Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Raining again this morning.  
The sun never returned yesterday.  
Good sleeping weather, says Karma.  
Okay, remember I said I should work on a zentangle to ground myself?  Well, put something out to the universe and sometimes it's listening closely.  I go to read Alice's blog, The Creator's Leaf, and I discover that she is following a zendala group (combination zentangle and mandala) with a lady named Erin on her blog, The Bright Owl.  Erin posts a new template every Friday and you just fill it in!  How perfect is that to counterbalance my trying to be a loose woman--LOL!  
If you click on their links you can see their zendalas and all the other people's links to their work is on Erin's. 
They're on week #10...and I even know how to use Mr. Linky now so I can enter--tada!  And I kind of cheated and hit two birds with one stone.  The Artist's Play Room challenge for this week is monochrome!  So, I'm a very happy lady.  :)  Felt grounded again after the Zendala Dare session.
I've been meaning to show you the philodendron!  Since Leah transplanted it and it needed more room and I moved it to the top of the cabinet behind the love's taken over the whole area!  I am not famous for my green thumb, had recently killed off the few plants I had here (don't seem to be able to keep things alive more than a couple years, it seems--except for the occasional philodendron), but I am amazed at how this one is growing!  Say a little prayer!! 
That reminded me of the song...
...and how I recently discovered on Celebrity Apprentice what a horrible diva Dionne Warwick really is.  Sad to have lost the sweeter image I had of her--LOL!  ;)
I digress.
Well, I did get out the brand new, blank, also big, watercolor Visual journal...
...and slopped on some of my new...
...Dick Blick liquid watercolors.  I used yellow, orange, blue, green, and turquoise--rapidly, without thought--LOL!  ;)
Here's what it looks like all dry and flattened this morning.
Today I'll get out my watercolor pencils & crayons and my misters!  At least I am more familiar with these mediums, anyways.  Oh, and see that plastic paper plate holder on my art table propped against the wall?  I plan to use that with a mister at some point.  Yes, there will be some shimmer.
I forgot to tell you that I ordered a chair cover for the metal chair on the porch.  I finally thought--duh!--I got a cover for the one with the cushions, of course, but why don't I get one for the metal chair?  It is a royal pain to scrub down all the parts, which I have to do several times in the summer.  For $13.23 my life could be so much easier--LOL!  So I have another small Amazon order coming.  And if I like the cover and it works for both chairs--I'll probably get another one to match.  The cover over the padded chair is seven years old and the plastic has really seen better days, let me tell you.  ;)  I hope it is a decent cover.
Dagan and Leah are planning on coming over after work tonight and we're going to do a Sacred Circle!!  :) :)  Must be maybe last fall or winter since we've done one.  Seems like forever!
Having the apartment closed up day and night with the AC for almost a week has dried it out in here and I am less achy, as you can probably tell.  Getting more extra art things done.  Yippee!
I can hear the wind whistling against the building...but no dryer flap, people!!  Happy dance up here in Fargo!!  I think maybe it is actually fixed...finally!!!!!  Whoohoo!!!
Well, the grey, wet, windy day has begun.  
It's going to be a good one.  
Namaste!  :)
"You were born with wings.  Why prefer to crawl through life."


Darla said...

I really like your Zendala. It looks like a fun group too. I have to get working on my APR entry if I want to play this week.

Love the colors you have used in your new journal.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

The watercolor is lovely!

And, oh how I hope we'll get some rain here soon. It's been really hot ;)

Teresa Evangeline said...

Your cheerful attitude is infectious, and I thank you!

However, I'm still having trouble getting past the name, Dick Blick. What's wrong with me? That's a rhetorical question. ;)

Francene Stanley said...

I'm glad you got your flap fixed. I know how much it was annoying you. Now you can hear the wind moaning and the rain hitting the ground ... or the roof.

Beth said...

I do wish you would send some of that rain this way as our farmers are desperate for rain.

Hi right back to Karma!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

seems like it's always sleeping weather for the kitties. :)

looks like you'll be having lots of creative fun with the Zandala!!
i like the colors in your new art project!
hang in there...pretty soon you'll be on the porch...and we won't be able to get you back inside! ha!
glad to hear the pain is down due to the drier air!!
keep feeling good rita! have a nice rest of the day!

Megan Adamson said...

I love the colours that you use on your new journal. I have just received a new, plain brown leather one and am looking for something that I can use on leather. I don't want to spoil it, but I'm scared as I've never really painted on leather before.
Don't you just love the smell of leather? LOL!

Please send some sunshine over this way as we are all getting waterlogged at the moment. 3 months of rain in 3 days! Not kidding...
Did your Devils Claw work?
You sound so happy!

hugs to you and Karma!

Dana said...

What a beautiful plant! I somehow killed my philodendron. :(

DJan said...

How cool that you are getting new covers for the chairs on the porch. It will be like having new ones, I think. And great to hear you are feeling so much better, now that things are drying out inside. Your art projects look like a lot of fun, Rita! :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I don't know why but every time you write "Dick Blick" I want to laugh. It sounds kinda dirty, and it's not really that difficult to amuse a simpleton such as moi.


Hilary said...

I love the colours of the journal cover. IT reminds me of a blouse I had and loved.. eons ago.

Deanna said...

Your plant looks really healthy (as does Karma ;) )

You really are getting into the swing of things with your art work. Cool stuff there. I really like the journal cover.

Hope the chair cover works. Great idea!

Nancy's Notes said...

Hi Rita, please send rain our way! Your blog is truly fascinating, yikes on those dreams!! Great photographs!

betty said...

How cute to have rain on the first day of summer.....your plant really is blooming!!


VonnyK said...

Love the great colours on your journal page. The zendala is really fabulous, don't know if I will get to APR this week, will check everyones posts though.
Have a great week and hope the weather gets better.
Von #28

Karen Smithey said...

Your plant looks GORGEOUS! that's one happy plant--

Love the liquid watercolor page--can't wait to see what you do with it!

And a lovely zentangle--I've been doing some too, as you know--such a peaceful activity--

Unknown said...

your kitty has such a sweet smile! looks very very cozy too :)

how great that you're experimenting with zentangles and then with watercolors too - your new paints look like fun!

AliceKay said...

Your philodendron looks great. I'm not much with house plants, but I have an African Violet I've been babying, hoping one day it will blossom again.

The zendalas look pretty cool. I briefly visited both sites.

I was never much of a Dionne Warwick fan, but I always liked that song.

I'm so happy to hear that the dryer/vent flap issue is resolved. I know that sound would have driven me nuts, and it wouldn't have taken long for that to happen. Thank goodness your maintenance man knew how to fix it.

It was hazy, hot, and humid in northeastern Pennsylvania today. Low 90s and lots of humidity. Still very humid out there tonight. Forecast is for one more day of this stuff before it cools back down. Karen and I took Ryan down to the creek today, but I'm not sure the time and energy it took to get there and back was worth the wading in the nice cool water for awhile. Walking over the huge rocks to get to the water wasn't very fun either. (i have pics to post when i get to them)

I hope you and the kids were able to do your Sacred Circle tonight.

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I love your watercolor too!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I can "hear" you feeling better!!! YAY!!! Loving the excitement and hearing all about your new art adventures!!!!

No pink eye. I think I either scratched or bruised my eye, but it's much better now, no pain, no redness and my contacts are back in! I CAN SEE!!!! I'm hoping to vacuume and stamp today. LOL, what a combo!

Anonymous said...

Your new journal colors are beautiful! Just thought I'd stop by and see what you're up to! It would seem to me that you've been busy...good for you! Debra

Anonymous said...

Well you definitely have a lot of courage tackling all these new mediums and projects! Bravo! As for D Warwick she came to my small town several years back and yes she is def a diva! lol

carol l mckenna said...

Wow ~ You are 'blooming' and Karma is calming your spirit and so you are creating and becoming quite the sophisticated blogger! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Laurie said...

What a lovely blog you have!! I just adore being able to have small glimpses of another persons life:) I just started at the Artist play room, and am so glad I got to see your beautiful work.
How do you flatten your work??

Tracy said...

Wow! Love the Zendala. I'm going to check out her site. :) I've used Dr. Ph. Martin's Water colors are the Dick Blick version similar? I bet they would be less expensive! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your plant. I'm like you and can't seem to keep them alive in the house. Warmly, Tracy

Dee said...

Dear Rita, as one as your commentors said, your attitude toward life is infectious! I"ve never heard of a
Zendala so thank you for introducing me to it. I surely like that one you did--also the watercolor. And I'm glad you are getting new porch chair covers. The sun does bleach the old ones out. And just regular wear and tear does also. Peace.

ledenzer said...

I love how simple lines look so perfect and give us a taste of the outdoors!

Jennifer McLean said...

Two lovely things, your zendala and that philodendron, WOW on both. I love the simplicity of line drawings. I haven't tried zendalas yet I'll have to eek out some time for that. Amazing plant, I'd have killed it for sure!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm late again, but was most impressed with the watercolors. They must be fun, but expensive. And getting a new chair cover to help make life easier, couldn't be better. Way to go!!

No go forth and enjoy that plant. It looks very healthy. Hope you are still well today after playing in the summer solstice last night.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous post....your watercolors are beautiful ..such gorgeuus color combos you used beautiful work..full of harmony..stunning piece!! awww..i love your kitty photos..
fabulous post...every bit of it!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I thought she was a nice lady that Dionne Warwick..she is a witch! Just proves I can be an often times I am wrong.
So tell me about the Sacred Circle..I have never heard of that before..sounds serious.
I am glad you are feeling better and your flapping has ended:)

Where the Heart is said...

Love the water colours you used in your journal. Very effective! I really should give them a go sometime.
I am also a notorious plant killer and only a couple have survived over the years. Your survivor plant is huge and absolutely beautiful!
Very nice Zendala. I have never heard of them before. Glad you found just what you needed :)

SandeeNC said...

karma does indeed looks all comfy, makes me ready for bed too, taking my book Hunger Games with me, hopefully will fall asleep better than last night..ugh..finally turned on the air conditioner today, glad it's making you feel better and hope the cushion cover works out. Give karma a pet from me...waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Serena Lewis said...

WOW! Your philodendron is looking fabulous, Rita!! You've obviously done something right with it.

What do you know...I recently signed up for Artists Play Room too. I haven't done anything yet tho...still watching and learning how they do things. I like how the Zendala turned out. I've heard of Zentangles but not Zendalas but I can see why they call them that.

I don't watch Celebrity Apprenitce but I'm surprised to hear that
Dionne Warwick isn't that sweet.

I like how your visual journal is coming along. Pretty colours!

OH, a Sacred Circle....I love to hear all about those. Enjoy!

I've been achy all this week...can't close my hands into a fist without feeling strong pain.

YAY for finally having a noise-free dryer flap!!!

Btw, I've finally started a letter to you!

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Love the watercolour very nice, and I love that song the zendala group sounds interesting........

Robin said...

Hi There...I loooove the colors you used here...I never used liquid do you like them...I bet they are great for larger more sporadic applications...and easier too..I must try...Wow I just noticed youve been blogging for a long time...Im a newbie compared to you....Thanks for stopping by..Ill talk to you soon..Have a great day..!

Carolyn Dube said...

I'm feeling that wonderful peer pressure to get those liquid watercolors. Your journal looks so vibrant so loose- I just want to go and art right now. I think I will! Thanks for the inspiration!

Alice said...

thanks for the shout-out in your post! so glad you joined in with the zendala dare - it is so much fun! she just posted a new one this morning :) yours looks great! very botanical - which i like a lot :)

so i have a question for you - how did you get your watercolor to flatten over night? sometimes i have an issue with that and stacking heavy books on top hasn't really taken care of it. help :)

TexWisGirl said...

once again, google reader just delivered this post to me tonight (2 days late). ah well.

the zendala is really pretty interesting!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I need to take a look at the zendala website. You've piqued my interest in them.

The colors you used in the watercolor page work beautifully together. Reminds me of the summer - with the shimmering blue water of lakes and the vivid green leaves of the trees.

Tracey FK said...

nice zendala... I like the idea of having an outline to work from and it must make it a bit easier but does that mean you are only a part time loose woman... how disappointing...never seen liquid watercolours like that before and while it is a bit disappointing they dried a bit lighter, by the time you add all the shimmer and wonderful they will look amazing... so happy you are getting to do a little more work and the aches are manageable... it is so cold and awful and grey here that it makes me glad Phoebes is on winter break and she can just stay in bed... nice work on the plant too.. that looks almost triffid like!!!!

Toriz said...

That's great about the plant and the zendala! :)

Intense Guy said...

That Zendala looks incredible!!

...and such a healthy plant too!

Methinks any weather is good napping weather to Karma...