Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The temperature is dropping. The wind has picked up and rain is pelting against the window panes. This is supposed to switch over to snow at some point and keep on thru Wednesday. Supposed to stay below 25 as a high for the next three days. Spring ice storms and snowstorms--even the occasional blizzard--are nothing out of the ordinary here. They come and go this time of year, but they won't hang around for long.
Karma is staying warm in her cat bed. The porch is no dang fun today. ;)
I got my small order from Goulet Pens yesterday!
Nine ink samples and three pens!
I was monkeying around with pens and inks most of the day. I cleaned out five of my fountain pens that had older inks in them so that, with the three new ones, I was able to get eight of the nine new samples into a pen--tada!
The new pens...
Well, the Preppy pens look like they are made by the same company as the Noodler's fountain pens--except that they have the Preppy name on them, multiple colored caps you can pick from, and they don't have the black rubber ring and touch of grease to seal them that the Noodler's pen has. Can buy the rings and grease at Goulet Pens, as I recall--and I will. Oh, and the rollerball adapter you can see in that picture above. But--what a bargain at $3.95!! Even if I want to add the black ring and some grease to seal it so I can use it, maybe more safely, as an eyedropper pen. They have been working so far without them.
The nibs look the same as the Noodler's pen, but are in blue metal.
Now here's a free Noodler's pen that came with a large bottle of ink (top) and the new one I just bought (bottom) that was listed as a Preppy. (Club special at $6.00.)
Now I know I heard the Goulets say that since they had so many extra pens from all the bigger Noodler's bottles they order for the ink samples that they were going to put some for sale for the club members--and this pen was for sale for the club members. I think it was either accidentally described as a Preppy or that Noodler's uses a certain style of Preppy that has no insignia?
Anyways, it is exactly like the free pens I got with the Noodler's ink. I love them! I hope there are some left when I have money again in April. ;) But, if not, I can adapt the Preppy pens. I think they are awesome for cheap pens. I prefer them to my expensive, temperamental, slightly leaky Waterman.
I just heard thunder! Sounds so strange in the wintertime.
Anyways, such a fun day yesterday.
Somewhere along the line I remember hearing how you should store your fountain pens in the prone position. That might not be fact, but I found a box and gathered up all my various fountain pens.
In fact, in order to remember which pen has which ink I made a color-coded chart.
This may all sound terribly boring to most people, but it was an exciting, fun-filled day for me. LOL! Much more fun to talk about than the fact I cleaned and scrubbed and refilled Karma's cat box with her old standby Scoop Away--and am hoping that the switching to Fresh Step is what has been causing her eye irritation and that it will go away now. Yes--I'd rather talk about pens glorious pens! Ink glorious ink! :):)
I'll let you know if we finally get snow or if this rain/sleet continues. I am off to watch Nurse Jackie--the end of Season Two... :):)
"You cannot give your life more days, but you can give your days more life."


Barbara said...

The pens are interesting.
The kitty litter is on my grocery list.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I know what you mean about getting lost in your pens. When it's something you love, even the tasks of cleaning up and organizing is fun.

Enjoy a cozy day at home!!

Parsley said...

Your writing is so neat. Not like my chicken scratch.

Anonymous said...

I am so drooling over your pens there LOL Sorry to hear you are having icky weather I know you are definitely tired of the snow. To answer your question about the clayman I made, yes I will put a plant in his head. I hope you are doing well and staying warm, fix you some good ole soup and curl up and read a good book or do something with those fancy pens hehehe

Toriz said...

Believe you me, I'd much rather hear about pens than cat boxes! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

I understand your love for pens, Rita, as I love a good pen myself. You have such neat handwriting too.

Intense Guy said...

*laffs at Tori's comment*

I think Karma has the right idea...

Katnap time........


Furry Bottoms said...

Those pens look like so much fun! In fact, I think my current signature has been formed by my love for calligraphy pens. I taught myself how to do calligraphy when I was in Jr Hi.

I've returned back to work today after a week off. I think I would much rather join Karma in that comfty spot.

Rita said...

Barb--I hate to jump to conclusions, but Karma's eyes seem a little better already. Time will tell. :)

Donna--I am lucky that I get what I call "lost in time" doing a variety of things. It's the best feeling, isn't it. :)

Parsley--Thanks so much!

Lynn--I'm glad you plant something in the clayman's head--hehe! I could just picture it when I saw him. :) Yes, I did eat some good old soup and worked on some handwritten letters with my new pens. ;)


Serena--Ahhh! Another pen and ink lover! I always admire your handwriting in your sketchbook, Lady! ;)

Iggy--Pens make better conversation than poop, that's for sure. LOL! ;)

Nikki--Calligraphy pens are such fun! I love my Lamy Joy! And I have some of the disposable kind, too. I kind of do my own thing most of the time, even if I had classes with a professional about 20 years ago. Just plain fun! :):)