Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We had sun for days, but not today when I finally feel better and am awake, of course. Murphy's Law? LOL!
While I was sick Karma was soaking up the sun every morning. I put down her little box of toys and she spread them around on the floor and laid on them. (She's actually over there parked on top of them dozing as I am writing this.)
I've gotten several birthday cards and have been told there are a couple more coming late. I was shocked to get about a dozen birthday greetings from people on facebook, recognition on some blogs, some ecards, and phone calls (which I honestly loved getting even if I was sleeping and miserable). I tell you--I may have been sick as a dog (wonder why they say that?) but it was a really nice birthday, regardless, thanks to all the people who took the time to remember me. I was really touched!! Thanks to everybody!!! :):)
I received this book from John/Spruce in Nain/Canada. I don't think he had any idea it was my birthday, but that's when it arrived. No mention in his note, so I can hardly wait to tell him--hehe! Anyways, he had lent the book out and it had been gone so long he didn't think he'd ever get it back, so he ordered a new copy. Of course, then the old one was returned. Murphy's Law again? LOL! So, John decided to send his extra copy to me! Out of the clear blue sky! Looks like really interesting reading, too.
Thank you, John!
And--I actually won again at Heather's site!
Thanks you, Heather!
I could have chosen an 8 X 10 print, but I just really liked this photo of the blue heron standing in the water under that fall tree. So even tho it was a 5 X 7, I chose this one. :)
They have a gorgeous picture of an Appaloosa horse--which is what I almost chose.
Handmade jewelry, too. :)
Thanks you Chelsea at Appaloosa Designs!
Since I've been sick since Saturday and am just now feeling more functional I don't have a lot to report. Oh--Leah has also been sick with this at the same time as I have been. I know she missed work Monday and Tuesday. We postponed getting together until next Tuesday. Dagan dropped me off some milk and things after work. Even went down and got my mail for me yesterday. Stayed and talked to his sick old mom for a while and then went home to make dinner for Leah. Thanks, Dagan! I hope you are much better today, Leah.
While I was sick, Karma didn't miss catching her morning rays. I was in bed most of the first two days (we're talking 18-20 hours out of the day!) and was way too restless for Miss Karma to want to try to sleep with me on the twin bed, so Karma didn't have much company. Whenever I was up she was talking to me, purring & rubbing, and wanting to cuddle with me on my chair (where I also fell asleep regularly). You know how it goes.
This morning I decided to take a scissors to the bottom of the new shower curtain liner. It was almost 6 inches too long and just clear plastic. Easy as pie to cut down.
Well, Karma went nuts over that piece of the liner. Raced across it. Pounced on it. Laid on it. I decided to hang it over the door handle on the porch door. She attacked it and cried and carried on...until she heard me get the camera out, of course. Murphy's Law again?? ROFL!
I tried to take a video anyways. There's not much to see, but I had to show you this! I was holding the camera sideways thinking it would be able to show you better where the clear plastic was hanging from--taller view, right? Well, the video came out sideways! That just cracked me up! I have no clue how to fix something like that. Heck! I don't even know how to put a proper link in a blog, for goodness sake. But now I do know not to hold the camera sideways when I am making a video in the future--LOL!

Well, I have to go fold and hang clothes. Grateful I haven't had to iron for many years with all the fabrics we have nowadays. (You think about these things when you are 60--hehe!) Hope none of you come across this flu bug. If you do--run!!
Happy Wednesday! :):)
"Every exit is an entry somewhere else."
Tom Stoppard


Deanna said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I got hit with a similar blog a month or so ago and it was NOT fun!

I did the same thing with the video camera and never did figure out how to fix it. If you figure it out, please be sure to let me know...

You are one special lady to get so many birthday wishes and cards. Happy Belated Birthday from Missouri.

Aren't cats funny how they think everything was put on this earth to be their toy?

Congrats on your wins too. That book looks very interesting.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Happy belated birthday! I am so glad you liked your heron photo! She does beautiful work! :)

Feel better soon!!!

AliceKay said...

I was sorry to read that you were so sick on your birthday. You received a lot of nice cards. Friends are gifts. They lift you up when you're feeling blue (and sick). The bug is going around, so I'm hoping I don't get it. *knocks on wood*

That was nice of John to send you that book. I hope you enjoy reading it. The title looks interesting.

That was a beautiful photo of the blue heron. I can see why you would choose it. Congrats on the win.

I took a video sideways first helicopter video. I do believe Sir Iggy helped me "flip" it. :)

Cats can be stubborn sometimes. Karma is a hoot. LOL

Toriz said...

I'm glad you had such a good birthday - despite being sick for it - and that you are feeling better! Hope Leah gets to feeling better soon too!

Silly Karma! I just love the things that cat gets up to! She really does remind me of Megan!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

Glad you're feeling better! Karma is a hoot. I love her attitude.

Loved the video - even if it was sideways. I enjoy hearing your voice!

Have a great day!

Rita said...

Deanna--It wasn't a terrible flu. I've had much worse. But it made you soooo tired!!
I'll never figure out the sideways video thing. I just won't hold the camera sideways--ever again--LOL!

Heather--That is such a soothing picture to me. Thanks for hosting the etsy shop drawings! :)

AliceKay--I hope you don't get this either! You'll be asleep or like a zombie for days. If anybody could unflip a video it would be Sir Iggy! ;) I will just leave mine as a reminder to myself--LOL!!

Tori--I hope Leah is better, too. I haven't heard yet if she went back to work yesterday or not. I feel like I kind of misplaced four days--hehe! ;)

Rita said...

Donna--Sometimes Karma is too smart for her own good--as far as she pays attention to every little thing--hehe!

Glad you liked it, even if you had to tip your head. Ha! Even when it's my "critter voice"? ROFL! Dagan and Leah chuckle at how I talk to animals.

You have a great day, too, lady! :)

Intense Guy said...

I am glad you are feeling better!

Karma is a goofy kat! She really gives you a baleful look there when she eyes you while she is nibbling on her food.

In youtube - there is a "video editor." Log in and click on the menu bar where it says "Video Editor" (from right to left near the top - My Videos & Playlists, Favorites, My Channel, Video Editor)

Drag the video you want to rotate down into the place with the movie camera on the left.

Run your mouse over the thumbnail image and click the counterclock arrow - in the pop up it will show the movie and let you rotate left or right - then click Save.


Intense Guy said...

...and the pop up will close - back in the "Project" on the upper right there will be a "Publish" link - click on that and you should have a new video in a ... while.

Intense Guy said...

P.s., change the name of your video from "Project of ..." to whatever you want the new/edited video to be called.

Rita said...

Iggy--I think Karma may have naturally baleful eyes--hehe!

Oh my gosh! You assume I can follow techie directions--ROFL! I might be able to, but I am leaving this video as it is because it cracks me up. I am just going to pray I never forget and turn the camera sideways again--ever! LOL!

Does that video editor help you to cut and paste and FF and all of those things, too? I see what other people do with their videos and I haven't a clue how to do anything but point and shoot. Email me, okay?

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry you have been sick and I sure hope you are 100% better soon, its no fun being sick. Your birthday cards are very pretty. I absolutely love the picture you got that bird is just beautiful!!

Rita said...

Lynn--Thanks! I'm feeling okay, just tired. I do love the blue heron next to that orange tree. I hope I can find an old frame in my garage that I can use. Have a good weekend! :)