Monday, May 23, 2011


Just a couple of videos for you today. :)
This youtube site found me and subscribed to me on youtube. Whoohoo! It is all about Fargo-Moorhead! And they had this quick tour video I thought you might enjoy.

And then this site is my favorite place to go when I want to relax in nature. Great ten-minute meditations to calm your soul and lower your blood pressure. ;)

Have a really great week!! :):)
P.S. Looks like Blogger is acting up again. I hope these will work giant sized?
Don't know how to fix this.
Sorry. :(
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

Poor blogger I sure hope it doesnt die from being overloaded or something like that, I would be lost LOL The second video just makes me want to dive right in that water :o) Its HOT here! In the 90s...

Intense Guy said...

I loved that video of Fargo-Moorhead City!!

The theater showed up a number of times - as did the train station. The viking ship looks cool - have you seen it?

AliceKay said...

Your videos played just fine. Liked the widescreen. :)

That first video was really interesting. I noticed the Fargo Theatre sign right off the bat. :) Did you know I'm a water tower fanatic? I loved the shots of the Fargo and Moorhead water towers. :) Beautiful landmarks. Fargo/Moorhead looks like a great place to visit.

The second video could have been shot around here. The scenery looks so much like the creeks and streams we have around here.

Nice post. :)

Celticspirit said...

Great video. If you like meditations did you know you get can get aps for your phone? I've found lots of free meditation and relaxation ones. You do need headphones for most of them. One of them I paid for but it was not much. Check it out.

Cowgirl Red said...

Nice bids. Blogger has been so temperamental lately. Terah

Rita said...

Lynn--90s! My goodness! We're still cool and clammy here. I'd be really upset if we lost blogger, too!! I'd miss all my new blog friends terribly! I hope it is just glitchy for a while and things get straightened out. :)

Iggy--Yes! I've seen the Viking ship. They have a lot of interesting things over at the Hjemkomst Center. I used to go over there and meet with a group of older ladies who met to paint watercolors together in one of their community rooms and the big crafters expo every year is at Hjemkomst. Here's a video for you: (You'll see the Fargo Theater and the Main Street bridge Leah and I were standing on in this briefly, too.) Do you think people would like to see videos like this on my blog once in a while? I'm not the historian that you are. ;)

AliceKay--No, I didn't know you are a water tower fanatic. Cool! Well, they had them both in that one, yes! There's a cool old one on 94 between here and Minneapolis that I always noticed. It is the old style that reminds of of Tom Terrific (probably before your time but you can google him--hehe!) and it had a big old happy face on it. Always made me smile. :)

Barb--No headphones. Doesn't surprise me, tho. They have apps for everything, don't they!? I'll check it out. :)

Terah--Maybe Blogger has become overwhelmed? I wonder how many people use Blogger, anyways? Must be millions! It's a wonder these huge sites work at all, when you think about it. Boggles the mind! :)

AliceKay said...

I'll have to google Tom Terrific because I can't remember if I remember it. LOL

Yep, I love seeing water towers. On our trip to Texas in 2009, I took as many shots of water towers as I could get. On my trip to Alabama in 2005, I saw this really neat one along the highway in Mount Jackson, Virginia. It had apples painted on it. I posted a blog or two about it but that was several years ago.

Deanna said...

Blogger does seem to have a mind of its own these days. I will return later, Rita, to check out the links when I have time to truly enjoy them.

Hope you have a great day!

Toriz said...

I hope nothing happens to Blogger... I'd hate to lose my blog, and my bloggy friends!

I love watery sounds like in that second video... So peaceful! Reminds me of when I used to go and sit on a big rock near the top of a mini (and I really mean mini) waterfall in one part of the river near here. Same river I live by now, but a few miles from where I actually live. Anyway, there was an easy access point to it (well, easy if you had no issue with getting a bit wet and dirty while you climbed down to the bank of the river, and clambered over the other rocks) and I used to love sitting there to think. Also, on the big rock I would sit on it was nice and dry, so if I made sure to protect it for the short climb on to the rock I could take writing supplies and sit there and write. Haven't done that in years now though. Not since before I was married.

Rita said...

AliceKay--Tom Terrific is probably before your time. I think he had episodes on Captain Kangaroo? Strange character because he was a shapeshifter--not that they called him that. He could change himself into anything--even trains or critters--to be the hero.
Apples! That sounds really cute for a watertower painting. :)

Deanna--I hope you got a chance to peek at them. Hope you have a great day, too! :)

Tori--I'd really miss Blogger, too!! Can you imagine if we lost internet altogether! OMG! I'd miss it terribly to go back to the days before I joined the cyberworld. I guess I'd be writing a lot more letters again--LOL!

I thought you might like the 10 minute videos. Your spot sounds like a really special hideaway. When I was young I used to go down by the little man-made lake near us and sit and draw and write and read. Or climb this little hill next to our water tower. But the lake was the best--lots of water and bug and critter sounds. I was never far away from traffic, tho--unless I went late at night. Maybe why I have always loved being away from people in nature where nature is all you can hear. ;) Your special spot sounds lovely. Glad this reminded you of it. You can go there any time you listen to this video, eh? :):)

Sandra said...

Ugh! Hate hearing that Blogger is acting up again...those were the longest two days of my life!
It's funny how comforting it is knowing that you're only a few hours away from me, even though I've only ever been through Fargo twice.

Celticspirit said...

You can change the size of those videos by going into the html code that you used to put them on there. If you look at it carefully, you will see numbers and that is what you change. I usually change the numbers lower a little at a time until they are right. Russell figured this out for me awhile back.

Toriz said...

I completely agree! I mean, I can go days without even turning the laptop on, but, to lose it completely... *Shaking head*... I wouldn't like that! Well, I proved that by how I reacted when my laptop stopped working. I don't know if you caught my original post about that, but... Well, let's just say you wouldn't have wanted to be around at that point, since I took the news that I was minus internet access very badly (that was why Kelly agreed to install the demo for Jaws so I could share his computer... I think he wanted to survive or something... LOL!)

Yep, can go there any time I want with that video! :)

The spot isn't teribly far from traffic really, but being that close to the mini waterfall would dull the noise enough so I could tune it out. Also, the road nearest wasn't a particularly busy road, so there was only the odd vehicle to tune out. Closer were things like people with their dogs and children playing in the park. Still, waterfalls are pretty useful for helping to drown out unwanted noise.

Rita said...

Sandra--Blogger has been acting up for me for several days. I can't post on some blogs, couldn't open a couple, and it usually makes me click twice to post on the ones I can post on. :( Yup! You're not too far away. The great north, eh? ;)

Barb--I tried to go look, but hadn't a clue how to adjust the sizes. Maybe I'll try to go look again later. HTML gives me a headache--hehe! ;)

Tori--I did see your original post--hehe! You were pretty upset!
I love the sound of water, too. From babbling brooks to waterfalls to lake water lapping at the dock to pounding oceans. :):)

Toriz said...

"Pretty upset"... LOL! Yeah, you can say that again! ;)

The longest time I haven't lived near a natural water feature was the time I was in Canada in the middle of a city.