Sunday, May 01, 2011


Friday the temperature said 71 degrees, but I didn't believe it. The wind was so fierce and had such a chill to it that I had to shut the place up.
The clouds blew in by Friday night and we dropped into the 40s. We had a chilly rain that paused for hours on Saturday.
I loved these clouds, tho, that were visibly on the move.
I've been working on the 50 birthday cards...burning up the Cuttlebug--hehe!
Cut the darker blue scalloped square. Ran the lighter blue cardstock thru a striped embossing folder and then ran it thru again to cut it into a crisp square.
Ooops! I guess this was a little blurry, sorry. I stamped these cupcakes onto a piece of white cardstock. Will use the square die below to cut them out after I have decided how to color and decorate them.
So, that's what I've been up to the last few days.
This is the current project I'll be working on until they are done. :)
I actually slept during the night last night!! Tada!
And woke up to this.
I just took these photos...
...of the snow.
Yup! A dusting of snow. It's 28 degrees right now as I speak. There's got to be ice, too, because it rained first. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 50s. Crazy weather. Only recently began taking down all the sandbag dikes up here. We even had a little Minnesota earthquake about 90 miles east of us Friday morning!? But all this is nothing compared to the recent devastation in the southern states with the tornadoes and high winds--many lives lost and whole towns destroyed. And then there's Japan...and Australia before that...and the list goes on.
Sending light, love, and prayers.
Be safe, everyone.
"Hope is the deep orientation of the human soul that can be held at the darkest times."
Vaclav Havel


Deanna said...

Happy Sunday Rita. That is quite a project you have going on there.

I think I would freak if I woke to snow (even a dusting of it) at this point. But nothing is impossible!

The tornado devastation is heart breaking. My prayers go out to everyone affected.


AliceKay said...

Nice looking cards. That's a cute cupcake on the white cardstock. Can't wait to see the finished card. :)

I saw on tv where there were blizzards and snow out in the midwest. I immediately thought of you in Fargo. Pennsylvania sometmes gets late snow like that, but it doesn't happen often. We've had crazy weather here, too. Those temps in the low 80s last week that brought in the terrible weather, followed by nights in the low 30s with frost in the morning. Yesterday was beautiful with temps in the upper 60s, today started out beautiful, but it quickly changed. The temps dropped and it started raining around 7:00. I was watching the Weather Channel earlier and saw the line of severe storms racing across the country again. It's heading our way. :\

Bad weather hit the town where my friend in Texas lives. She's okay and her home is still intact, but there was a lot of damage around the area. The National Weather Service said it was a downburst with straight line winds at 80 mph, but a number of residents heard a "freight train sound" and saw a tornado as it blew thru, so who knows what really hit the area.

My heart goes out to those who lost so much during those tornadoes last week. No one can replace a human life. Each one is precious.

I hope the weather warms up out your way soon and stays that way for awhile.

Artoholic said...

So organised with your card making! And what a gorgeous cupcake.

Weather is crazy here too.

Thoughts and prayers to all who have suffered at the hands of Mother Nature recently.....



Rita said...

AliceKay--We only had that little bit of snow you saw. No blizzards, thank goodness! :) I hope the storms aren't bad this time for you and are just regular rainstorms and thunderstorms. Been one odd spring.

Cindy--Welcome! My goodness--I went to check your website and you do such beautiful work! I can see why you are a full-time artist. I subscribed and will be back. I know you have had some crazy weather in australia, too. Let's hope you have a calm winter. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by.

Intense Guy said...

Goodness... that "white stuff" on the ground seems unending. have you spotted any Polar Bears and Harp Seals yet?

I too, can't wait to see how you color in the cupcakes!!

Kaine said...

Hello Rita! I has been too long! I just spent the last few days catching up on the last 4 months of your blog. I have been really busy lately and am just now getting back to what was normal. Please check my blog for a little bit of an explanation :) Getting back to blogging and more arts stuff hopefully. I have a few special suprises in store that I hope to be finished with this month.

That dang neverending to do list though...I think you are right we should hang them somewhere where we can see them for a bit of motivation!

Hope you are feeling well and that it starts warming up soon in in Indiana we have had ok to cold temperatures with rain, rain, rain.

Rita said...

Deanna--Even tho it happens up here on occasion, it freaked me out, too--hehe! ;)

Iggy--Haven't spotted any yet--LOL!
I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate the cupcakes. ;)

Kaine--Wow! Hello!!! I thought you had quit blogging! Glad to see you back. I'm going to go check your blog. Welcome back!! :)

Toriz said...

Yes, it's awful how many lives are being lost with things like earthquakes and tornados lately!

Hope your weather makes its mind up soon!

Good luck with all those cards!

Rita said...

Tori--Yes, I'm hoping spring is here to stay. :)