Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday-4:45pm-Trip to Tochi's :)

I was up very early this morning to see the sun coming out from behind the clouds.
They predicted rain and there were some darker clouds early this morning.
The sun fought its way thru the clouds...and it was a gorgeous, gorgeous day!
Some stuff came up and Leah showed up later than originally planned. She worked on trying to transfer VHS tapes to DVDs, but had all kinds of troubles. Dagan stopped by for a bit and tried, but he had to go meet up for golfing. They'll try again later. (Have to come here to use my VCR as they don't own such a relic anymore--hehe!) Leah then started working on a Mother's Day card for her mom (who is doing progressively worse, BTW) for tomorrow. She did some caulking--mixing caulk with acrylics using a brass stencil (her mom likes oak trees). Left that to dry and we took off for Tochi's.
You may be sorry you asked for more videos--ROFL! You will feel like you went with us to Tochi's, I tell you! ;)

And before we left we took pictures of the old cash registers on display. There's the silver one and the painted one with the barn scene you see on the backside here.
This ornate old silver one...
...was the second register from 1979 till July 2001. In the smaller red handwriting it says "it died" underneath--hehe!
This old wooden register was the original one.
Different painting on the side, of course.
And we discovered: "Tochi's first cash register 7 Sept 1971". Not the 60s, but darn close. LOL!
We had the best trip ever to Tochi's. The gentleman who helped us (I pointed him out on video 5, I believe) was so helpful and friendly--but didn't want to be on camera himself. Of course, neither did Leah. Everywhere I aimed she moved behind me or out of camera range. (I'd do the same.)
I now have a whole bunch of things from a list I made while I read recipes. No clue what half of them are. Being brave. I will make a video to show you the Tochi's haul.
Leah had to meet for a girl's Spa Day at 1:15pm (manicures, pedicures and facials!) while the guys golfed. So she was in a race to get there on time. We loaded up the bags in my white cart I keep in the garage and off she flew.
When I got home there was a note on my door that flowers were delivered and #304 had them for me. Honestly--my feet hurt so bad that I put them straightaway in the frig and have been working up to actually trimming the stems and fixing them up in a vase, but I can see they are GORGEOUS!! You will see pictures, I promise. Guess I'll have to blog tomorrow, too, eh? ;)
Exhausted but happy here in Fargo! What a beautiful day!! And yesterday they predicted rain. Glad it was superb and only breezy 70 degree day! Really does feel like spring today, that's for sure. Have a good weekend!!
"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."
Dennis Waitley


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to go and thanks for the visit LOL Im glad you got to have a warm day too :o)

AliceKay said...

What a fun trip to Tochi's! I loved the videos. Thanks for showing me the correct price on that sign for the eggs cuz I was worried for everyone out there buying eggs for that kind of money. LOL

I was reading that railroad plaque and wrote down what it said so I can look something up later. I'm sure Iggy will do the same. Looks like some interesting bit of history there.

Tochi's is packed full of so many things. I can see why folks like going there. It's an experience just walking thru the front door.

That was a neat looking stairway leading to the little room upstairs. Someone did a great job in designing that store. Thanks so much for the visual tour. :)

I hope your day yesterday wasn't too much for you. Enjoy what today brings and have a Happy Mother's Day. *hugs*

Rita said...

Lynn--Best day so far this year. Perfect! Not too hot, not too cold, and no mosquitoes yet--LOL! ;)

AliceKay--I knew you'd want to see the agg price--hehe! I guess they do keep up with the sign outside.
If you (or Iggy) find out anything about the RR sign let us know.
Funny, I am not good with heights and the windy stairs had gaps and made me a little dizzy. Silly me. Really cool and made very solidly, tho.
I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. It is such a cool little sotre. We hope it is there forever. :)
I am tired and sore, but had such a great time yesterday. Awesome. Most fun Leah and I have ever had at Tochi's. Kind of was our Mother's Day, I guess. She's my daughter-in-love. ;)
Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Toriz said...

Hope you're feeling nice and rested now you've had some time to get over your outing. Mind you, sounds like it was a nice day out, and worth the exhaustion!

Also, how nice to come home to flowers!

Rita said...

Tori--Still pretty sore and am heading to the dentist's this afternoon (Mon). I'll be more back to myself in a couple of days. And, yes--it was worth every minute of it! :) :)

AliceKay said...

I forgot to mention the first time I commented on this one that when I first went to work for my dad at the feed mill in 1975, we had a cash register just like the one Tochi's have labeled as their first cash register. I think it's on a shelf down in the cellar of the office, but I'm not sure. We've had a couple of very bad floods since then and I don't remember if it got thrown out in the flood trash and mud. If I think of it today, I'll go downstairs to see if it's still there.

Kathleen said...

Good Morning, Rita...when you said 'my feet hurt so bad, I put them in the refrigerator' you meant flowers, but I THOUGHT you meant you put your feet on ice! LOL
That might have worked too!


Rita said...

AliceKay--Cool! If you find it, take a picture for your blog! :)

Kathleen--Greetings! You just made me laugh so hard! Yes, that would have probably felt good. I put them straightaway into the frig--ROFL! Yes, it does sound like I put my sore feet in there. You made my morning, lady! :):)

Intense Guy said...

What a fun trip! I like Tochi's!! I could sit there on the sofa and read awhile. I'm glad you had such nice weather!! Your trees aren't quite greened up yet - I bet they go green explosively overnight.

My mom used to collect those old school desks. My two brothers and I played "school" sometimes with them when we were little.

I noticed the RR and station in the drive through Fargo video to see the theater. :)


Rita said...

Iggy--It was such a perfect day! Glad you enjoyed the trip. I always enjoy my trips with you on your blog. ;)

The neighbor girl had some old desks and we played school at her house. Because it was her house and she was the oldest one in the neighborhood she always got to be the teacher, tho. (I was second oldest.)

I figured that had to be the RR station. I have to go check out your link!! OMGoodness! Leave it to you to research it. :):)

I went and read a lot of the pages. Interesting that there was the Prairie side and the Timber side of Fargo--hehe! Thanks. I will go back and read some more later.

Intense Guy said...

Sigh.. another lost comment.

:( Is this the post where I gave you the link to the Fargo Railroad station history?

Rita said...

Iggy--Yes, I got the comment with the link and I did go and read a lot about Fargo/Moorhead. I went from link to link and read and read. Learned that there originally was a Prairie side of Fargo and a Timber side (the drinking, wild side), but that the Prairie side took over. What it didn't say is that, from what I heard, they all went across the river to Moorhead--LOL! Thanks my friend! I did get a chance to read it and I am so glad I did. :)