Tuesday, March 08, 2011


It's not like we don't have our own signs of the impending spring. May not be daffodils, but as the sunny days become longer the snow slowly slides off the roofs. ;)
Bought postal stamps this month and made an order from www.susanascustomartandcarddesign.com
The package arrived yesterday!
Now, what was so exciting? This little contraption called the "Sew Easy" that I have been waiting to come back in stock since somewhere around last fall or winter. Been so long I can't remember. One of those new toys that came out (when I didn't have the money) and by the next month they sold out and nobody had them. I've been checking all over the place online every month since then. ;)
Stitching on cards has been popular for a long time. But dragging out your sewing machine is just that--a drag--and my old machine can only do straight stitch or zig-zag, anyways. You can sit and use plastic templates to poke individual holes so that you can hand sew--and that was a more practical choice for me, but kind of hard on my bad arm. When I saw this "Sew Easy"--a small roller that pierces holes for you--I knew I had to have one!
Susana's had all the extra attachments back in stock except for the scalloped one. I'll pick that one up later on. I also bought the piercing mat and some extra needles. One needle comes with the handle that comes with the straight stitch attachment.
I saved all the backs of the packages for the examples of how you can use the series of holes to make different designs. And you can use them any other ways you can think of.
Here's what the piercing end of the attachments look like.
Yes, I do need to work in some play time here soon. ;)
And remember the winter trees I made with the white Flower Soft?
I got a couple more colors. Heather...
(didn't fluff that one enough)...and Sweet Pea.
Be good for flowers or spring trees, I think.
I move them into these small jars.
They never fit back into the tightly packed original packaging and you do need something to keep them in after they are fluffed up. I've seen a variety of containers online that people use. I like my little mason jars. :)
I got a packed-full little thank you gift bag, too! Look at all the goodies! Wow! That was really nice of her. Such a good company to buy from.
And Karma got her packaging to sit on, too. Happy girls over here.
After buying stamps for mailing and the sew easy & flower soft...well, no money left for the extra shelving for the bookcases and for the corner in the bedroom. Again. And next month I have plans to save all my birthday money for something special. So it will probably be May or June before I can resume organizing around here. I just shut my OCD eyes--ROFL! ;)
Well, let's see...
Caroline had to switch to Wednesday (tomorrow) because of a meeting. This week I want to go drive by the new dentist's office so I know where I am going before my appointment on Monday...
Oh, the online Kabbalah classes were not what I expected. It would be like--well, if you knew nothing about the bible and were thrust deep into a bible study class discussing a couple verses without any context of the overall message, you know? Not for beginners, I guess. I passed on those.
The tapping classes...well, as you know, I've been reluctant about them. I listened, but I didn't participate but the first couple times. Since then, I have gone online and read more about the tapping process. There are different places to tap in addition to the ones they used in the series I listened to--the sides of your thumb and fingers, for example. I looked on youtube, too. Some people use both hands at once to hit both sides of eyes, etc. Anyways, it is basically what I had thought--you are bringing up the negative emotional reactions in order to release or reprogram the automatic responses you have to them.
I can see how that may have its own logic to it. They claim it will work even if you have no understanding of how it works. They say we store memories in our bodies and that is very likely true. This tapping is supposed to work on the body's nerve memories--the meridians.
I know from the times I was hypnotized that I do store memories physically, even when I do not remember them consciously or visually--my body remembered. So, it would seem like there might be something here that might work for me...but that saying negative things out loud doesn't feel right to me. What I have thought of is this...maybe if I don't speak the negatives and I just allow myself to silently go back and feel it while I am first tapping--but then later do the speaking of the positives out loud...???
I might try my own version. :)
Anyways, I have been working of this kind of stuff all morning, as usual, and I could continue...but I think I'm going to take a food break, turn on the TV, and hope I have some energy to play with card making toys this afternoon. Been very tired lately--on the low end of the fibro cycle. You know I'm dragging if I'm too tired to play with new toys--hehe! Nothing new...just the usual weak, noodle days.
And--no--I haven't been doing the soul comfort sessions. And--yes--I do feel better afterwards. Logic has apparently nothing to do with it. My issues run deep, deep, deep...like there's a subconscious battle taking place.
Remember the old cartoons with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other--both talking in an ear? When it comes to everything else I am listening to the angel...but when it comes to the soul comfort panic...can the devil completely block something out of your mind? ROFL! I can talk or think about it, like right now...go eat lunch and completely forget about it the rest of the day.
There's a deep, deep fear involved. I feel the panic in my guts. Takes me a long time to settle down if I do finally do a session...and it doesn't seem to work right. I never had any problems or hesitation when I wasn't involved or included...
...so I work on healing me. Every day. I haven't given up, by any stretch. Sometimes, no matter what you do, things move at their own pace.
Okay--that was bizarre! I am sitting here typing in my chair and this music came on Pandora (similar sound to my Music To Disappear In that I use for SC sessions) and it just happened--right here--right now--for the past several minutes. A mini soul comfort session!
That tingling, comforting, lifting up energy coursing down thru my body...I cry and cry these days. Not that it hasn't always made me cry, but it does feel more personal somehow...closer. Even tho I know it flows thru me and outward.
Here it comes again. Bye.
I think GA is done waiting for me today. :):)


  1. I think Karma loves her packaging more than you love your goodies. So content!

  2. That's a neat little creative tool. I bet you'll make lots of nice cards with it, too.

    Your own version of tapping sounds like it just might work for you. :)

    Sorry to hear you're on the low side of your fibro this week. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I think I've had several times where I've had an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Sometimes the devil won out. :\

    You were meant to hear that music today. :)


  3. Parsley--Karma does like claiming anything she can lie upon. ;)

    AliceKay--Tools! Tools! :)
    Might be worth trying my own version, who knows.
    Me, too! That devil can be pretty convincing--hehe! ;)
    Yes--I think it was meant to be. :):)

  4. Cool toys!!! Makes me want to clean off my craft bench and get to it!

    Looks like you're having the same level of Spring activity at your end that I am - just without the white stuff.

  5. Your new "toy" sounds great! I hope you get some play time with it soon and enjoy yourself!

    Sorry to hear you've not been doing so great with your fibro. Hope you're doing better with that soon!

    Sometimes things happen at just the right moment to give you the nudge you need to get moving... That music sounds to me like it was one of those things!

  6. You be taking good care of yourself, my dear. Interesting to hear how the tapping's going - you've already progressed further than I ever got. And yes, that is a brilliant invention! Definitely a "wish I'd thought of it" device, eh?

  7. Donna--Our white stuff has been piling up a few inches since I blogged. Again. Oh well. :)

    Tori--I know, the fibro is a never-ending pain and exhaustion roller coaster ride. I'm used to it, tho. :)
    Yes, the music was just the perfect nudge! :):)

    Tatty--There's something about the tapping that I find interesting--but not quite "as-is"...LOL! ;)
    I just saw that the sew easy is coming out with some wider attachments now, too! I like a couple of them, but not all of them. Fun to have new toys. :)

  8. I'm glad to see you do have signs of impending spring.

    Your new toy is intriguing. I've been wanting to get some of the flower soft, but until I get my craft room back (we still have Jim's brother here), I really have no place to go with more stuff.

    Hope the fibro settles back down for you.

  9. Those little "hole punchers" looks like something you will enjoy... :) you really seem to get into paper.. making it, marking it, punching it, stapling, spindling, folding, mutilating and all that to make some really awesome articles. :) Like a certain Sunflower card...

    I think Karma needs to borrow one of those roller punches - to use on the bubble stuff.

    I hope you feel more... energized soon - perhaps some spring like weather and / or some tapping that finds a special spot -

  10. Deanna--Small signs, but they are there--hehe! ;)
    FlowerSoft is really fun! I think you'd like it.
    The fibro is slowly settling down again. It's always better when I can get some halfway decent, regular sleep--ahhh! :)

    Iggy--Yes! Paper and I are close in many ways. ;) Flowers remind me of spring and I figured you could use some spring!
    Oh gosh! Karma hats when the bubble wrap pops--LOLOL!
    I found something new on one of the audio recording series I am listening to--called Ask and Receive. I'll have to explain it on the blog. Much more positive (to me) than the tapping!! Whoohoo!!


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