Saturday, March 12, 2011


Darn! I thought it was warmer out there. Only 8 degrees. We have rain/sleet under the thin layer of snow and, when it is this cold and we just lost the morning sun behind a blanket of clouds, it's not going to melt off the roads very quickly. I had hoped to make it over to K&Krafts Stamp Expo (10am-1pm) to check out all the demos. Not sure now. :(
Well, there was sun about an hour ago. :)

For those of you who don't know, rather than pay for actual cat treats I buy regular dry cat foods for Karma's "treats" and keep them in small jars in the end table. This silly way of eating her food here from this cat bed has developed over the years. She thinks of her actual cat bowl of food in the pantry as mere back-up food when I am sleeping and her tea tin and cover are empty.
(Don't tell her, but she is actually eating 90% diet food--LOL!)
I have gotten some play time in the past couple days! Colored in rubber stamps with my new copic markers...
...and--even tho I don't like how this card turned out--here's what I did with the sew easy.
I learned not to use thinner paper to sew on. And I ran the sew easy along the side of a big heavy book to keep it in a straight line--but I need to find a book with a stiffer spine that doesn't buckle or something else solid I can use that's at least an inch high. I never thought about how tricky it would be to match up the sides if you are punching a "frame" around something. Worked--but I picked the simplest attachment--the straight stitch--to start out with.
Was thinking that if you didn't want to accidentally punch in the corner maybe you could cover it with a piece of hard plastic or something? Hummm...just thinking out loud.
Anyways, nice to be playing again a little bit. :)
Well, we did have sun for that little bit this morning--and here's Karma pawing at her catnip while she warms in the momentary sunshine.
Oh, yesterday I suddenly had no blogs listed that I was following on my blogger dashboard--zero! My entire list was completely gone. Took three times of refreshing the page before they were suddenly all back again. ?? I have heard of other people losing blogs on their following list, so I hope I haven't lost anyone. Must be some glitch with blogger. :(
I've been being a "good girl" and doing my soul comfort sessions every day. Not sure if I am doing things the right way, but I just show up. :) I guess I don't need to try to fix myself "enough" on my own first, you know? Or figure out how this is supposed to work before I do it. Or wait until I think I am worthy--(or it will never happen--LOL!) Just show up and be there and let it happen. It will work out as it is supposed to. Doesn't matter how long it takes for me to get better at it--or if I ever do. Just show up. :):)
I'm listening to these different audio recordings by several different people for a couple of online series and I did come across one that I, personally, like better than the tapping for changing/releasing those old blockages--but maybe I'll tell you more about it next time. I'm trying to limit myself with my online time, too. So, happy, happy weekend! Talk again soon!! :):)
P.S. I am working on my heart of hearts. ;)
"We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have."
James R. Ball


  1. I have seen my 'dashboard' say I'm not following any blogs and then after a refresh it comes back. Must have something to do with their side. Don't worry. :)

    Love Karma and that she thinks her kitty food is treats.

  2. I've had that happen plenty of times... Sometimes it results in loss of people I'm following, other times it doesn't. That's why I started the blog list on my sidebar... I got fed up of finally finding my way back to some blogs and having to say I was sorry for being gone so long. As far as I'm aware I'm still on follow with all the blogs on my list on my sidebar, but at least this way if I'm not, I'm still visiting them! ;)

    I always thought it was funny whenever you mentioned the thing with Karma and her "treats"... Wish my cats had been that easily pleased. Megan probably would have been, but Sakura and Chance... They were so picky I had to get spacific treats for them or they'd turn their noses up at them and give me serious attitude! (And yet they'd go raiding bins and hunting wild rodents... Go figure!)

    Speaking of cat treats... Did you find where you can get those Whiskas treats over there that we got Karma for Christmas?

    Yes... Just show up... Attendance is the most important thing. Knowledge and improvement will come later! :)

    Sounds like you've been having fun playing with your craft supplies. Don't feel bad that it didn't work out as you'd hoped first time... When you get the hang of the tool you'll get the effects you want properly! (And, for what it's worth, I think your plastic where you don't want to stitch thing is a good idea).

  3. Always fun to see and hear Karma and her antics. She was very talkative today. :)

    I like your card. The stitching around the boarder went well with the red rose and red bow. Nice card for the first try. I could see how you might need something as a guide tho. I didn't think about that before.

    I don't "follow" anyone on Blogger so don't need to worry about that little glitch happening to me one day. I have a list I keep in my favorites that I check every day (usually at some point during the day or night) and go right down the list. But then I don't read a lot of blogs so that makes a big difference.

    I'm taking a break from cleaning at the moment. I think I'm just about ready to entertain 15 people for a birthday party tomorrow. LOL Just a few more things to finish up in the morning and we'll be all set.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine when it comes out to greet you. :)

  4. You have Karma fooled for sure..cats can be so silly. Your new stitching stuff looks very can do lots of designs:)

  5. That stitch card looks fabulous. For a "first experimental one" - you really did quite well! And the other cards look fabulous! I'm partial to the one of the sun flower in the vase. :)

    Looks like Karma didn't really want to stay out once she found out she could see her breath!

  6. Beautiful cards Rita! You're so talented!!

    I was just watching the news showing the terrible weather in ND. It was showing 800 people stranded on the highway (that's about everyone in the state isn't it ;-). But careful!

  7. Parsley--I've never had it happen before. I wrote down all my blogs, so I am safe now. ;)
    Karma is a silly girl! :)

    Tori--I have them written down in a safe place, but it would take a long time to add them all again.
    Kind of funny, but she thinks they are treats because they're in a small jar and in the same drawer I first kept her real treats in--hehe!
    No they don't have those specific Whiskas treats over here. They have something similar with different packaging, tho.
    Yup! I am just showing up. ;)
    Yes, it's nice to be back playing with crafts again. :)

    AliceKay--Karma is quite the chatterbox in the morning (or whenever I wake up). You'd think she missed me, but I think it is the excitement of her tablespoon of canned food and getting her some more of her "treats" to nibble on. ;)
    I didn't think about the guide, either. Altho, sometimes you might actually want a wobbly line.
    You're smart to keep the blogs in your favorites in case they would disappear, as I have heard people say lately. :)
    Have a great time with the party!!

    Connie--Completely fooled! ROFL!
    Yes, lots of ways to stitch on paper, but I never thought about lining them up--hehe!

    Iggy--I think I am going to have quite a few experimental cards while I get the hang of this new toy--hehe! ;)
    Yes, she actually could see her breath at 8 degrees out there! LOL!!

  8. Hey - I just wanted to stop back by and tell you if you want to watch the Welcome Home show I mentioned you can watch it on line at I'm beginning to thing I don't need cable anymore - more and more is being made available via the internet!

  9. Those cards look great, Rita! Lovely job with the copic markers...I've never used them but I've heard they're excellent.

    Karma is one spoiled cat, diet food or not ~ :)

    I've been keeping up with my Vortex meditations daily too and they've become like a habit now which I'm very happy about. I've only missed one night in three weeks when I had that bad migraine.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend ~ xo

  10. Haha, I think my Andy cat likes the way you talk to Karma! He came up purring and looking for love while it was playing, and now he's in my lap. Now I'm wondering if I talk to my cats the same way you do, but there's no way I could do it "normally" right now because I'm thinking about it too much.

  11. Donna--I forget about all the online programs these days. I get what I do watch from cable about a year or so later on Netflix. Thanks!

    Serena--They're just colored in rubber stamps--now I can make cards out of them (when I get around to it). The copics are permanent markers, so they are no good for any of the watercolor techniques, but I like the fact that they are supposed to be refillable, they blend, and don't pick up the color from other markers! :)
    Yes, Miss Karma is a spoiled "old lady cat"--hehe!
    The daily meditations just seem to keep me more focused and grounded. Glad to hear you are doing yours, too. :)

    Tatty--That is so funny! Well, say hi to Andy for me. Maybe you babytalk them, too? LOL! Dagan and Leah tease me about how I babytalk my critters--(and that I talk to everything--car, laptop, microwave). I always have since I was a kid. I don't think it's babytalk--it's lovetalk--ROFL! ;)

  12. The sew easy looks like it might be a bit difficult to get all of the tricks worked out but I sure can see lots of uses for it in your cards.

    You've really gotten onto those copic markers. I've been considering ordering them but procrastination has held me back so far.

    I hope your temperature regroups and starts climbing!

    Your secret about the diet food for Karma is safe with me ;0

  13. Deanna--Yes! Especially with the more complicated hole punching. But, you can bet I will give it my best shot--hehe! Has to be a way to figure it out. ;)

    It was money that held me back on the copics--hehe!

    I'm so relieved you won't rat me out to Karma--LOL!! :):)


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