Thursday, March 03, 2011


So funny! The electricity went out this morning and it was absolutely freaking Karma out. I didn't take this video until over half an hour of silence and she was still jumpy and hadn't slept a wink. I know I shouldn't laugh at her, but I do. :)
The power came on toward 8:30 or so. Good! I was worried about the delivery guy from Cashwise having to haul my groceries up three flights of stairs on his dolly--luckily he didn't come until much later in the day. BUT--he did say he had that very situation somewhere else in Fargo yesterday. What is it with the power outages up here, eh?
Anyways, just a chuckle for you today. :)
This one's for Karma--ROFL!
"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face."
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Poor sweet Karma!! Be careful about laughing at her ~ you know what they say about pay's a cat!

  2. Our power went out the other day too. Just for a few minutes... Long enough to shut off my TV and Kelly's PC, and make it so that I had to reset the Sky box (it has to be reset if the power doesn't go to it for more than 30 seconds).

    Silly Karma! I guess in her case the term, "scaredy cat," really does apply! ;)

  3. Oh she does look spooked. That's too funny - we're raising critters so accustomed to the white noise of technology it scares them when it goes away!

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Karma is too funny and bless her heart lol We sometimes get power outages here even if the sun is shining lol Hope you are doing well and having a good week :o)

  5. Donna--LOL! Yes--cats are always looking for some reason for payback. ;)

    Tori--It's so annoying to have to go around and reset everything. I'm glad it doesn't happen too often. Yes--Karma is a scaredy cat! ;)

  6. That's the part I would hate about blackouts....having to reset everything. Poor Karma. It's funny how our fur-kids adapt to routines and regular sounds just like we do.

    I need to do some catching up on your blog, Rita, but my neck is stiff and sore so I'll pop back later.

    Serena xo

  7. Poor Karma, just a little spooked.
    Hope you didn't get cold before the power came back on. The power was out here in the morning for just a few minutes.

  8. Tatty--I know! And the power had already been off for like 35 minutes! I wish I would have thought of the camera when it first went out--she was so funny! Twilight Zone for cats! :)

    Lynn--We do, too. Doesn't have to be a lightning storm, obviously.
    It's not too often that Karma doesn't lay down for over an hour--and it was nothing but silence--LOL!

    Serena--I was really surprised that the silence bothered her so much. She stared and stared up by the TV for like 20 minutes. (The computer hums.) And she was looking around like she could locate the hidden noise--ROFL!
    Take care of your neck!! ;)

    Barb--Even tho it was really cold outside it didn't get much colder in here in the hour. But you could feel it was beginning. ;) Sometimes you have to wonder if we just have so many people and those electric grids get overloaded?
    Stay warm! Give Nina a neck rub for me. ;)

  9. So Karma is afraid of the dark? or the sudden lack of noise?

  10. Poor Karma!

    I'm a little strange in that I enjoy it when the power goes out - as long as it isn't too long. It gives me an excuse to light my kerosine lamps and candles. I enjoy the peace and quiet. No power gives me an excuse to do absolutely nothing and sit and think, play cards, or read!

    Hope they get the problem figured out, though - too many times of no power without an explanation is never a good thing.

  11. Iggy--She was afraid of the silence. Almost like she was looking around for the noise--so funny! It was just too quiet for her, I guess. :)

    Deanna--I kind of like it, too. It wasn't quite dark enough for my oil lamp, but that is what I do, too--get out the oil lamp and candles. My oil lamp is bright enough to read or write by, so I am just fine. If it gets to be too long, tho, then you worry about food spoilage or the heat up here in the wintertime. But you keep adding layers of clothes--and we do have warm layers to put on living up here--LOL! It makes you think about what if it never came back on, tho. Our whole society would be royally screwed. ;)

  12. I was going to say the silence probably freaked her out... everythings always running... the lights buzzing, the refrigerator, etc etc then suddenly nothing. But then we lost our power twice last week and each time, there was a BOOM BOOM right before it went off. THAT is what freaked my dogs out! :(

  13. Nikki--Oh definitely, it was the silence that freaked her out. She was apparently searching for it. Very uncomfortable without the normal humming and buzzing of the frig and computers--hehe! So funny! I'm glad there wasn't but one medium-sized clunk noise when it went out, or she would have been even more jumpy--ROFL!! Miss Karma really likes her regular house noise, that's for sure. And I have no doubts that she can hear a lot more of the actual range of noise than my ears are capable of hearing, too. But I kind of found it refreshing, myself. :)

  14. Poor Karma. Just look at those wide open eyes and swishing, nervous tail.

    I'm glad the power wasn't out for very long. It gets cold without electricity when you don't have any other heat source. (yeah, i remember it well) The power flickered off just enough at work yesterday morning that it shut everything down. It might have been around the same time as your power went out (but an hour later for Eastern time) so that's kinda freaky. Feed mixers don't like it when the electricity goes out while it's mixing feed. My computer didn't like the sudden shut down either. :\

    Thanks for posting the Karma video. :)

  15. I'm glad it doesn't happen often too!

    And every time it happens, I thank whoever might be listening that our alarm clocks are battery powered! ;)

  16. AliceKay--And it had been over half an hour--hehe! Who knew silence could be so spooky--ROFL! We are all so dependent on electricity that it really does bring things to a standstill. Makes you think. :)

    Tori--Or last too long. Eventually pipes will freeze and burst up here, so we need that heat. People freeze, too. ;)

    My alarm clock is electric, but I have other clocks in the house that are strictly on batteries. I do have battery backup in a couple clocks (including my alarm clock, I think), but the batteries died long ago--hehe! I suppose I could check about fresh batteries in the alarm clock, at least. I so seldom have to be anywhere--LOL! ;)


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