Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On these glorious perfect spring days (sunny, 60s to low 70s) Miss Karma and I have been spending time on the porch. Ahhhh!
Got to get while the gettin' is good, right?
I took out the camera and Karma starting stretching, and pawing, and showing off.
She's been loving this porch sprawling the last couple of days.
I got two packages in the mail today. One was the cheap tripod I bought thru Amazon (less than $20). Has a carrying pouch. (I saved the part of the box that has pictures until I am sure what I am doing.)
Here it is pulled out of the pouch on the table.
Just spread out the legs and viola! The table was so full of stuff...
...I set it on the floor for a better picture.
Anyways, this is the shortest version.
This is the next highest version.
And here is the tallest it will go. Karma was right there to check it out, of course. ;)
The legs telescope out really easily and you can clamp the clips anywhere along the line, I guess. So, I could use the short version right on the tabletop, I suppose, or the tallest version right next to the table. We'll see how the angles are and what works the best. I have to figure out how to get the camera on and off. I think it has quick release. Leah will be here tonight and she can probably figure it out faster than I can--hehe!
So, now I just need to get back on the stick and back to business with the birthday cards that have been sitting here waiting patiently for me this past week and a half. ;)
The other package was really heavy and I had no clue what John/Spruce would have sent me from Nain in Labrador?
A big rock! A couple smaller pieces broke off in transit, as you can see. I thought I could feel it was very old just by holding it before I read his note.
Here's the other side. You can almost sense the eons embedded in its memory. Hard to put into words.
There are rocks up in Nain that are 3,800 million years old...oldest known rocks in the world, I guess. I will never touch an older rock, I am sure! He wasn't sure if this was amphibolite gneiss (the really old rocks) or proterozoic anorthsite from the Middle Proterozoic period (1,000 million years ago) which are more common in Nain. I don't need to know. It is ancient earth.
Imagine how old this lichen might be?
I'll have to find a special spot for this to sit quietly. :)
Caroline was here this afternoon (she had a funeral yesterday for a co-worker) and it is Craft Night tonight. I haven't heard from Dagan or Leah yet today. I kind of assume Dagan may opt to golf tonight instead of paint--hehe! Leah wanted to work on cards and I have a few new phone questions for her. ;)
It's such a perfect day! All the windows are open and yet the wind is not much in my direction, so it shouldn't blow everything right off the table, I don't think--hehe! These days are my dream days...the ultimate favorites in the spring and fall. Of course, they are saying rain again by Friday, but we so seldom have had a stretch of good days that Miss Karma and I are both in seventh heaven!!
Hope everybody is having a good week. :):)
"Dive deeply into the miracle of life and let the tips of your wings be burnt by the flame, let you feet be lacerated by the thorns, let your heart be stirred by human emotion, and let your soul be lifted beyond the earth."
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Sounds like great weather up there Im so happy you get to enjoy it. Wow on the rock that is just awesome and so nice of your friend to send that what a great gift to have thanks for sharing it with us :o)

  2. I loved that quote today. :)

    Great shots of Miss Karma enjoying herself and the spring weather.

    My tripod is somewhat like that one. It has three telescoping legs. But it doesn't have a built-in handle like your looks like it has. (wow..what kind of grammar is that? lol) Have fun with it.

    We had rain on and off again today. From what the weatherman said on TV tonight, there was a small tornado that touched down northeast of Philadelphia. We only had rain and thunderstorms today. It's been kinda miserable around here since Sunday morning. Supposed to be a nice weekend, tho. I sure hope so.

    Have a great rest of your week. :)

  3. I hope the great weather continues for you and Karma. Loved the pics of Karma enjoying the porch.

    Have fun with the tripod. I want one of those smaller ones with bendable legs.

    WOW....that rock is such a special gift! How thoughtful of John to send it to you.

    Enjoy your craft night with Leah (& Dagan).

    Serena xo

  4. What a great spot to sit and enjoy the sunshine with a good friend!

  5. I like your little patio and the plant gives it just the right touch. Are you on an upper level in your apartment?

    I hope the tripod works for what you need it for. We have a couple of them and they sure do come in handy.

    The rock looks really neat. I'm sure you know that rocks have an energy go you feel anything when you touch it?

  6. Whoops, before you said it was a rock, I thought it was a pork chop. And I was wondering why ayone would send you a pork chop through the mail. Odd... very odd ideed...

  7. Lynn--This spring and fall type weather is the best--to me, anyways. Cool enough at night to have the windows open and snuggle in--warms up during the day but doesn't get hot--blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Ahhh! We have so few of these perfect days that I savor them. We have about 7 months of winter up here, ya know--ROFL!

    AliceKay--That's a real zest for life quote! Yes, my tripod has a built-in handle, too. I hope you get a nice weekend! :)

    Serena--The nice weather is supposed to last till Friday. We can hope--hehe! I have been using a small gorilla tripod all this time for my craft videos. I'll take a picture of it. :)

    Carol--Thanks! I get the morning sunshine on the porch because I face mostly east. I love to sit and read out there on nice days with Karma. :)

    Barb--Yes, I am up on third floor. So I don't have to worry and can even leave the porch door and screen door open all night after Leah helped me screen it in and Dagan helped me put down indoor/outdoor carpet (less bugs). It's actually just a regular enclosed balcony. :)
    Yes, the rock felt ancient to me as soon as I touched it. I'd say it feels very calm and yet expansive. :):)

    Nikki--Don't feel bad (pork chop) both Caroline and Leah thought it looked like some kind of poop patty when they first saw it--Tsk! Tsk! No matter how old you are you get no respect, eh? ROFL!! ;)

  8. Fantastic gift! Imagine all the things that have happened near that rock... So many years of history... If only rocks could talk!

    Sounds like beautiful weather... Don't blame you and Karma for making the most of it!

    Hope you managed to get some card making in with Leah last night, and managed to get your phone questions answered!

  9. Tori--Wouldn't that be interesting! (rocks talking) Leah made something. I ended up playing with my smart phone all night. LOL! ;)

  10. I need you to send me some of your sunshine!

    That rock is really cool. I'll bet it cost a fortune to send, though. And I'll bet you will love your new tri-pod. They are so versatile.

    Hope you are getting everything figured out on that smart phone. It is somewhat intimidating when the gadgets are smarter than we are!

  11. Hope you have fun with the Smart Phone. Russell had one before he got an IPhone. He does everything on it, even banking. I have an Ipod that he gave me which does everything the IPod does except make calls. We are always looking for new aps.

  12. That is a cool tripod!! I can see Karma checking it out 'cause she's thinking about charging you a modelin' fee - for all those photo shoots you do of her...


    That is a neat rock - I wonder what stories it could tell if it could only speak - but 3 millions years would be a lot of chit chat to put up with...

    Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan - just saying the name makes my tongue hurt - was a smart dude(tte).

  13. Deanna--Well, it left here Thursday night so I hope it went your way. ;)
    The Rock did cost Spruce over $15.00 just to send it to me!

    Barb--I only get the free apps. Dagan and Leah have never paid for an app, they told me. The minute I got games on it, it didn't feel like just a phone to me--hehe! ;)

    Iggy--Can you imagine what Karma would have made for modeling fees--ROFL!!!
    I think this rock is so old it is beyond words. :)
    I agree, I have no idea how to pronounce that name or whether it is male or female--but I loved the quote! ;)


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