Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Yesterday was new microwave day!
I had to empty off the countertops, stove, and the cupboard above the stove... there was a variety of stuff all over the other side of the kitchen.
This empty side reminded me of when I first moved in...barren...not "home" yet. 
Here's the dead microwave that will be scavenged for parts by the maintenance man. 
Karma tried to claim the stool as soon as I was finished with it.  
Her way of asking me to leave it out for a while.  (Because I was taking a picture she pawed the oven door.) 
I warned her--don't you even think about getting up on the counter. 
Who me?  (She didn't.) 
He got here about 11:30am.  I took a quick picture after he left with the old one and I had swept up seven years of cat hair bunnies, a marble, and a small mummified piece of potato. 
The new microwave and my kitchen put back together--TaDa!  Ahhh!  Now it looks like home again.  
He asked me if I had heard the flap pounding.  Nope.  From what I could gather (keep in mind he has a speech impediment and I can usually understand him pretty well, but he was trying to describe things I have no knowledge of) I think there was some kind of additional piece that was never removed when it was installed.  He removed it and thinks that should keep it from flapping.  Told me to let him know if I hear it again.  I told him I would, but I am confident in him and his knowledge and don't expect to ever hear it again.  :)  Whoohoo!  
A section of my Amazon order came (which is coming in several separate boxes, I guess).  These are the stamps I ordered (from through Amazon--so I knew this one would come separately).
Doilies and lace stamps!  The doilies are a Martha Stewart stamp set.  Then all I need is some fine white embossing powder--which is coming with the Dick Blick order--and I can get some pretty cool faux effects.  Of course, you can make any color of lace or doilies, but I always immediately think white. 
My monthly Ink Drop order arrived yesterday, too.  
I had to chuckle!  Summer picnic is the theme... 
...and a couple of these are scented again.  Cucumber should be interesting--LOL!  And plum?  So, my dear letter friends--you are fair warned.  ;)   
I discovered with the rose scented ink from last month that one of the recipients could still smell the scent after the letter arrived--and for days afterwards.  So, apparently, it doesn't fade away quickly.  Cool!!!  This ink company, De Atramentis, has a ton of scented inks--and I can buy samples at Goulet Pens.  What fun!
I saved the best for last!  Look what came in the mail from Tracey and her daughter (P) in Australia!!  Two gorgeous bookmarks!!
Made from Tracey's luscious, original artwork!  Aren't they just stunning?! 
Tracey and her daughter are avid readers and are sometimes skirmishing over bookmarks.  I sent them each watercolor bookmarks I made a while back.  We had a kind of bookmark exchange before we knew what the other was doing--LOL!  These are wonderful!  Thanks so much ladies!  I shall treasure them.  :):)
Been AC hot here the past few days.  The porch was full of moths flapping against the screen to get out.  The swallows kept swooping up on the first warm day (when the moths apparently never slept all day long) to snatch a meal and pulling up short when their eagle eyes saw the screen.  After the first morning the swallows caught on and I never saw them diving near the screen again, despite the half dozen flapping moths--most of which lie dead on the carpeting out there this morning.  (Talk about Cat TV!!!  LOL!)  
I got an email this morning that said that the velcro and Devil's Claw is due to arrive separately on Friday.  And I think another box is due Thursday.  Dick Blick is due today sometime.  The beginning of the month is filled with shopping excitement, eh?  LOL!
I did finally get a mass email from Traci Bautista--a welcome to the class email.  She was out of town doing a seminar or something.  Anyways, we're supposed to get an email on June 11th to register for the private class forum.  The first kit and video don't come out until June 20th.  So, I'm in.  It just isn't starting as soon as I thought it was.  No problem.  :)
I did finish all of the George Gently series that was available.  Netflix had all of them through 2010, but not the 2011 season.  Probably not out on DVD yet.  I really enjoyed them.  I like a lot of the British programs.  :)
Tonight, if I am up to it, I'm planning on going over to Dagan and Leah's.  Leah would pick me up after work and Dagan would drive me home.  Been a while since we've hung out.  Plus I want to see how many banker boxes we have over there full of the paper making supplies.  Thinking of possibly moving the supplies back here until they're all moved to their new house.  Might be too many boxes.  Must be at least five or six, I figure.  Could be more.
Anyways, Leah will check with me after she's done work to see if I am up to leaving home.  Hope so!  :)
While I was writing this my Dick Blick order arrived!!  So, I'm off to open the box and take pictures for you.  ;)  Have a good one!!
"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
Arundhati Roy


  1. Sounds like fun! :) The UPS guy and the FedEx guy has gotten to know me and my mom. They come driving down the street when we're walking the dogs and toss out doggy treats and go on their way, Even if we don't have a package. Thats really sweet of them!

    Karma is as curious as a cat ought to be. So you've got a new microwave, an empty side of the kitchen and no more mummified potato. I wonder what has mummified behind my stove, LOL

  2. hooray for a new microwave! and for no more flap! karma girl, you are one BIG kitty!

  3. I really like your lacy stamp and the book marks are beautiful.
    Your kitchen is impressively tidy; mine is often far from tidy.
    Have fun with all your new goodies!

  4. Those are gorgeous bookmarks!

    I'm glad the microwave delivery went well. I'm still waiting for my dryer. They gave me a four-hour window, and you know how that is...

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I always love hearing your descriptions of things. You always make things seem so interesting. I loved the cat tv comment. I also love seeing what you order. I'm having a fun time with some migraines... so not doing much these past couple days. I think I'm going to have to talk to my doctor about my medication because it seems to only work for a while now and then the headache comes back.

  6. That Karma is such a sweetie. And I love, love, love the Arundhati Roy quote.

  7. Have fun with your new art supplies! Those bookmarks are GORGEOUS!!

  8. I hope you feel well enough to go out tonight. Karma is too cute, wanting the step stool for herself. Isn't it great to be rid of that microwave?


  9. Dear Rita, oh the excitement of getting a package or box from the postal carrier or the UPS man or FedEx! The cats lift their heads from where they lie on the floor, snoozing, and follow me to the kitchen to see just what new item has come into their bailiwick!

    Your excitement always comes across loud and delightful when you get something in the mail.

    Those two bookmarks are lovely.


  10. I think your new mic is really cool. Karma looks pretty cool too just lounging on the ladder!!

  11. I think an empty kitchen looks quite sad, kind of "not-Lived-in"...but that is where most of my work goes on, and I dread to think what is lurking under the counters!
    Karma probably feels a bit lost, I know my cats hate it when I redecorate and move "their" things around.
    I think there were only two seasons of "George Gently" shown on T.V., but Martin Shaw looks good in anything! {I'll keep you up-dated in case there are anymore shows in the pipe-line}
    Fantastic parcel, as usual, and I'm sure that you will get hours of pleasure out of them. I remember having perfumed ink too, but I've not found it again :(
    Oh, well, back to the drawing board!

  12. Lots of great things happening for you and Karma ~ She is such a sweeties in her photos ~ new microwave, vent fixed ~ art supplies, art classes ~ Wow! Wonderful ~ enjoy the week ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

    PS ~ Always great to have you 'stop by' ~ ^_^

  13. Wonderful stuff going on! New 'wave, Karma seems to approve, and lots of stuff arriving in the mail daily! You sound good, Rita, with everything happening as it should. Yayyy!!

  14. Awesome new micro and goodies of artness even better! :D I cannot wait to see what else you got I love Dick Blick buy from them a lot! Oh and what paper did you use on my last letter, i want to get some of that, its vellumish but not so see thru??

  15. I'm glad your new microwave is all installed and looking great. Hope it works great, too. I bet Karma was enjoying some warmed up food tonight. :)

    Love the names of those inks. Cucumber sounds intriguing. lol

    Beautiful bookmarks. Nice and colorful.

    We had very eerie looking clouds this evening and then some rain. I took lots of pictures and some video, but I don't know when I'll get a chance to work on them. Marty came home around suppertime tonight and has been working on Terri's computer problem. Still not figured out yet. (a new monitor to go with the new video card will most likely be the solution)

    I hope you felt up to going over to Dagan and Leah's. I know how much you enjoy their company. :)

  16. You wrote Goulet Pens and I read Goulet How did we all manage before the invention of microwave ovens.....I remember the day my parents bought their first microwave my dad likes to get the latest gagets as they come out we where the first people I knew to have a microwave we were also the first in our street to have a colour tv and air conditioning........

  17. Karma looks so cute sitting on the stool! She must be a very inquisitive cat! I liked the bookmarks you got; so very colorful! Glad the microwave got installed and your kitchen is back to order again!


  18. What a day..a new microwave and no more flapping of the flap! YES! Out with the mummified potato too..and all those boxes to open...and the ink to smell. When you start that class you will be really busy, I am glad you heard from her:)

  19. You've been getting some really cool mail!!! LOVE your new lace and doily stamps!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with those! Which brand of embossing powder did you get? It's hard to find really good EP for those delicate kinds of stamps and I'm curious.

    Scented ink? How fun!!! And how exactly do you get on the letter writing list??? I want in too!!!! I get next to zero snail mail, except for things I order, lol!

    Curious as to what's in the jars above your cupboards!!! Looks like flour.....I had a peek when I zoomed in on your photo, lol!

    I hope you and Karma are keeping cool and having fun!!!

  20. It's nice to get new appliances. I really wish we could get a new cooker. I only want to buy one that's simple and can be taken apart easily for cleaning but that seems like an impossible requirement these days, they just want to pile on the bells and whistles.

    Glad you heard about the class in the end and I am sure it will be loads of fun.

    What beautiful bookmarks! You do get some lovely gifts.

  21. Fascinating account. You have a real gift for story writing.
    Mummified indeed, we all have these lurking somewhere, I expect...

  22. Love the new microwave! How exciting--my big goal is to get rid of my avocado green sink and stove top--AND my avocado green speckled tile on the countertops.

    Sigh. I just can't figure out how to do it without it costing an arm and a leg.

    What a treat to have a brand new appliance! And I love Karma on the stool!

  23. You lucky thing, getting bookmarks from Tracey and also a new microwave. Youv'e had a great week.
    Von #1

  24. What did you do with the marble? Just curious!.

    Hope that's the end of the awful flap banging!

    Enjoy all your new goodies! :)

  25. I have to say that 1. you write books, not posts!! lol 2. Karma looks very well fed! 3. I also got bookmarks from Tracey, and they are beautiful, I'm afraid to send her mine, lol 4. scented inks sounds very interesting although cucumber doesn't thrill me 5. I also read your Dick Blick post, the gold calligraphy ink sounds extremely intriguing, might end up getting some of that! Have a great day, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  26. Cucumber and plum scents! Definitely smells of summer. Reminds me of going to the farmers markets during the summer and smelling all the scents of the fresh vegetables and fruits there.

    The new microwave looks nice. Sounds like it will be quieter for you now.


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