they closed at 9pm. So, we went to Subway. And--confession--I ordered my old favorite--a chicken teriyaki sandwich! I've had a few dreams about eating chicken recently. Well, I ate it. It tasted really good. I apologized out loud to the chickens. Not planning on starting to eat meat again. Maybe that will put an end to the chicken dreams? LOL!
Leah and I sat in Subway and talked about the new phone and she showed me stuff on hers. When my dear friend, Ruby, comes to visit (hopefully end of May) she can get her new phone, too, and Leah will set her up and show her how to use it. So exciting!!!
By the time Leah dropped me off it was a little after ten. Lonesome Karma had been lying in the dark right in front of the door waiting for me, of course. She was blinking and crying her hellos. Extra cuddly last night--hehe! ;)
This was the haul. Even if much of our shopping was aborted, we had a good time and I think I figured out what I am going to do with the cupcakes--maybe--hehe! ;)
At K&K's--got a couple colors of Liquid Pearls to use for flower centers...
...the one missing attachment (scallop) I needed for the Sew Easy contraption...
...and five dark bright colors of Stickles.
At Lowe's Leah picked up three containers of Brilliant White caulk. (We like to use it in cardmaking with brass stencils and were out.)
Oh, and at K&K's we got a free tape runner because it's their 9th birthday this month. Hard to believe it's been nine years already since Kay took over the craft store. :)
Anyways, my plan for the cupcakes is to try to use the white caulking or some thick white acrylic paint for the frosting and then to add the "dots" or candy sprinkles in the bright colors with the Stickles (which have a little glitter in them). So that is the next thing I am going to try.
Not today.
I am happy and content, but sore as hell--LOL! Always am after I have been out and about. So today is an R&R day. I saved a couple Netflix DVDs--have 2 out of 3 of the new Human Planet series--for today because I knew I'd be shot. Can hardly wait! Looks like an amazing series.
Guess I should rest up for another shopping trip on Saturday! ;) Supposed to be raining again by then, but today is sunny and they are working away in the field across the way. All day you hear the trucks and shovel and the beep-beep-beep of construction. Spring is here! :):)
"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another."
John Dewey


Furry Bottoms said...

Wait-- I know what brass stencilings are, but how in the world do you use caulking with it? I am very curious... because sometimes using the ball tool to trace the stencilings can be a pain.

AliceKay said...


I loved the two videos...wasn't bored at all! It was great seeing some of the sights in Fargo and Moorehead. I'll never get a chance to visit that area so it was a real treat for me to see it thru your eyes. You did great with the video, too. Much better than me trying to record while driving on a curvy mountain road in the rain. LOL And I especially loved hearing the two of you laughing. Fun Stuff! (you should do more of this kind of video when you're out and about)

Tochi's looks like a cute little place. I love their landscaping and brick walkway. One question tho...did that sign actually read $9 a dozen for eggs???

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'd love to do it again sometime. :)

Sandra said...

I'm with AliceKay, I loved seeing Fargo. I haven't been in a couple of years, but last time we were there, we had a great time at Scheels! My kids still talk about it!

Rita said...

Nikki--I made a video to show how we use caulking and brass stencils--messy, but fun! You can see it here:

It wouldn't probably work well with a really fine detailed stencil, but wouldn't hurt to try, right?

Rita said...

AliceKay--I am so glad you loved it. :) Okay, I'll try and do more videos. We do do a lot of laughing when we get together.

I just love Tochi's. Such a unique little shop. You won't believe what is jammed inside that place. I just have to remember to take pictures or a video if we make it over there on Saturday morning. :) I think some numbers fell off. Eggs would never be $9.00! Who knows if anything on that old sign is current--hehe!

Sandra--Scheel's the sporting goods store? I would never have thought of that as an attraction to visit--ROFL! I think we have the biggest one here, tho, if I recall. Okay, you probably meant Scheel's Arena--I am teasing you. I have no idea what they have going on there? Never been. What did you guys see? You have me curious now. ;)

Toriz said...

Sounds like you had a great time out with Leah... Despite some of the places you wanted to go being shut.

A purple phone! How cool! I love purple things! OK, so I can't tell now, but... Well, I've always loved the colour purple, so why should I change that just because I can't see the colour now? ;)

If it makes you feel better, I originally started being a vegetarian a year before the date I give, I ate no meat or animal products (other than eggs and dairy) for about 9 months, then I spent about 2 months eating meat (and feeling like I was cruel for doing so, but sometimes really enjoying it despite that). I think it's just something you have to get out of your system sometimes?

Intense Guy said...

No Dramamine required for this old seadog! I greatly enjoyed the tours of Fargo! I hope if the time ever comes for theater to be torn down - that someone will preserve the sign!! Your sketch of it was really good.

And hey.. when people say, "North Dakota is FLAT!" You can reply, "Well, yes, but its BUMPY!" LOL!

The ORB (Orange Round Barrel) sentry was doing his (hers?) job pretty well - I hope the waters recede soonest!

Tochi's looks like a fun place - even from the outside!

Desiree said...

I would love to see how you use this caulking? :)

Rita said...

Tori--We did have a great time! I never get too upset over changes in plans and neither does Leah. Adaptable, I guess--LOL!
Even if you couldn't see it, you'd "know" it was purple. ;)
Must be somewhere around a year for me, too. I never paid any attention to when I started, of course. Duh! I told myself that if I wanted to eat meat occasionally I would, but this was the first time, so that's pretty good. :):)

Iggy--I think they'd get a lot of flack if they ever wanted to tear down the old Fargo Theater. It's a landmark. And they do hold gatherings there and still show films and such. I've been there back when I was in college to see one of the art films they often show there. It's a cool old theater.
LOL@flat but bumpy!!! ROFLMAO!!!
I hope to get pictures of the inside of Tochi's if they will allow me to. :)

Desi--I will see if I can't make a craft video of that next week for you. :):)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty store indeed I love it and I can see why you do as well. Loved the pictures of the surroundings looks like a pretty area. I love seeing pictures of other places its like a little adventure hehehe.

Rita said...

Lynn--Glad you enjoyed it! Tochi's reminds me of the first 60s natural foods stores. Well, so many of the stores then (underground records, clothing, what we called the hookah store, etc) had handmade signage like this. Most of them have gone more commercial, shall we say, and look like regular grocery stores now. At least in Minneapolis, anyways, where I grew up. Present Moment in Minneapolis still sells books, herbs, oils, and some jewelry and were still in business last I heard. I digress. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the little adventure. ;)

Toriz said...

Exactly! I'd "know" it was purple, and that's what counts! :)

February was a year for me this time, but I made it from March 2009 to December 2009 eating no meat, ate it on and off between December 2009 and February 2010, and haven't touched any meat since. My family are surprised, because I've had what my brother calls "vegetarian phases" on and off since I first learned what meat was made from - when I was about 6 - but they never lasted more than a couple of months (if that) before a bacon sandwich or hot dog would tempt me back to eating meat. I've had plenty of oppertunities to eat meat - I mean, Kelly eats it all the time, and so do the rest of the family - but the idea doesn't appeal to me (and sometimes I feel sick even considering the idea). The way I see it though, if you decide that once in a while you fancy eating something with meat in, then that's up to you, and there's no reason why you shouldn't do it. I'm sure the pigs, cows and chickens will just be greatful that you don't eat their relatives too often.

Rita said...

Tori--You made me go look. Just was a year on May 4th! ;)