Thursday, June 07, 2012


My Dick Blick order that came while we were chatting yesterday.  ;)
Gold Winsor Newton ink and Calligraphy ink.  I've been out of gold for over a year.  My favorite thing to add when I make the watercolor bookmarks.  I had the regular bronze-colored gold ink and finally used up the bottle that might have been older than my son, Dagan!  Decided to order the calligraphy gold, too.  That looks like fun!  Such a bright yellow-gold! 
Then I got some mediums (for collage) and a small bottle of Dick Blick white acrylic (to try out their brand--and for the bottle so I can refill it--LOL!). 
Since I couldn't find white detail or extra fine embossing powder at that through Amazon--Dick Blick only carries this Zing.  I've never had Zing embossing powder so I don't know how finely ground it is.  If it doesn't work well on the doilies and lace stamps I'll have to try and search out some super fine white someplace else.
Believe it or not I saw somebody someplace on YouTube using an eraser-board white marker on a collage.  It wasn't expensive, so I got one of those... 
...and then two leafing pens.  The cheaper Painter's gold one works great.  The expensive Krylon copper one...dull.  Never buy that brand again.  It cost about three times more, too!   
I can't believe how lucky I have been lately!!  I also won a handmade potholder kitchen towel from Mare on her blog--Adventures In The Ballpark.  She even asked me what color I would like...and since I just went red...:)  Isn't that cute?  Thanks, Mare!! 
Well, I made it over to Dagan and Leah's last night.  I think this is what Karma did most of the time I was gone.  ;)
 Leah's younger sister, Ariel, has been living with them for while now.  Dagan picked me up because Leah had a chiropractor appointment after work and he got off a little early.  Ariel and her friend were playing Halo.  Dagan and I checked out the paper making supplies.  I did think I could manage to fit it in over here.  Then we went up to the office and Dagan packed books.  I labeled with a Sharpie marker  and taped them shut.
I decided that, since we won't be doing anything with the etsy shop until probably long after they are moved and settled in (next summer maybe) and I am out of everything again (cards and bookcards)--I decided to take mine home with me.  That way I can try to focus on the artwork and not have to spend time making cards for a while.  TaDa!  Can always make new cards to sell when the time comes that we get the shop going again.
Ariel made dinner for us--a green bean and corn casserole that was really good.  She even did part with regular hamburger and part with soy hamburger (her friend was a vegetarian, too).  Dagan was regaling us with stories of his college trip to Europe...and the night flew by.  Next thing Dagan was bringing me home with four of the paper making boxes.  
I have room to fit them up in the bedroom closet.  Don't you love the one marked "Dead Plants"?  LOL! 
On Sunday afternoon Dagan and Leah plan to come over to put up the velcro on the porch screen.  Unless it's raining, of course--then we'll try for Tuesday.  When they come over they'll bring the rest of the supplies with them.  There's quite a bit more odds and ends for the paper making in tubs and smaller boxes.  We'll have to see how the weather is.  At present, they are predicting thunderstorms on Sunday.  
This afternoon is the random inspection.  I've never been chosen, but I'm always ready just in case.  Which only means I make sure I'm not in my nightgown and the cat toys are picked up--LOL!  I'll make sure I put the new stack of boxes up in the closet, though.  I have enough stacks of boxes for various projects piled here and there already.  That will do me in for today, even though the boxes are quite light.  In fact, if it weren't for the possible inspection I'd never move those boxes today--LOL!  R&R day, for sure.
Thinking of you all!
Best wishes--always!  :):)
"For listening to the stories of a kind of water that breaks the fever of our isolation.  If we listen closely enough, we are soothed into remembering our common name."
Mark Nepo


  1. i'm amazed you have room to put more stuff in your place! :)

  2. Love the towel, mare! :)

    You must be so organized. There are so many hobbies I'd like to try, but I just don't have the space in this tiny house. I keep telling my husband that we need to move to a bigger house and leave all our old stuff here. He's not on board with that. LOL

  3. We had inspection here a couple of months ago. They do visit each place here but they tell you the exact day they will come.

    Karma looks so comfy snoozing. I could use a nap myself!

  4. Karma looks like she missed you sooo much! It is good for you to get out for an evening. It turned warm fast didn't it..cloudy here but warmer than it has been in a long time:)

  5. I love the quotation. My favorite theme in literature is the interconnectedness of humankind. I'm so glad you were able to go out last night. I had a sleepless night because it rained very hard and the frogs were croaking "damn damn" all night long. I swear that's what they say. My neighbor said he couldn't sleep either. Wish I'd known. We could have played Scrabble, or something. I didn't notice before that you have an etsy shop (I'm not always very observant). When you start again, I'll want to check it out. Kisses to Karma.


  6. Hello love - it looks like your life is full of abundance and love - how totally wonderful!

    Tomorrow morning when it is still really cool, I am going to start bottling my bottle tree. right now I must go google why my squash have end rot =[.

    I am packed for a small show tomorrow that got rained out last week but was really good the week before and that makes me hopeful.


  7. The towel matches your teapot! Karma is busy snoozing, as usual. What a lot is going on in your life right now, Rita. Same with mine. I'm just a little exhausted trying to keep up! :-)

  8. Okay I thought I commented but I think it got eaten by the Internet.

    I'm surprised that the krylon pen seems dull. Maybe try having Dagan really really shake it up for you? Mine has always been a very shiny bright Copper.

    Sharpie white poster paint pens are terrific for collage. Very opaque and waterproof!

  9. that towel did come out very nicely, Rita!! Very lucky you are lately :) Sounds like a fun night you had over at Dagan's and Leah's! That casserole does sound delicious!


  10. Hi Rita, I love the gold! I want to see what you make with it. My daughter is travelling with her father and aunt and they are in Bismark today. She has a cousin and 3 little girls to visit there. I thought of you. I would have had her stop and say HI But she's with a bunch of my ex's family. Oh well maybe next time. Have a nice week. Terah

  11. Ok that handmade potholder kitchen towel is very lovely I would love to have one like it so lucky you.......

    I do love looking at Karma she looks so peaceful..........

    Lots of nice ink me well I am told my handwritting looks like chicken

  12. Careful you don't confuse the gold paint in the jar with mustard. I did a similar thing as a child. I took what I thought was a spoonful of peanut butter and got my mouth full of fire. Boy, I yelled!

  13. You are winning because you are out there searching blogs etc! Well done. I'm astonished you have space for more boxes! I didn't know you could get a cheapo gold leaf pen, I think they are overpriced.

  14. Those gold inks look great. Will really accent your artwork.

    I'm glad you had a nice time at Dagan and Leah's place. Sounds like everyone had a enjoyable evening. :)

    You certainly have lots of art supplies in your apartment. You could open up your own little art supply boutique. ;)

    Have a great Friday!

  15. Love the quote!

    Don't over-do it, inspection or not!

  16. Yay..such new wonderful treasures to enjoy..lucky girl! Happy creating..I am certain you will create much magic and beauty!
    awww... your kitty is just so sweet!
    I love the name Ariel...and your red kettle is fab!!
    Shine on..have a sparkling wkd!

  17. hey Rita!! Wow. You are one busy woman. i'm exhausted just reading about all this. LOL. Don't you just LOVE getting art supplies? i'll bet you can't wait to sit yourself down and do something with that gold ink. I must give inks a try someday...
    LOVE the red kettle (and towel, yes).
    Have yourself a great weekend!! (Karma is too cute...) xoxo

  18. Wow! Rita, I think you and I have the same teapot! And kitchen layout. Your stove looks just like mine. For a second, I that my kitchen? LOL. So glad you like the does look great w/ the red! The new paints look like such fun! I love golds and silvers. I'm like Dana, can't find enough time to do all the crafts I I'd like to. Karma looks cozy as always. Have a wonderful weekend! Maybe you'll win some more stuff. :-)

  19. Dear Rita, I"d so like to be in your apartment home and see all the wonderful tools, papers, inks, pens, cloth, journals you use in creating loveliness.

    I especially like the last three words of the quotation with which you ended your posting today: "our common name." Yes, that's the Oneness that so speaks to me.

    Peace. And a big meow from Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew for Karma!

  20. LOL, I call my bits and pieces my precious things! And, I love Sharpies too. It is only recently that we have been able to buy coloured ones here, but I have been enjoying using them. I never thought about using white board markers before...I'll have to give them a go.
    I used to have trouble using pastels as they used to smudge too much after I'd finished, but I found a useful tip...spray them lightly with hair-spray!
    You have such beautiful handwriting, oh, I love getting real mail, it is something that seems to be a dying art. ;(
    Love to you and Karma xx

  21. Oh I love that Nepo quote... so true! Your art supplies are simply invigorating to behold!

  22. I did not know I needed gold ink, but now I need it:)

  23. New inks!! FUN! I have a Krylon leafing pen (gold) and I rather like it! I haven't used it in ages (thanks for the reminder!!!) but I didn't have any issues with mine. Looking forward to seeing GOLD, GOLD, GOLD when you're up to it!

    Loving your spiffy new red towel! Red really makes a pop, doesn't it?? It all seems very French to me for some reason. I know, I'm weird.

    I hope you have a good rest and get back to your collages ASAP!! The nosy wanna know!!!

  24. Dick Blick. That makes me laugh... out loud.

  25. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Wow, love those gold inks you got. I love adding touches of gold to artwork. I haven't been doing much of anything since I've been having headaches. When I don't have a headache I am outside playing in my garden (with my super-dark sunglasses on to prevent migraines LOL) I look like a fly. Stampin' up has a good fine embossing powder. I just have the black but I'm sure they have white too.

  26. I had to do a double-take when I saw the box labeled "dead plants." Thought I had read it wrong...but you wrote that it is, in fact, labeled like that. :)

    You are so organized with all the boxes labeled and craft supplies in each one. It must make it easier to find what you need to craft with especially since you do so many different types of art and projects.


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