Friday, March 18, 2011


Karma says it's a wonderful morning to lay on the carpet in the sun. ;)
I just had to show you this! This was for sale at --a monkey pen rest that says "write no evil"--I laughed and laughed!
Yesterday a few people even went without jackets and had shorts on...
...and there was the usual lake in the parking lot.
Today...that lake is frozen.
There's ice everywhere and it's 20 degrees. But you can see patches of brown grass after days of 40s and even rain one night. The snow is melting away. Spring is around the corner. :)
told us about these free email classes that you can even store and do at your own speed.
I signed up for classes on Buddhism, Zen, Being Vegetarian, Writing Memoir, and Writing Poetry. They're non-credit and just for fun. What the heck--I can be up for some fun, right? ;)
Just popping in to say hello and have a great weekend!! :)
"True affluence is not needing anything."
Gary Snyder


  1. It sounds like you're on a roll with classes, Rita....all sound very interesting.

    It sure looks cold up your way...brrrrr!

    I giggled at the monkey too ~ lol

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Serena xo

  2. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I just may have to take a look at those classes thanks for the info. Wow people wearing shorts I guess spring is just around the corner and I know you and Karma are ready for it too lol

  3. Karma looked like she was enjoying laying in the sunshine.

    That's a very cute pen holder. It would make a great gift for someone who collects monkey items.

    We've been having some crazy weather here, too. The sun eventually came out today, and it warmed up into the low 70s. Some towns even had record high temps today. Back to cooler weather tomorrow, tho. I sure hope I don't see what you're seeing outside your window today. (more ice)

    Have fun with your classes and have a great weekend.

  4. I could have joined Karma in the sun this morning. This afternoon was ok here but we had snow in the morning and a nap in the sun would have beat driving to work in the snow.

  5. Serena--I figured if nothing else the classes might be good reading.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend, too. :)

    Lynn--When it gets to be 40 degrees there are always some people with spring fever in shorts--hehe! I'm in no hurry for spring, myself. Sounds weird, but I enjoy the winter. Even moreso now that I am home all the time. It is always quieter and more peaceful. ;)

    AliceKay--As a writer I loved the "write no evil" part--hehe! 70s--whoohoo! Must be nice! ;) Have a great weekend!!

    Barb--You had snow over there again? At least it melts fast up your way. I hope Nina is behaving herself and that you feel better and can get back to riding soon. Have a nice weekend! :)

  6. Cute little monkey there. Karma is kinda cute too hehehehe.

    Wow that parking lot and walkways look dangerous. Spring is indeed around the corner, though.

    Those classes sound very interesting, but I really don't think there is anyway I would find time to do them. The memoir and Zen ones are especially tempting.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Karma has a good life... And she knows it!

    LOL! Love that pen rest!

    That's some crazy weather you're having!

    Hope you enjoy your courses. They may be non credit, but they're fun - in my experience - and you should get a certificate at the end, so at least you'll have something to go along with the knowledge to show you did them! :)

  8. Deanna--It does get awful dangerous walking on the ice. You really need good rubber soled shoes/boots that grip well--and even then, tread carefully or you could end up flying. ;)

    Tori--Karma is greedy, tho, like Mr. Weakers and wants more, more, more--hehe!
    I've started to get the classes, but am just storing them for now. Haven't had time to get to any of them yet. Love knowing they're there. ;) Thanks for telling us about them.

  9. There were several classes listed that looked interesting to me. I'm going to bookmark this site and see if I can't work some of these into my schedule.

  10. LOL about Karma! Yep, that's definately like Mr Weakers! ;)

    I'm basically just storing my lessons for now too. I do read them as they come in, but - apart from a couple of Yoga exercises I wanted to have a go at - I haven't really done any work for them. Too busy collecting them for now, I guess, LOL!

  11. Donna--I've just been storing them in email folders, so far. You can get to them when you have the time to sit and read a little. No hurry. :)

    Tori--I'm just storing them, too. Getting what I am interested in while they are available--just like you are. ;)

  12. Monkey make me giggle.


    Karma make me chuckle...


    Thought of Spring make me wanna tear off my clothes and go skinny dipping (chunky dunking...)

    Now that's probably TMI... huh?

  13. Iggy--Monkey make me giggle, too. ;)
    Chunky dunking!!! Oh my Lord! We'd make a pair of chunky dunkers!! ROFL!!


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