Friday, September 09, 2011


A couple days ago I caught this plane landing in the pre-dawn.
A few minutes later the cloudless sky was turning clear blue.
I've been back in my morning routine of rotating between online stuff and the books, journaling, and letter writing. And now a couple of the audio talk series have started up again (they run 60-90 minutes) so mornings pass quickly and I am often still at it in the afternoon with my necessary breaks. (Nothing ruins your day faster than a screaming body--LOL!)
Wednesday afternoon Karma was lying about as I was journaling...
...when we heard a knock at the door.
Always startling because I normally have to buzz people in.
The black steel shelves arrived!!
(The other clear plastic set is due via UPS next Tuesday.)
These two boxes...
...were inside of this really big box...
...that Karma had to immediately check out.
So excited to see these!!
I know this bookcase shelf will have to be lowered when the extra shelves are sanded and arrive from Leah...
...but, of course, I couldn't resist removing all the paper from the sagging cardboard magazine holders and starting to sort!
Well, and I couldn't resist shoving Karma's cat bed inside of the really big box, either--LOL!
So, I puttered about with paper the past two afternoons.
Got this far.
Have this whole big stack of card stock to properly sort and match up all the colors for the last six shelves...
...while Karma sleeps in her new favorite spot.
Anything new, you know. ;)
My Dad is scheduled for his hip replacement surgery on Monday the 19th. :):)
I will probably take today off from sorting paper. This humidity makes my bones talk. Been wonderfully cool during the night (40-50s) and hot during the days (mid-80s). I absolutely can't resist having the windows open all night. Fall is my very, very favorite time of year. But this humidity sucks! For example, when I got up this morning a little after 7am (yes, I am on really normal morning hours--tada!) it was 54 degrees and 90% humidity. So, I hobble about--especially for those first few hours--but I am dang well not going to miss these awesome fall nights. Who knows how long they will last? Will we have a nice long fall as I am praying for? Or will we be shoveling snow in short order? With the crazy weather we've had this year all over the country--the world--I'm not taking any chances. ;)
So with the 40+ degree swings every day up here I am running the AC in the afternoons and snuggled under my quilt during the chilly nights--ROFL! This time of year if you leave the house you have to wear layers you can remove and reclaim as the day goes on. Feels like fall is here. Even if it is a little too hot during the day yet for our normal fall.
Prayers and good thoughts for everyone out east dealing with the current flooding and the aftermath of Irene. Hope it is a decent weekend for everybody. Sorry that some of us need some better days! I would be honored if I could ever be somebody's rainbow.....
"Any one of us can be a rainbow in somebody's clouds."
Maya Angelou


Intense Guy said...

You've been my rainbow a few times... probably more often than you realize.

I had a good chuckle at Karma the Komedian and "the box". Is the box a fort? a camper trailer? or a Saber Tooth Tiger cave in her mind?

...and did she ned a break from Karma TV? did the President's speech preempt her favorite show?

Beth said...

You are really going to town on your sorting and accomplishing a great deal. Good for you!
Best wishes for your dad for a speedy recovery from his hip replacement.
Cats seem to love boxes for some reason; Karma is really enjoying hers.
You do spread rainbow cheer Rita!

Rita said...

Iggy--Awww! That's so nice to hear! Glad to be any time I possibly can!! :):)
Saber Tooth Tiger!! I think that is what she'd like to believe, yes! A very, very lazy one. ;P

Beth--Thanks re:my dad's surgery. :)
You're pretty cheery yourself, as far as I have seen so far. ;) My DIL, Leah, and I are notorious organizers. A bit of OCD tendencies I think--LOL! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope all goes well with your dads surgery. Love the sunrise pictures so pretty and karma is just too dang funny crashed on her pillow in that box LOL

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Love Karma's new room!!! All it needs is a rug a couple of throw pillows and she could rent it out.

It was 53 degrees this morning - heavenly!! It's going back up into the 100's next week but at least we know there's hope!

Love the paper organization. I wish I could get my craft area organized. It's just a mess.

Rita said...

Lynn--Thanks! I knew the minute I stuck her bed in there she have to try it out--LOL! :)

Donna--Ha! LOL@Karma's new room!! :)
Yup! Chilly at night and hot during the day, but I am loving these cool nights, too.
Too bad we don't live close so I could come and help you. I love to organize. ;)

Toriz said...

Glad your shelves have started to arrive, and also that your Dad is having his hip surgery in a little over a week. He may be walking by Christmas after all! :)

Serena Lewis said...

It's like Karma's camping out in her own back yard...cute!

I wish your Dad well with his surgery....the 19th is my Dad's birthday so hopefully that's a good sign.

As you know, I also hate humidity. It makes life so uncomfortable, especially without air-con.

Have a lovely weekend,
Serena xo

P.S. - My thoughts and prayers also go out to the people affected by the aftermath of Irene.

Rita said...

Tori--Yes! Thanks! Wouldn't that be great if he was walking on his own by Christmas! :) Stay warm and dry with that storm coming!

Serena--I'll take that as a good sign and think of your dad, too, on that day. :)
I don't know how you can stand the humidity and heat with no AC, you poor thing! I do remember what it was like as a kid and, even then, I became almost nonfunctional. I hope you don't have a horribly sticky, hot summer coming.
Have a really nice weekend, lady!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful sunrise shots. Loved the one with the plane.

I'll check back when I have more time to actually read this blog, plus the previous one. I was just running down thru my blog list to touch base. Gotta get ready for work now and face the madness of it all.

Have a good Saturday!

Dee Ready said...

Rita, your comments on my blog postings seem always like rainbows in my day. Thank you. I was so sorry to hear the story you told in your comment about being left at home with your siblings and the neighbor's calling. How frightening for you.

It would seem that both of us are survivors.

I treasure the way you live your days with such grace. We've both been blessed by the love of felines. They help teach us, I believe, the grace that your life is such a witness to.


Rita said...

AliceKay--I'm surprised you could stop by at all when you're dealing with all the flooding! You're in my thoughts and prayers!! :)

Dee--Oh, how sweet! That is so nice to know!! We are truly survivors. ;)
I have to laugh. My mother wasn't in line when they were handing out empathy--LOL! When I was in counseling when I was in my early 30s the counselor gave me the assignment to go talk to my mother about that woman calling and how afraid I had been. I told her it was pointless, but I did my homework. Well, I'd barely recounted the events and hadn't even gotten to how I felt as a child when my mother poo-pooed it with a wave of her hand and the same words came out of her mouth a couple decades later...I told you no one was going to come and get you. Subject closed.
You have to laugh. My mom can't help it. Just the way she is. I was laughing as I recounted this to the counselor--but she was appalled. *giggles* The counselor had obviously led a sheltered life--LOL! There are so many worse things in this world. ;)
We do love our feline companions!! so glad to see a picture of you and yours.

Toriz said...

Will do my best to stay warm and dry. Hopefully we should miss out on most of the storm though, so that's a relief!

Anonymous said...

Karma cracks me up. Love the pic of her inside the box in her pet bed! Too cute!!!

Rita said...

Angela--Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Cheri said...

Love the playfulness that boxes provide for children and cats!

Rita said...

Cheri--A big box and a small kid provide hours of entertainment, too. Moreso than a lazy cat--LOL!

Furry Bottoms said...

You sure know how to keep Karma happy!!! :) I love her bed in the box!

Rita said...

Nikki--Doesn't take much with her--LOL! Just move things around or put down something new. ;)

AliceKay said...

I laughed when I saw the picture of Karma going inside that box, and then I cracked up when I saw her laying in there in her bed. I cracked up even more when I read Iggy's comment. Camping trailer? LMAO

Good luck getting your new shelving and everything else organized. The new black steel shelving already looks great with the papers in there.

I hope your dad's surgery goes well, and he heals quickly.

We're having temperature swings, too. The furnace is running in the morning and the a/c is running in the afternoon.

You're a rainbow to a lot of people and you don't even realize it. :) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Much appreciated. *hugs*

Rita said...

AliceKay--Iggy's suggestions had me chuckling out loud over here, too! :)

Yup! Furnace at night and AC during the day kind of days. (Altho, I don't turn on the heat because I don't shut the bedroom window until it gets in the 20s at night--LOL!)

I'm glad you guys are okay. I'm sure the clean up is a royal pain, but at least you're all okay. :)