Saturday, June 09, 2012


Sunny morning.  Expected to hit upper 90s today.
Karma's been relaxing in the sun--but keeping an eye on the flapping porch moths. 
Well, I don't know how I missed the phone Thursday?  I thought I carried it everywhere with me, but apparently not.  I missed the UPS man.  But they said they'd do a second try on Friday.  So, this time I stuck the phone in my bra so I wouldn't forget it anywhere...and somebody let him in so he never needed to be buzzed in--LOL!  (Things like that crack me up.)  
The two boxes from the day before arrived, the box scheduled for Friday, and the book envelope scheduled for today came a day early!  Plus another small box came via the post-lady earlier in the day.  Five small packages yesterday!  And only the one first package was from another vendor and not through the normal know, with the extra shipping fee.  Isn't that crazy?  The rest came in five packages!  
This tiny box came via the mail lady.  Courtesy of Blogger it shows up sideways.  ;)  I figured I'd use these 4 inch greaseproof doilies for stencils (if they work) and/or collage parts.
The "industrial strength" velcro and the Devil's Claw arrived in another box.  (I started taking the Devil's Claw yesterday and I'll see if it helps with pain or not.) 
Two bottles of Un-Du.  Have heard people rave about this in the craft world.  Besides the usual removal of stickers and such, you're supposed to be able to use it to remove embellishments from paper if you put them in the wrong place or change your mind!?  And it is not supposed to ruin the paper, the odor vanishes, and the embellishment will retain its stickiness so it can be reused!!??  
Now that's just amazing...if I can manage to make it work like they did.  It looks very watery and you have to work fast and use that black shovel-like plastic piece to slip and prod gently between the surface and the item you want removed.  I got two bottle since I am almost out of Goo-Gone, anyways--and Leah might want one, too.  ;)
And the Doodles Unleashed book! 
I flipped through it... 

...and started reading a little last night.  First of all, she does want you to use or find your own particular style.  (That's the plan--LOL!)
  She has this list of simple prompts:
May sound like kindergarten, but I am going to follow this suggestion for people who have problems with the blank page.  I'm going to write each of these down on a separate piece of paper so that I can randomly pick choices...and then I have to do whatever I picked.  You can keep picking till you've done them all and start over again if you need to.  It says this is for a quick five minute doodle, but I plan to use them to get me going on that big blank journal.  This lady doesn't do quick anything anymore.  ;)
Oh--and for the background (I have seen many people do this on youtube) a way to start on a blank or gessoed page is to drip blobs of paint around in two or three different colors and then you use an old credit card or something similar to scrape the colors around all over the page.  (whew!)  They use baby wipes to remove color if it is too dark in places or not where you wanted it.   
But need to see if I can do a zentangle for APR (Artist's Play Room) to post before tomorrow.  If I still quickly get the knife pain between my shoulder blades...well, I'll have to pass on the challenge this week.  My gol-darn body rules the roost around here.  :(  
Right now, it's looking like thunderstorms possible today, tomorrow, and Monday.  Can't put up the velcro if the porch is wet.  So, it's looking like we'll probably end up trying for Tuesday.
Good weekend to watch Downton Abbey Season Two.  What do you plan to do?  Something fun or pleasant, I hope.  :)
"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."
Kahlil Gibran


DJan said...

Your phone in your BRA? What if it went off while you were answering the door? I just had to laugh at that image. Lots of fun things to play with, Rita! I am looking forward to your adventures in doodling. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

you and karma stay cool today! have fun 'playng!'

Dana said...

The doodle book looks great! I can't wait to hear about your progress.

Have a lovely day, Rita!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

haha. phone in your bra. i guess i'd have to wear the phone around my neck.

never heard of the UNdo stuff?!!

aaaaah...a cat's life...lazing around...watching the moths...

looks like you have lots of fun stuff things to fool around with...and be creative with!

stay well rita!

Beth said...

I love the idea of the phone in the bra. Very cool idea!

Janie Junebug said...

I keep my phone in my jeans. I love it when it vibrates.

I meant in the pocket! Some people have such dirty minds. I love the credit card scraping idea. If I can ever afford to paint the interior of my house, I want to try some sort of scraping method on a wall to see if I like the look. Undo sounds like a miracle worker.


Rebag said...

Oh Rita......this one made me laugh out loud................I got to share a short story about phones in bras........Quite a few yrs back when my oldest was a bout 14.....she and her friend wanted to go fishing.. So we got the pick-up all loaded... got to the lake...they got their gear and it started to to protect my cell phone I tossed it into my bra not giving it a second it rained of course I am damp and we decided to sit it out so back to the pickup we go.....just as I got in and sat down...My cell phone goes off ( had it on vibrate) Let me tell you what wet skin and a vibration there did not feel good at all..almost like a mini electrical shock...LOL those kids still laugh about that to this day................... Any how thanks for making my day..... you and Karma stay cool.............. Hot and dry here too

SandeeNC said...

Your post are always interesting, not boring at all, had to cheuckle about the phone in your bra, lol Karma looks comfy, I cannot see her chasing the moths though, watching seems appropiate! Un-Du is the bestest, more wondeerful stuff in the world, it will also remove rub on too, some people don't like the smell, but it doesn't bother me, and yes, your stickers will be reusable!! Awesome, huh? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I often use to carry my phone in my

I love to get parcels but don't get them often enough.

I have never watched Downton Abbey but wish I had oh well I might catch it when it is repeated at some point....

carol l mckenna said...

Vigilant Karma ~ hugs to you both! ~ Sounds like Xmas was today at your house ~ all kinds of goodies ~ can't wait to see the creations ~ Great to have you stop by ~ I had dinner with a friend tonight and tomorrow I am going to an African Drumming circle and then coming home and 'chillin out' ~ working on creating and being in the now ~ remind me I said that ~ LOL ~ Enjoy all your 'goodies' and stay cool! ~ namaste, ^_^

AliceKay said...

I hope the Devil's Claw helps ease your pain.

The UnDu stuff sounds like pretty cool stuff. I bet it'll come in handy and save you some money on things you might have had to toss out if you didn't have it.

The Doodles Unleashed book looks interesting. Have fun with it.

We went to a big birthday party/picnic this afternoon for my great-niece's 1st birthday. Will blog about it when I feel up to it. I had a migraine hit me not long after getting to work this morning. Hard to work thru the visual problems, but I got thru it. Head has ached and my stomach has been upset most of the day.

Rained on and off today, but the sun peeked thru the clouds once in awhile.

Terri and I just watched a movie called "The Adjustment Bureau" starring Matt Damon. Good movie, but it was a little strange.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Carolyn Dube said...

I love Undu- it really works. I gave it for Christmas to all my male relatives (they are so hard to shop for). When they opened it I showed then how to remove duct tape from toilet paper without tearing the toilet paper. I use it all the time- usually to remove a sticker that I changed my mind on and of course that time the sticker really stuck so I need the Undu. You'll love it! It evaporates quickly so don't leave the cap off the bottle too long (which I did once- I learned my lesson...)

Karen Smithey said...

What a fun day! I love getting packages, too, and though I'm not housebound like you, we live 20 minutes from 'town' and 45 minutes away from real shopping, so the Internet and packages in the mail let me find supplies I wouldn't ordinarily have access to.

I love doilies in collages--I like to do glazes over it, and wipe off part of the paint, leaving it in the low spots--

And if it's that hot, I say Karma has the right idea!

Dave said...

Doodleing seems like a good way to start artisic shapes and forms Rita - Dave

Akannie said...

Hi Rita !!

Hey--let me know about the Devils Claw...I'll try it too... loved the phone in the bra...LOL

I'm not doing nearly enough artsy stuff and I'm feeling it. I need to get back on track with that--you're such a great role model for me!!

betty said...

What a cute idea to write a book about doodle prompts! I think its great too with some of the prompts she listed there! Looks like all great things you got in your packages!


Gwen said...

You do manage to have some wonderful deliveries of gorgeous goodies.
The Doodle Book is very desirable; you will have so much fun in your journal when get going with new techniques. I look at Youtube too, then just go about things the way I always did. ''No skill involved and so quick and easy.'' I must be the laziest crafter I know.
Keep smiling:)

Jenny Woolf said...

Hope it doesn't thunder, I bet Karma doesn't like it.

Toriz said...

Have fun with your new goodies and your new class.

For my part I'm using the weekend to catch up with things I've let slide this past week, and start thinking about what to do for the July challenges for "The Game" (the first of the 2 June challenges went up today if you're interested in playing along).

Nancy said...

Life is good when you get lovelies in the mail and the cat sleeps :)
I had the same idea as Janie Junebug...painting a wall and scraping it! I'd like the look of stone in my bedroom--you know, like an old Greek building or statue...not sure if that conveys the 'look', lol.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

So....was the phone still in your bra when you opened the door for the UPS guy??? *SHOCK* LOL!

Sounds like it was a very good Good Mail day!!! I love those - like Christmas!

I hope you get that screen altered sooner than later! I know those moths are a big pain for you!

*fingers crossed* on doing your challenge!!! I hate to hear about you being in pain!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Downton Abbey!!! They are filming season three now. Have you watched the first season?? I will be visiting Highclere Castle when we go to England!!!! (Kind of sad because we were supposed to fly out on Friday, but then Thomas made rank and everything changed.)

Victoria said...

Love sweet little Karma! and enjoy your new books and goodies! Yay..I watch D.A too..fab show! enjoy! do you watch Doc Martin too?
Happy wkd..hope there are no storms for you.

Friko said...

love parcels in the mail, sadly, I rarely get any. It's probably because I rarely order anything except books.

Looks like you're going to be kept busy for a bit.

Megan Adamson said...

LOL, I am just visualising you with a phone in your bra! But, it seems like the sort of thing I would do if no pockets were handy.
I love the things you receive in the post...I am SO jealous, all I get are bills!
I hope you enjoy "Downton Abbey" as much as we did. There are only two series and a Christmas special as yet, but I can't wait for it to start again. Have you heard of "Upstairs, Downstairs"? Very much along the same lines, but personally I prefer "Downton".
Enjoy your week-end, we are all water-logged over here in England, not much fun. ;(

Serena Lewis said...

I'd have had a giggle over the UPS man day, no time, you have the phone but didn't need to use it. lol

I hope the Devil's Claw helps! Maybe I should try it myself.

I've never heard of Un-Du...can't remember what I used to use to remove the sticky residue. Eucalyptus Oil seems to work okay.

I have one of Traci Bautista's books....full of energy and ideas! Have fun...can't wait to see what you create.

My body is ruling the roost around here at the moment too.

Enjoy Downton Abbey! I loved Season 1 but haven't seen Season 2.

It's another cold, wet day today so I'll probably be staying indoors....maybe do some crochet or knitting while watching a DVD.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Hilary said...

Keeping your phone in your bra is the perfect way to keep abreast of phone calls. ;)

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Rita - you sweet thing! I received your lovely card today! I'm assuming you made it? What a beautiful card! I am so impressed. You are a true artist at heart. I'm glad you like the towel. They are simple little things, really, but something fun. Thank you for the thank you! I was so touched to hear from you. God bless you!

Vicki Holdwick said...

What a fun post (except about the pain). I sure hope the Devil's Claw gives you relief.

Thanks for all the info including the prompts for doodling a page.


Akannie said...

BAhahahahaha...this had me laughing hysterically.


Deanna said...

I'd never heard of undo before. It looks like interesting stuff! I'm with you on that shipping. Crazy.

Can't wait to see you doodle unleashed projects!

(pats Karma's head on my way out...)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, it's Tuesday, so I hope you are having clear, sunny weather and that you're able to add that velcro to the balcony screen.

Your sense of fun always delights me. You are a real model to all of us of making sweet, tasty lemonade out of sour, tangy lemons! Thank you.


Far Side of Fifty said...

When I doodle mine never looks like that!
Well how do you like the cool weather was like 40 degrees here this morning. I cannot believe it from one extreme to the next..and it just spit rain here again..we need rain badly. You got some great stuff in the mail! :)

Cindy Lane said...

If I had your ph number I would ring you just to give your bra a thrill!

And oh, your deliveries are just out of this world. Dick Blick stuff looks SO good too - that ink looks quite creamy.

Looking forward to seeing your doodles!

Karen Smithey said...

No new posts over here for a few days--hope you're feeling okay and are just busy doodling!

Anonymous said...

hey woman! Thanks for swinging by and encouraging me today. As for your cat... She looks as fat and sassy as my dog lol. She's gorgeous. I like all the ideas you threw out today. I wish I could still see well enough to try some of them. Sounds like you are in for a lot of fun and creative stuff. Sorry you are in pain too. Hope it goes away or at least fades for awhile. Everyone deserves a happy healthy feel good day!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The prompts in the doodle book sound like fun ones to do. I like your idea of putting the ones on paper and then randomly selecting them.

Looks like you received lots of goodies in the mail! How fun!!

Will look forward to seeing the pages you drop paint onto and move around with a credit card. I bet they'll look beautiful!

minnemie said...

OK I'm late... but I like the list-to-doodle! And the background w/credit card idea too. Thanks for sharing!