Thursday, October 01, 2009


What do you do in the middle of the night when you are fending off a sore throat and cold (or allergies?), aren't sleeping well, and feel generally crummy? Why you entertain your companion with videos!
Karma didn't care for the flash.
Here she's watching a cat who gets a drink by dunking its head under the faucet of running water:
Another new favorite--a kitten try to catch ripples in the bathtub:

Of course we had to revisit the Mean Kitty:
Karma is more fascinated by the singing, arm waving young man than the actual kitty.

I tried a few Shaun The Sheep videos:

Even found an X-Factor one--hehe! (Karma mainly liked the X getting larger in the beginning.)

Just somebody dressed up and dancing in a Shaun The Sheep costume. :)
The Shaun the Sheep videos didn't interest her much. She didn't even care enough to finish watching them, being very particular about what she does and doesn't find entertaining--hehe!
And then I found Karma's favorite from a couple of years ago:

Why? I ask you. Why is this one fascinating to a cat? The voices?

There's not as much movement. It's a cartoon for heaven's sake! But this was the only one she reached out to touch the screen. Miss Karma remains a woman of mystery. :):) She watched the kitty videos and Santa and his Reindeer singing "White Christmas" twice each. It was moi who got bored with them--ROFL! But--then again--I don't feel the greatest--hehe!
Nothing much happening up here when feeling punkish. Rained hard-hard during the night. There has been a lighter, steady rain the past few hours. It's only 48 degrees. Too chilly to have the windows open. You know how when you don't feel good, your head aches, and you just want to cuddle under a blanket next to your Puffs, stay warm, and not move? Anyways, if you don't hear from me, don't worry. Just a bit under the weather.
I am off to watch the first DVD of Planet Earth! :):)
I wonder if Karma will watch any of it? She didn't give a hoot about snakes and reptiles--hehe! Now, birds on the other hand....


Intense Guy said...

Oh! I loved that Shaun the Sheep (Hick-dricka) video! LMAO! Perhaps Kharma identified a little to closely to the err... Plump sheep?

I thoroughly enjoyed the White Christmas video too - I just don't understand Kharma's "taste". Perhaps a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant might be in the offing for a "Feline Video Selectivity" study. I'll help with the grant application form. :)

Intense Guy said...

P.s., I hope you aren't coming down with a head cold or the flu. There is a nasty one going around these parts - and its very difficult to shake. Hope you are feeling much better already.

Rita said...

Hehehe! I like Shaun The Sheep, too. But Karma is not impressed. Maybe it's the farm animal thing? She's such an apartment, indoor cat--ROFL! :) And yet she will watch the slow moving things like the kitten in the bathtub, cat running water over its head, and the cartoon Santa and reindeer??? Strange cat! She's here right now next to me. Good thing she can't read, eh? Or can she?

I'm about the same. When something hangs around over three days--well, doesn't look hopeful for it to be gone soon. Bummer. :( Gives me time to catch up on all the shows I have taped and finish watching the second DVD of Planet Earth, tho. Always look for the silver lining, right? :):)