Monday, June 04, 2012


Lovely warm day yesterday.
Rain clouds gathered. 
But we're back to sun and heat today.
Karma getting a bit of a belly scratch while I watched TV yesterday. 
I wonder if this bothers anybody else about Netflix streaming?  Why do some of the selections get taken away?  You'll suddenly see in your queue that this or that one (usually several at once) will be unavailable in streaming after such and such a date.  And the date is in the very near within a week or so!  Why?  If they list it in the streaming "instant movies" then why don't they just leave it there?  It's especially annoying when I have saved a series and discover I suddenly only have a week to watch several seasons...which has happened to me right now.
I wanted to watch a British series called Inspector George Gently.  The warning popped up a couple days ago that after the 7th it wouldn't be in streaming anymore.  So--I am watching one after the other to try and finish them before the 7th.  (Good series.) 
 And a couple of times a series has been in the Instant Movies section--well, not all the episodes were there??  Random episodes were listed as you had to order them by mail.  What?!!  That makes no sense whatsoever.  Especially since they make you pay separately for the streaming movies now and some people only have that and don't order by mail.  Duh!
So, I am watching the Gently series...and enjoying it.  But I think Netflix is biting the hand that feeds it, if you know what I mean.  They already don't have many of the newer, more popular movies and shows on their streaming in the first place.  Dumb move on their part to put selections on and then arbitrarily take them off again.  I'm home all the time and I find it an imposition.  Most people wouldn't ever have the time to watch them at all before they vanished.  
Tsk!  Tsk!  
Well, I couldn't find a personal email address on Traci Bautista's website.  I saw that the other person who won her class off of facebook was trying to get ahold of her, too, by commenting on that winners blogpost.  I commented again and left my email address.  I haven't heard anything so far.  I'll let you know if and when I do.  Not sure what is going on there?
Meanwhile--I thought I'd share this video.  One person can make a difference in sweet, unexpected ways by doing something they love.

Video from KarmaTube
Wouldn't the world be such a better place if we could all share the love that's in our hearts?
Brought this music video to mind.

I remember how strange this little video was.  A lot of us John fans didn't care for Yoko and were, therefore, not fond of this odd video.  But then remember the Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane promotional videos?  Talk about strange--LOL!  Made me laugh.  Seemed so tongue in cheek, to me.
They were what I remembered as the first "music videos" before MTV made them a given for new song releases.  They look so odd and old fashioned now, don't they?  Memories.
Anyways, may be a lot behind us, but there's a new week ahead of us--LOL!
The moon was out before the sun set last night.  Lovely!
I'll be humming Beatles tunes today.  ;)
"We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch."
e.e. cummings


TexWisGirl said...

really like your moon shot. :) and that woman painting shoes is an angel.

Furry Bottoms said...

I just started streaming Netflix on Friday for the first time. So I haven't had any issues yet--- but I can't find a lot of the new release movies either. I spent the entire day on Saturday watching the first season of Downton Abbey and planned to watch the second season on Sunday but discovered it wasn't there. If it is already on DVD it should be available to rent either by streaming or by DVD. I am going to try Amazon Streaming!

AliceKay said...

I've never used Netflix, but what you're saying sounds like a pain for the customers and a problem down the road for Netflix. Sometimes these big companies need just a little more insight before changing their policies.

Makes your heart happy to know there are people in this world who spread kindness to people they don't even know. Shoes + Art + Love = Happiness. What a wonderful idea and a great video. Madison seems to touch hearts of those who really need it. Peach's Neet Feet. God bless her. :)

I was never much of a Beatles fan, but I know there are many out there. :)

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Janie Junebug said...

I love the Imagine video. I am not a Yoko hater. On the contrary, I find her interesting (except when she sings). I love the way she smiles at the end of Imagine. I haven't had that particular problem with Netflix, but sometimes DVDs in my queue for at home watching suddenly become unavailable. Occasionally they turn up again later.

Kisses to you and Karma,

Dana said...

That picture of the moon is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing it. :)

fishducky said...

Peaches' shoes--& Peaches, herself--are wonderful!!

Jenny Woolf said...

Thanks for posting these videos. I hadn't seen any of the Beatles one. I love the video for Imagine, actually but then I like John Lennon and don't have any views on Yoko!

The lady who paints the shoes is wonderful, and so skilled. They are beautifully painted!

pauline said...

Rita, i loved reading this and seeing those videos. Yeah, i'll forever love the Beatles - especially john. :-) And that video on those painted sneakers... just broke my heart. One person CAN make a difference. I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo (btw, is that you as a child in your profile pic? Adorable!!)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

First up I loved the Inspector George Gently movies also.......

Secondly the video about the shoes was really touching, what a wonderful woman.

I was never a big Bettles fan or John Lennon fan but did enjoy the videos you posted here...........

Beth said...

Great shot of the moon.

I don't have Net Flix. My sis does and she really likes it.

She liked the Gently series too. said...

i like that moon shot and the big cat

betty said...

I do like the moon picture; I saw on our calendar today that it was suppose to be a full moon tonight, but with our clouds we won't see it. I don't have Netflix; was wondering about getting it, but now I'm not too sure with the problems you were relating about the streaming. It would be nice to have access to it all for as long as you want to have access. Sure has changed over the years, hasn't it about getting movies? Used to go to the video store, they were so expensive to buy, now cheaper to buy, video stores are closing right and left and we get them through the mail or the internet. The times have definitely changed :)


Queenie Jeannie said...

I remember I was a very early customer of Netflix and they really screwed over their customers!! I dropped out and then the big lawsuit happened, but I didn't get any compensation. There was a big to-do recently regarding the company and I believe they lost a lot of rights with the movie/TV companies. They also changed their plans and lost even more customers. I'm surprised really they are still in business!! Good "Free TV" and you'll find the website I use for movies and TV shows. There's Hulu as well if you're in the States.

That Karma video made me cry, but in a good way! I love hearing stories like that.

I love the Beatles, but only their early stuff.

Gorgeous moon photo - WOW!!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great shot of the moon! I am not familiar with the streaming must be on your computer. We hardly ever watch movies..we are stick in the muds:)

Unknown said...

Try this email I found on Google
I watched the George Gently series when it was on here and enjoyed it.
Beatles - I was a great fan of, in their day too, heard some of their songs while we were out for lunch yesterday - ah, memories of the 60s.

DJan said...

I had Netflix and gave it up in frustration. And now it's too expensive for me unless I go with the streaming only part, with its limited selections. I do hope you get to watch the entire series (I've never even heard of it). And thanks for the cool videos! :-)

Toriz said...

I agree, that's stupid; if they can put them there, why not leave them there?

Hope you can get an answer about the class.

Gwen said...

We are having a very cold snap of weather at the moment....strange how the temperature varies so much...last week was unbearably hot!
I also love The Beatles:)
All of their early stuff brings back memories of teen parties...we were 'oh so innocent' and naive in those days. We really were, at least I was!

Nancy said...

I love the video with the young lady painting shoes--there are a lot of loving people out there!
The moon shot is awesome, too cloudy here...
Love the Beatles!
Some shows I have to watch on the computer!
Happy Tea Tuesday :)

Hilary said...

I've never used Netflix because my provider tells me we go over our allowed bandwidth as it is.. and we already pay through the nose. :)

That shoe-painting angel is a true gem. Thanks goodness for people like her.

Love the moon shot. And please give that kitty a scratch on the belly for me.. so sweet. :)

Unknown said...

we were enjoying George Gently as well - and then it just disappeared - my husband was more bummed than I was because he really enjoys relaxing in front of the tv. I'm not quite so attached as he is. But, yeah, that is weird. I guess they have to make room for new programs.

Tracey FK said...

loved the shots of Karma saying her prayers in the last post and that photo of the moon in this one is stunning... I liked George Gently as well... it screens on UK tv here and we get a lot of british series... some of them are great... xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Good for you on the word verification thing. I've NEVER had a spam message and I don't moderate my comments, either. I can't understand those who moderate and also require the verification. It's a nightmare.

Sorry to read about the microwave. I visited my friend Joseph in CA in 2008 and the same thing happened to me. I was there alone and it just quit. It was one of those on top of the stove, too. I have never had trouble with the kind that sits on the counter, but I take it you live in an apartment.

I can't afford Netflix, so have not heard or read about their problems. Glad you pointed that out. I know they took a big hit when they raised their prices on the mailed CDs.

A Plain Observer said...

I find it interesting that my daughter 32 years younger enjoys the Beatles and I dont. I do like that song by John Lennon, though. If it could all happen....

Dave said...

Yes, it's annoying Rita when companies such as that treat their customers so badly. They don't deserve loyaly at all. I enjoyed reminicing with the Beatles music. I always liked "Imagine" - Dave

Celticspirit said...

We don't have Netflix here, we have cable and I have to say.....I prefer Netflix. Cable is outrageously expensive and I'm hoping to convince Peter to switch up to Netflix. About them taking the streaming series off.....that happened to me once when I was watching Jerhico which I loved. I had both seasons saved and was in the middle of watching them and they disappeared. They did come back a couple of years later and by then I had to start at the beginning and watch them all over again but I did get to finish.
The Beatles.....I have a newly found appreciation of them. I never liked them when I was younger but I like them very much now. That first video....the one with John and the end you can feel that deep connection between them. Very sweet. I liked the other videos as well and the one that says....nothing is real... is kind of the truth. They were ahead of their time.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

we have the streaming netflix and the one movie at a time...but usually we don't have time to watch the streaming...but they do have a blog...maybe you can go there and ask them what's going on with that!!

the video of the sneaker!! sad and happy. she sure is an angel.

LOVE the moon shot of course...and the clouds in the skies!

be well rita! scratch to karma! :)

Anonymous said...

That video about the shoes is very touching. How sweet and sad. I love the Beatles but I never really watched the video's before. How odd. I love those songs though. Hope you are feeling well and not having too much pain or trouble sleeping.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Moon rises - especially when the sun hasn't yet set - are gorgeous. You captured it beautifully in your photo. I really like the quote that you included at the end of the post.