Saturday, March 26, 2011


We have had some sun! Karma basks in the morning.
I took a couple shots of the cool drift across the yard.
I'm not sure why I think it is so cool, but I do. ;)
After the storm they came to plow in the afternoon.
A pick-up with a plow...
...and the big yellow one came.
But they just plowed a swipe down the center areas, did what they could with all the cars there, and left.
Since then, people have had to deal with the drifts in-between the cars...
...and the frozen mounds everywhere.
At least they finally plowed the sidewalk in front of the cars on Thursday, but it's still a mess out there in our parking lot. I haven't seen a move your cars notice yet. Maybe they don't want to have to pay to have the big yellow plow come back again? don't fall over...believe it or not, I actually got out my moleskine sketchbook!
Worked on some of the EDM (Everyday Matters) challenges for the first time in 2 1/2 years!!
I was absolutely shocked that it had been that long!! Good grief! Where does the time go!!??
I am, needless to say but I'll say it anyways, extremely out of practice. When I say I finally get around to my many different projects--well, I do...even if it might take me years--ROFL!! ;) It was fun! I even felt scribbly and loose--hehe! :)
Today I got a delightful surprise gift for my birthday from Iggy!! A gift credit at Goulet Pens!! Whoohoo! What a perfect present for yours truly, right? Awesome! Thank you soooo much, Iggy!! I hope your shoulder is feeling better and better. You are just an amazing friend! :):):)
Still on the cold side (10 degrees right now), but we haven't had any more snow. Sunny days--what I've seen of them, anyways. ;)
Oh--for those of you who asked, I will be 60 on Monday. :)
Have a super weekend, everybody!!
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
Leo Buscaglia


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    All your snow makes me appreciate our rain! I'm ready for Spring, not snow. It is quite beautiful though :)

  2. It looks like Karma found herself a nice warm spot. It also looks pretty cold outside. We have snow, but not as much as that left on the ground. The sun has been working on it the past couple of days. Temps are hanging around 34 today.

    Time flies right by without us realizing it sometimes. I love your have a gift.

    I agree...Iggy is a great friend. I didn't get a card sent to you in the mail because I didn't know when your birthday was. :\ Now I do.

    I hope the rest of the weekend is good to you.

  3. :) I've not seen a Leo Buscaglia quote in ages - I remember when he had his 15 minutes of fame.

    Those sketches are awesome! What it the fargo landmark? A movie theater?


  4. Those are really great sketches! They have a lot of presence.

  5. I agree... Iggy is a fantastic friend! :)

    Glad you're seeing some sunshine over there, and that Karma found a nice, warm spot to sunbathe.

    LOL! well, you got back to it eventually. Besides - as you said - you do get to your projects eventually! ;)

    Love the quote!

  6. Angela--Yes, we have long winters up here. I do love the look of new fallen snow, tho--so clean and white. :)

    AliceKay--Been too cold to melt up here yet. I know--shocked me it had been so long. I never would have know if I didn't put a date on them. Time moves faster the older I get, I think--hehe!
    Oh, I don't expect cards or anything. Iggy really surprised me! ;)

    Iggy--I liked Leo! I remember him as like the mad hugger--hehe!
    Yes, the old Fargo Theater is the landmark. My drawing is pretty poor. If you googled images you'd see what it really looks like. :)

    Tatty--Thanks so much. Been a long time since I have tried drawing. Not something I am comfortable with, that's for sure--so I appreciate your kind comments. :)


    You are too modest. :)

  8. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Well happy happy birthday girl(Im hoping it is since you mentioned being 60 on Monday hehe)I love the sketches you are just so talented. And, of course love looking at your snow :o)

  9. Rita, I am like your neighbour! I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I saw the snow you guys got in those pictures and I had to double check that you are indeed in North Dakota. That totally missed us, but I heard that that snow fall will create havoc in the Pembina Valley re: flooding. I hope you guys will be ok in Fargo.
    Your kitty Karma is beautiful, and that pic of Karma basking in the sun is soothing to my harried soul. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Tori--Yes, we've had sunshine for a few days and it is even supposed to warm up. Karma always finds the spots of sun in the mornings if it is around. :) Hehe! Eventually can mean a long time in my world--ROFL! ;)

    Iggy--I wish I had that photo! You could see the actual building better. Min was dark and murky--plus I am no architect so my building's are always wonky--hehe! It's a cool marquee, tho, isn't it?

    Lynn--Yup--be 60 tomorrow--or actually it is today already. I have been sick as a dog. Not going to be an exciting birthday--hehe! Not that I had anything planned anyways, but spending time paying homage to the porcelain throne would not have been even penciled in on my agenda. This too shall pass.
    And--call me crazy--but I love the snow and have never been one to complain about our winters. Now the hot humid summers on the other hand....arrrggg! My ancestors must have been from northern Sweden. ;)

  11. Sandra--Yes! We are practically neighbors! Fargo-Moorhead does get flooding to some degree every year on the Red River--often twice. They had a million and a half sandbags filled in February this year, so I think they expect it to be fairly bad this year and they are being more prepared, I guess. We've had more than normal amounts of snow, so who knows?
    Miss Karma lives the posh life. ;) My aunt loves to look at pictures of her because she says Karma always relaxes her. So I always try to put up pictures of Karma regularly. I think she has her own following--ROFL! :) Now my son and DIL say Karma always looks mean. Eye of the beholder. She's not nice to them...well, to anybody but me. LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Happy Birthday to you. :)

    (feel better soon) *hugs*

  13. Happy Happy Happy birthday, Rita!!! :)

  14. Happy birthday! :)

    Hope you're feeling better!

  15. Happy Birthday Rita!!!

    :) Hope you are feeling much better today.

  16. Thanks for the birthday wishes, you guys! Really meant a lot to me--especially since I felt so crummy. :):)

  17. Belated Birthday Greetings to you, dear friend! Sorry I'm late but, as usual around here, I've barely had any time at the computer due to family commitments and specialist visits this past week. You are obviously well-loved with all that recognition.

    John obviously has good timing...the book sounds very interesting. I love anything to do with Native American history and culture.

    Congratulations on your win!! You chose a beautiful photo...very calming too.

    What a sweetie Dagan is. I hope Leah is feeling much better now.

    How funny Karma is!

    Hey, I'm totally with you on the ironing...I never iron anymore. The boys iron their own shirts which makes me a happy camper ~ :)

    So sorry to hear you've been sick too....not nice at all. I do hope you're feeling much better now. (((hugs)))

    Serena xo

  18. Rita, I think your sketches are wonderful!!!I got so excited to see you had started sketching again...YAY! You work very well with cross-hatching in pen for shading.

    What a lovely and thoughtful gift from Iggy! He is definitely an amazing friend.

    I'm still bummed that I missed your birthday ~ :(

    That quote is beautiful and so true!

    Serena xo

  19. Serena--Thanks! No worries. I don't actually pay too much attention to my birthdays. Other than I usually try to buy myself something special--hehe! ;) So I was surprised this year by all the well wishes. So nice!

    I am going to have to try to keep the sketchbook out where I can see it for a while. ;)

    I never did like to iron! I guess I was born at the right time. ROFL!

    Now I have to get out to the garage to look thru my old pictures frames out there and see if there's anything that would go with the blue heron. But I'll wait. You should see what it looks like outside this morning. I'm going to go take a video for you--hehe! ;)


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