Sunday, June 17, 2012


Seems like I am taking pictures every time the clouds break up and I can see some blue sky.
80s and rain are still on the menu for a couple more days.  Then we'll switch it up to 70s and rain--LOL!  We do see some scattered sunshine.  See--I have the proof.  ;) 
There has also been some scattered doodling on the menu. 
Trying out new marker pens and using old ink pens. 
 Added some words--"loose"...
...and "free", too.  You might have to click on the pictures to easier see what I have done so far--if your eyes are as bad as mine are.  ;)
Playing with the markers--at least how I am doodling--has been the more calm repetitive stuff I enjoy.  I figure I can mix together my attempts at looseness and my good old controlled stuff.  Maybe as I go along it will get more loose and less controlled?  Or maybe I will find my own style combining the two?  That's more likely, I think.  ;) 
Blogger.  *sigh*
I still lose a percentage of comments made on my blog--after I have read and approved them--that never show up in my email inbox so that I can reply to them.  But I get more than I lose.  And I do read each and every one of them before they get posted, so I am not missing reading any of them.  It's just annoying when I have read one that cracked me up and I'd love to respond to it or if it is a new person I'd love to personally thank for stopping by.  Not much I can do about it.  
I tried turning off having the approval and then turning it back on again and that didn't fix the problem, so I doubt it is going to change now since it's been doing this since the switch in April.  So, please don't be offended if I don't always reply to a comment with a personal email, okay?  I appreciate each and every comment and read them all!  :):)
And speaking of comments...
When I make a comment on certain blogs that I know those people reply in their comment box (like I used to do) and not with an email--well, I used to be able to click the box to get the follow up email notifications.  Ever since the switch, it has never, ever, ever worked for me once on any blogger blog--period.  So I have to try to remember which people reply to every comment right in their own comment section (there are only a few of you who do this) and make a trip back later to read your reply.  Any of you who only occasionally respond in your comment section, I will probably never see it.  :( :(  Sorry.
I do miss chatting with some of you who have word verification, but I still read your blogs.  :)
Been clouded over today.  Dark again and I slept in later.  I am still not used to the fact that I have stayed on days since I started taking the melatonin the end of February!!  Despite having nights I haven't slept well at all and whether I sleep 5 hours or 10 hours...I've stayed on day hours!!  It is like a friggin' miracle!!  I've had the sleeping around the clock problem for years!  I think I have only been to bed once after 1am--and it was just a little after, if I recall.  No later than 1:30am.  That's amazing!!  I take the 10mg pill at 8pm and I am in bed usually between 11pm and 12:30am.  Not sure why it works or why it takes several hours for it to work--but that is how it works for me.  I am absolutely thrilled!
Miss Karma, on the other hand, has never had one lick of trouble sleeping...any time, any place. 
I called my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  Dad's 91 and his new hip is working well--no more pain.  He and Mom (83) just drove up from Florida to their summer spot in Minnesota.  They'll probably be up to visit us later this summer before they drive back to Florida. I'm so glad they are both doing well.  :)
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.
"Fatherhood is pretending the present you love the most is soap-on-a-rope."
Bill Cosby


  1. glad you still have your folks, and they're well enough to travel such miles.

  2. just keep your own thing...doodling...your style will come out & flourish!

    always love your cloud pic's!

    i don't understand either about your comment/email notification problems, have you gone to blogger help...and posted your problem/question? just a thought.

    it's nice that you still have your parents around...
    i forgot that today was father's day...oh well...happy dad;s day to all dads out there!

    OH yeah...that melatonin, i take it now and then...when i'm wired and can't get to works great! and it's natural!

    take care rita!

  3. I am so glad you still have your parents. Mine have been gone a long time and I miss them.

    The word verification crap is about to drive my trifocals crazy. It sometimes takes me 3 or 4 tries to make a comment.

    I think you do well with emails. I don't, no reason, I just don't. lol

  4. Love your photographs!! Aww, I love to doodle, it's so much fun! What a blessing to have your parents, how wonderful!

  5. HA! That Karma sure looks cozy. Yeah, blogger has its issues. I like to get all comments through email, b/c it's too hard to go back and remember what you wrote where. You are such a crafty the teal colors!

  6. How cool about your parents doing well and still able to get around like they are doing!! Glad to hear you might see them sometime this summer!! I do like your doodling! So glad too that you are doing better with your sleeping and wake hours; have to admire Karma (like Koda) who can sleep anywhere and everywhere and often too!


  7. I still have some trouble leaving comments, and I have to go back to see if they are there...which is pretty annoying. My e-mail is public too, but I might switch that off.
    I don't know why Blogger has to mess things up, although I've not been blogging very long, it has already been messed up once. So, sometimes it gets confusing.
    I love your doodling...keep up with it as I like to see what you are doing! ;)

  8. Please cut yourself some slack and let the comments to the comments, Rita! I so enjoy your posts and I'm hoping you are going to have fun with all those artistic fun things you're doing. My favorite picture, however, was the last one, of Karma! :-)

  9. I must admit that the new Blogger has been a breeze for me. I feel bad for you having the trouble you're having with comments. Would it be any easier to Moderate your comment directly from your Blogger Dashboard? Maybe there's a hiccup with their email servers.

    LOVE your journal pages!

    From now on, when you ask me a question on my blog, I will email you the response...saves you going back to check.

    OH, the Word Verification drives me crazy!!! The one with two different words or numbers...the second one is often so tiny, it's not legible!! SO frustrating!! I get quite angry if I get denied more than twice....I wish bloggers would do away with Word Verification altogether. I don't Moderate comments or have Word Verification and I very, very rarely get Spam comments because I opted for Registered Users only to comment. This stops Anonymous users which is mostly where the Spam comments come from. I still get notified by email when people comment which is handy too.

    YAY for staying on day hours!

    How good is it that your mum and Dad are still getting themselves around okay?! My Dad no longer drives and Mum will only drive to local spots. They won't even travel with us if we offer to take them on a day trip. Quite sad really but I guess it's how they like it.

    We celebrate Father's Day in September so it's a ways off yet. My Dad's birthday is in September too...he will be 80 this year.

    Have a lovely evening/day ~ xo

  10. Beautiful clouds!

    Karma is such a sweetheart. :)

  11. Yay for sleeping!! I've had TWO great nights in a row and feel like a new woman, lol! Karma - what a dear cat she is!!!

    Liking your doodling. I'm not a doodler and have the same "free" issues you seem to, lol! I think your backgrounds are lovely though. I wind up BUYING paper that looks like that!

  12. I think Karma has the true Karma. And of course, I loved the quote by Bill Cosby. I'm glad your dad is doing well after his operation. Those take so much out of a person.

    I don't leave my e-mail anymore, because it bounces back to the recipient. And I NEVER EVER leave a personal comment in the comment section of MY blog that should go to another person. I think that is dumb. People don't have time to go back and re-read something. You obviously have the patience of Job. I don't get anything done as it is. I'd spend ALL my time on the computer if I had to revisit a bunch of blogs.

    Have a super day, dear, and a great week, too.

  13. I love love love the green pages!! wonderful work Rita!!

  14. Love your doodles! I like repetative patterns - you can really lose yourself - it's like a meditation.

    YAY for day hours. I'd love some of that melatonin to keep me alert the whole day, but it's not available here in Oz.

    Karma has a busy schedule....

  15. Lovely creations and Karma is a dear as usual ~ So glad to hear both your Mom and Dad are doing well and driving up from FL ~ Great role models ~ Have a great, fun and creative week ~~ thanks, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  16. My favorite color (green) and a lovely kitty! My kind of post!

    I have trouble commenting on some people's blogs, and I can't figure out why, and I'm really too lazy to figure out why, so I know how this is. Oh well.

  17. Blogger is contrary but there's nothing we can do. It's free.

    Excellent doodling; if that's doodling, I'd like to see serious work.

  18. Love your drawings and doodling very nice indeed, I am one of those who replys to all my comments in that way sorry you don't get notification that I have replied to your comment. I hope my dad is still around when he is 91.......

  19. I really like the colors you used on these pages. Good work!

    As for Blogger, I don't know how to reply individually by e-mail or don't know where the e-mail for the person commenting is. Guess I should figure that out. I tried going back and replying to the comments by leaving my own comments but I was never convinced anyone went back and read them so I pretty much gave it up.

    Hope you get sunshine instead of rain soon.


  20. Enjoy your doodling. Looking good. Anything in shades of green are alright in my book. ;)

    I usually comment back in my comment section whenever I want to make a comment on what people have said. I haven't been doing much blogging lately and not been commenting back too much either. Feeling kinda "out of it" these days. Blogger isn't helping matters any by making things difficult when I have so little time to begin with. (i know...bad

    Your folks sound amazing. I'm glad your dad's new hip is working well and not giving him a lot of pain, too.

    We had showers this morning, but the past few days before that were beautiful. We're supposed to be in duck soup Wednesday and Thursday...hazy, hot, and humid with highs in the lower 90s. Not my kind of weather.

    Cats can sleep anywhere and at any time. Gotta love Karma. :)

    Hope your Monday was a good one.

  21. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I'm so glad you are finally sleeping normally! Yeah!

  22. Loose and controlled. I have no interest in control. I am a loose woman, a real wild child, here at home in my pink nightgown and my pink granny panties, tired, and we'll all soon be in bed.


  23. I wish I could be more regular in responding to comments. I will understand if you don't respond to any of mine.
    I don't sleep too well either. Cats often look so comfortable! still they sleep very lightly don't they, as a rule? or is Karma the exception?

  24. Great clouds! and I love the doodling. What kind of white pen do you use? I've never seemed able to find one that works well,


  25. I'm glad your dad is doing so well!

    Blogger is beast... I'm always glad to hear from you - in any form. And I've been poor in writing back.

    *Hugs* I hope you understand you are often on my mind - even when I don't "talk".


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