Monday, March 21, 2011


This is what it has looked like outside here for days. Gray--with a mist of rain that would come and go...
...and has been steadily melting the snow. (What a mess!)
The big dirty snow pile that was taller than the garages is down to half the size.
Spring has been desperately trying to rear its head. But they say we have more cold and snow and ice on the way this week. Once we've had this much melting, tho, we know whatever is still in store can't last all that long. ;)
Still good soup weather. Made some more of the chickpea and spinach soup this weekend. Delish!
And I got my first birthday card early!
From Wales!!
From Tori, Kelly, Kero, and Gwydion (Mr. Weakers).
What a delightful surprise!! I send early too when I am sending internationally. You never really know how long it can take to get there. It arrived, Tori! Thanks so much for thinking of me!! :):)
I will end with sheer silliness. I had Leah pick me up a new shower curtain liner and finally got around to hooking it up yesterday. Karma was sleeping at the time, but later in the evening she sat in the bathroom and cried and yowled until I went in to see what was the matter. She wanted to get into the bathtub--something she normally has zero interest in. Apparently she could smell the new shower curtain or something? I pulled it back so she could jump in and check it out.
Well, she continued carrying on in there for the longest time! I thought she'd get bored, but she was jumping around and crying and yowling like a crazy person. I don't know if the fascination was because this one was clear or longer or made a noise? Or maybe she was just enjoying the echo of her own voice? The mysteries of the Karma mind. Of course, as soon as I got the camera and she could hear me creeping up in the hallway...silence. LOL!

And so the week begins!
Apparently I do not have a sound mind. ROFL!!! :):)
"The sound body is the product of the sound mind."
George Bernard Shaw


  1. It does look rather gloomy out that way. It was gloomy here today, too, and it rained for a long time this morning. Rain is better than what's forecast to hit us tomorrow night and Wednesday. :\

    Loved the video of Karma. She is such a silly cat. Boots and Abby used to get into our tub. Sometimes to lick whatever water drops might still be at the drain, and sometimes just to be nosey. I miss my cats. Thank you for sharing yours. :)

    (when is your birthday??)

  2. I hear you are getting more snow - soon. Maybe this will be the last one. (Nothing like wishful thinking.)

  3. My mind isn't sound either, then.

    Poor Karma. I hope the howling isn't still going on.

    Spring will come eventually. Keep telling yourself that. We've had 80's for two days and they are calling for freezing temps by the weekend.

  4. I'm glad the card came quickly. I was worried it might be late, because you never can tell if it will take just a few days or a couple of months for things to go from one country to another! Sorry it wasn't a beautiful hand made one like I got from you for my birthday though!

    Karma's so silly! Still, at least we can honestly say that Karma does NOT get bored! ;)

    Kelly says she looks like a really big kitty... Is she?

    Ah, so that's my problem... I don't have a sound mind, so I don't have a sound body! Well, that certainly explains a lot!

  5. I know I'm very strange but I LOVE gray drooping weather. It's like it shuts everything out and wraps me in a soft cloudy blanket. Strange, huh?

  6. AliceKay--Yup! We're having sleet & thunder and are expecting snow later, too. I know what you mean. Happy to share silly Karma with you. :) My birthday is March 28th and I'll be the big 6-0! ;)

    Barb--We've had snowstorms in April and May, so one in March is nothing unusual at all. It's just a messy one with the ice and sleet first--yuck! Dangerous driving!! :(

    Deanna--LOL! I think a lot of our minds must not be sound then--ROFL! Don't feel sorry for Karma, she was having a blast! Cat fun can be a little on the strange side. ;) To be honest, I don't think spring till May up here.

    Tori--I thought the card WAS beautiful! :):) I know what you mean--can take a week or so or a month or two. One never knows. ;) Yes, you can tell Kelly she is a big cat! She weighs about 20 pounds! Four walls and being mostly sedentary will do that to you--or make you want to climb the shower curtain liner--hehe!

    Donna--Sounds like you like gray days like I love winter and rain. Always seems calm and quiet--yes--like being wrapped in a soft cloudy blanket. Peaceful and contemplative. Ahhh! We are not the norm, I guess. ;)

  7. Dreary ol' winter still has its icey grip on us - but spring is coming - even if it takes 'til

    Karma is one goofy kat. :)

    And Happy Birthday Rita!!! May you have a great many more!

  8. Iggy--Spring's usually here by June--ROFL!! ;) My birthday isn't until Monday. (I think that's the 28th, right? My days and nights are goofy again and it was just Thursday twice for me--hehe!) But thanks so much! You are such a sweetie!! :):)


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