Saturday, June 02, 2012


Karma saying her prayers.
 Actually she was watching a nature show with me and fell asleep--LOL!
 The maintenance man came yesterday.  The microwave is shot.  They have to order a new one and he thought he'd be here on Tuesday to install it.  It's one of the hanging above the stove variety--so he needs to move the stove and get into the cupboard above the microwave.  I'll clear off the stove & counters and empty that cupboard Monday night.
Miss Karma's morning treat was cold this morning.  I know.  I know.  Talk about spoiled.  But I take her heaping tablespoon of canned food and her pumpkin from the fridge and take the chill off of it in seven seconds in the microwave every morning.  Didn't matter.  She took longer to get started and ate slower, but she still ate it, of course.  ;)
Come to think of it, I don't think I ever told you about the canned pumpkin! 
Dagan and Leah's cat, Sammy, has always had a terribly touchy stomach and barfs easily...all over the place.  They had tried all kinds of foods.  Leah finally asked at the Natural Foods Pet Shop if there was anything they would recommend and the lady there said to try some canned pumpkin.  She said that is one of the foods they often add to some of the healthy cat foods because it soothes the stomach.  Pumpkin?  Who knew?
So they decided to try it on Sammy.  They put some in with his dry food (he does worse on canned) and he ate it!  In fact, he'll eat up the pumpkin before he even eats the dry food!!  And Annie will eat it, too, if Sammy leaves her any.  Shock!  Leah suggested I try it with Karma just because it's healthy.  
I knew Karma'd never eat dry food with it on because she won't touch her dry food at all if it's wet--even if I put salmon oil for cats or the juice from a can of tuna on it--she'll walk away.  But!  Every day when I get up she gets her big tablespoon of canned cat food for her "treat"...which I just confessed I warm up in the microwave when it comes out of the frig.  (Even a small Fancy Feast can lasts her about 5 days.)  So I could try and mix the pumpkin in with her wet canned food...
Well, I really didn't expect her to eat it, to be honest.  She's awfully fussy about her canned foods...well, her dry foods, too, for that matter.  The canned foods that have small pieces/chunks...she may or may not eat them.  Some days she does and other days she licks all the juice off of the pieces.  She prefers fish, especially salmon.  But I bought some of that salmon oil for cats thinking she'd love it right?  She won't touch anything I squirt it on.  Not even the canned salmon cat food.  Duh!??
Anyways, I buy a can of pumpkin.  It sat around here for a while.  Finally I decided to give it a go one morning.  Stirred a tiny bit of the pumpkin in with her morning treat...and she gobbled it down!?  Color me shocked!  She has been getting pumpkin with her canned food ever since.  Been over two months now.  And if I mix it with a can of cat food she isn't fond of, she'll lick up every bit of the pumpkin and leave the cat food.  I even tried giving her nothing but pumpkin one day and she gobbled it right up.  Who knew!
So, that's the story of the canned pumpkin.  If you have a cat with barfing issues, give it a go.  I suppose the same goes for a dog, too.  Karma didn't have the upchucking problem, but this has got to be healthier for her.  :)
Oh!  Oh!  And--back to the maintenance man!!  He asked about the dryer flap.  Had looked even up on the roof and couldn't find one, he said.  I explained to him that it was on the side of the building between second and third floor.  You can see it from the parking lot.  He told me that was an air vent for the building...well, whatever.  (Wonder where my dryer air is vented to if not there--LOL!)  He's a really sweet, kind man.  I don't mean to make fun of him.  Anyways, I explained the situation and he said he was going to try to remove that cover and install a screen to keep the swallows out (what I suggested now and several years ago).  I was so thrilled I must have thanked him half a dozen times and gave him a hug!!
And--guess what!??  I heard him out on the side of the building later in the day.  And I heard a screw gun!!  So--maybe he did it?  Maybe he replaced that flap with a screen!!  I assume he did.  Time will tell, eh?  But I think the seven years of the pounding dryer flap (or air vent) are over with--TaDa!!!!!
BTW--I am still losing comments.  Not on the blog.  They appear to be posting after I approve them, but then they're supposed to come to me in an email after I post them and I don't get a lot of them.  And the ones I do get often come twice so that I get double emails.  ??  I don't know if this will ever be fixed because this has been going on ever since I switched to the new format.  So, I just wanted you all to know that if you comment and you don't get a response back from me, it is most likely I never got a copy via email that I could respond to privately as I have been doing now.  But I have read each and every one.  It's not me.  It's Blogger!  Just wanted you to know that.  I appreciate every comment and am annoyed that this is still happening.  I've had some new people comment recently--I post them and go to check my email--and nothing is there!  Grrr!  Just so you know, okay?  :(
I made an art supply order from Dick Blick, too, for this month.  Groceries are coming tonight.  Several moths are flapping in the porch.  Leftovers aren't as appealing reheated in a pan.  Especially if they have pasta in them and get all mushy.  Brought me back to the days before microwaves--LOL!  Supposed to hit the low 80s the next few days...and it feels like it already.  And here is what several pictures looked like before I distracted Karma so I could get the eye shot--ROFL!  
Have a super duper weekend!!  :):)
"Your success and happiness lie in you....Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
Helen Keller


TexWisGirl said...

karma is cute 'praying'. i did know about the canned pumpkin. a lady at work uses it for her dogs so i keep a can on hand here in case my dogs get an upset stomach. just need to be sure it is not the pie filling type - just real pumpkin.

Beth said...

Oh my I love that cat! she is so cute and it does look like she is praying.

I have a friend with a cat and I will mention the canned pumpkin to her.

DJan said...

I had no idea about pumpkin and cats! Wow, that was actually quite surprising. If i ever get another cat, she will have pumpkin. Glad to hear you are getting the flap fixed, and that your 'wave will be replaced. Hugs to you, Rita!

Dana said...

Such cute pictures of Karma! In "real" life, I'm allergic to cats, so it's nice to come here and be able to enjoy one that won't make me itch or bother my breathing. :)

Janie Junebug said...

Pumpkin. Well. Whadyaknow. Karma prays. Good Christian cat. Comment problems -- might be resolved at some point. You never know. Sometimes when I least expect it, something starts working.


Unknown said...

Nice post.
The canvas prints on my craftystudy walls are bought - I'm not artistic, though I'm trying to learn some skills.

Parsley said...

Yep, pumpkin is a miracle cure. Wouldn't have thought a cat would love it but dogs don't mind it.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Karma is so cute I like the way she looks like she is

Now I have never heard of canned pumpkin don't even know if you can buy it here in Australia but then I have never looked for it......either

Yes Blogger can be a right pain in the backside at

What else hmmmmmm ok I can't have my micowave up high as this short ass can't reach

SandeeNC said...

Never heard about the pumpkin before but Karma seems to love it, so that's all that matters, even if it's served cold! I just wish I had someone take care of me as well as you do Karma! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

So sorry you have to wait for your microwave!!!! They really are handy inventions!

YAY on the dryer flap being fixed though! And to ONLY took seven years, lol!

Canned pumpkin?? That's just so weird! It really doesn't taste good right out of the can.

Looking forward to seeing all your new stuff!!!! It's a "high" for me, even if it isn't for me, lol! I LOVE CRAFTY STUFF!!! The new SU catalog is now live and I can't order anything. So sad!!! So I just drool over it and make my plans.....

Have a calm and peaceful Sunday!

betty said...

Karma did look like she was praying; too cute!! Koda has a sensitive stomach so we have used pumpkin in the past and it does work wonders to help settle it. One time we accidentally got the pumpkin pie mix with the sugar added in it, not the straight pumpkin. That didn't sit well with him and we learned our lesson :)

I totally understand with the comments. I found there are a few blogs I have to comment on through Google Chrome or the comments won't show up though I see that I made one (Iggy's is one of those blogs). It is so frustrating; you take the time to leave a comment and know its there and then it doesn't show up. Oh well!

glad you'll be getting a new microwave!


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin huh? I'm gonna have to try it. I have one barfer. I think the other two are ok, but I'll give it to them anyway and let you know how it goes! I love this post Rita! It was so breezy and fun! Way to go. when the flap guy comes back start dancing in circles and saying
Who was right? I was right! That's right I was riiiight!"
He may not love it but you will have a blast and love it. hee hee

Serena Lewis said...

Re. Karma's pic - When you said she was watching a nature show with you, my first thought was that Karma was closing her eyes through the gory bits. lol

Bummer about your microwave dying on you. Poor Jack (our Jack Russell X) doesn't like his food cold either. Yes, our boys are spoiled too. ;)

Pumpkin is a staple food in an Aussie diet...we LOVE it! That's the one thing I missed when we lived in the States because, there, it's only canned or available at Halloween time. Americans tend to only eat pumpkin in sweet pies whereas we eat it as a vegetable side dish. Well, that was my experience in the States anyways.

I'm glad the maintenance guy tended to the dryer flap. Well, hope so.

I hope Blogger sorts itself out soon for you. How frustrating! Have you tried selecting the option NOT to moderate comments? After a few hours, re-select it. May do the trick, who knows.

Have a lovely weekend, my friend,

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of Karma praying. How sweet. She is such a pretty cat. I'm glad that you mentioned that about the pumpkin because blue has a sensitive stomach. That will come in handy sometime. Hope you get a new microwave soon. I would go crazy without mine. And wow, to finally get that flap fixed would be great. wouldn't it be funny though if you couldn't sleep without it LOL

AliceKay said...

Seeing pictures of Karma makes me smile...even on bad days. :)

That's neat about the canned pumpkin. I had never heard of that either, but it's good to know.

I hope the dryer (vent) flap issue has been resolved so you won't hear that bang bang bang against the side of your building anymore. I hope the new microwave goes in without any problems. Karma will be thanking you over and over when she gets to have her warmed up food again. ;)

Raining here today and more rain on the way. was nice enough yesterday afternoon that we got the lawn mowed and I pulled lots of weeds. We dumped the old sand out of Ryan's sandbox and hauled it down to the creek bank. Terri shoveled lots of new sand into the wagon and brought it up, so now Ryan has lots of fresh new sand in his sandbox. He wanted to play in it the other afternoon, but it was full of ants and bugs and stuff from the trees. Even though it has a cover, that stuff still gets inside.

Helen Keller was such an inspiration. Nice quote. I hope you're having a super duper Sunday. :)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I hope to return to your blog during the week and catch up with your postings. I've gotten so behind. But I especially wanted to comment on this one because of the tip about pumpkin sauce.

Maggie eats both wet and dry food and is the one who throws up the most. So I'm going to try this. I have a can of pumpkin in the pantry! I'll let you know the outcome.

I'd surely miss the microwave. Good luck getting it installed soon. Peace.

Megan Adamson said...

One of my cats barfs quite a lot, but the vet says that he is healthy.
They both eat dry and tinned cat food, but I never thought of using pumpkin. Seems a good idea, although he was fine this afternoon while bird chasing in the garden!
I'm pleased that you have finally got your vent years would have driven me mad!
The blogging world seems to have gone crazy since this last change, and it is worse because I am so newish to it, so I hope things get sorted out for you soon! ;)

Toriz said...

We can't get canned pumpkin over here, plus I don't think he'd eat it, or I'd try it with Kero; he's always been sensative when it comes to what he can eat (and picky when it comes to what he will eat too!)

YAY about the dryer flap that wasn't! :)

Dave said...

Hi Rita. That pumpkin idea for cats sounds like it's worth a try for our fella. Thanks for the suggestion. It will be great if it works - Dave

Crystal said...

This is such an adorable photo! Karma is so cute! :-)

Cindy Lane said...

Karma makes my day! My kitty is in awe of her.

Can't wait to see your Dick Blick order....

Sorry about your microwave. I almost fried thmine. I put a slither of apple pie in, hit reheat button amd forgot about it until I came back into the house and smelt smoke! Opened the door and blackened mess and smoke billowing everywhere. It still stinks 6 days later.

Did manage to kill the electric kettle though. New one has a blue neon ring like a racing car....

carol l mckenna said...

Karma just steal show every time I 'come visit' ~ Adorable ~ glad you 'getting things fixed' ~ Rainy here for days and all week and Zoe is wanted to be entertained because we can not do our walks as usual ~ She is peaking over the top of the laptop now ~ too funny and cute ~ wishing you a magical and loving week ~ ^_^

Far Side of Fifty said...

About time they fix that flap..LOL you have been waiting for them to fix it forever. You will have to report the next windy day! :)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

yippee for the dryer flap & the new microwave!

i didn't know that about the pumpkin. next time i head to the store, i'll pick up a can...milo gags and pukes. thought it might be old age! if the pumpkin helps to soothe her tummy...that'll be good!

wow...the low 80's?? up there??

i think google...blogger...just never stops having problems...if it's not one thing, it's another!

happy hump day rita!