Thursday, September 22, 2011


Had some dark cloudy days.
Rained a little, too.
Been in the 30s at night and 50s during the day. The fern and philodendron were not looking very happy in the chilly wind, so I took them inside. At first I had the fern on the low table from the porch, but Karma immediately started chewing on it. So, I put it on a higher folding table...
...which Karma apparently took as a challenge. Every time I turned my back she was nibbling on the ends of the fronds!
The philodendron is so long the only hook I could find to hang it was in the bedroom in front of the window...and draped the longest tendrils on top of Karma's stroller.
Both plants look much happier...but now I will feel guilty if I have the bedroom window open and it's too cold for the bottom half of the philodendron--LOL! I kept the window shut last night. ;)
Yesterday I discovered a package in the mail from Iggy!!!
A "Beach Wisdom" 2012 calendar. :)
How exotic to the land-locked!! This is a sample page...with such "Beach Wisdom" as "don't fall for the trappings, if you try you can fly, you're going to swallow a little salt water along the way", and "life--don't over-think it". Love these loose watercolor and ink sketches!
Thanks so very much, Iggy!! What a delightful surprise! You made my day. :):)
I was really annoyed yesterday to read an interview with Susan Lucci (Erica from All My Children) where she said the finale was going to have a couple of big cliffhangers!! After they promised to wrap up the story lines?! Why? Well, Susan said that they will be continuing the show I googled.
Looks like One Life To Live is going to be moved online, too. Apparently Susan turned the web company down, and I'm sure they'll lose even more of the main characters on both shows. So...apparently the end is not on Friday as we were told...and a morphed version of AMC will return in three months on a computer near you. Weird. But I was baffled as to how they were going to wrap up things in just a couple days. Now I know. They're not going to. I'm not sure what I think about that. Haven't even watched yesterday's show yet. Wasn't in any hurry to see how they wrap things up when now I know they are just going to leave me hanging.
Anyways, Leah dropped the sewing machine off on Monday. It may take him a week to even get near it, but I will eventually have my machine back in good working order. :) Leah has a couple of projects lined up, too. But...have to finish organizing and we have to make our Christmas cards first...looks like maybe a bit of sewing ahead this coming winter? ;)
I watched Everything Must Go last night. Will Ferrell played a serious, understated role in this movie that was not like his usual juvenile roles...and was the only reason I ordered it. I generally don't care for his pubescent all. But I was pleasantly surprised by Stranger Than Fiction a few years back, so I thought I'd take a chance on this one. Was pretty good. But if you are expecting his usual silliness, pass on this one.
Karma thought I was just writing at the craft table...
The fern will lose it's "newness appeal" inside, as it did when it was first outside. Will just take a few days.
Well, by this weekend we might hit least we'll be in the 60s, they predict, with no rain. 40s at night. I just might have to find someplace else to hang the philodendron at night--hehe! ;)
Have a great weekend!!
"The burden which is well borne becomes light."


Deanna said...

Karma is definitely a little stinker!

Love the beach calendar! Won't it be fun to look at as the cold of winter sets in!

Our weather has been crazy in Missouri. We have been having end of fall like temps throughout September. October will problem bring us a return of summer... or early winter. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Have a wonderful weekend, Rita.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I'm with you on the Will Farrell thing. I liked Stranger than Fiction, but the other stuff is not my cup of tea.

Karma and Buddy, my golden, have a bit in common. They like to prune the plants.

Sounds like we're having similar weather over here.

BTW: my oldest son lives in Fargo.

Beth said...

Your plants look very healthy. I don't do well with potted plans for some reason.

I have never watched One Life to Live but I confess to being hopelessly hooked on Y&R,

I hope you have a great evening.

DJan said...

I just returned from a very wet hike in the rain, plus a little excitement. We discovered an old abandoned gold mine. No, I didn't find any. Karma is going to get into the ferns and philodendrons, but I think the philo is not good for her, am I right? Hugs and you have a good weekend TOO!

Furry Bottoms said...

You and Karma have an excellent weekend!!!

Rita said...

Deanna--Yes! Beach scenes will be nice when the world turns white up here--LOL!
I know--we already had freezing temps in September. Crazy weather. Time will tell what kind of fall and winter it will bring. Have a super weekend! :)

Teresa--Seems like maybe he has the potential to get past the dumb, silly stuff--kind of like Adam Sandler and Jim Carey can do on occasion.
Plant pruners--that's what they are--hehe!
You have a son who lives up here! Cool! I'm from Minneapolis--grew up in Fridley. Lived in Wisconsin for seven years. Moved to Moorhead in 1999 and then Fargo in 2005, but I am a Minnesotan born and bred. ;)

Beth--I'm kind of hit and miss with potted plants. I can occasionally keep one alive for several years, put it that way. That's why I have been pleased I didn't kill these off yet--LOL! ;)
I wonder how long the other soaps will remain? They've been leaving one by one. Not many left. I hope yours sticks around. :)

Djan--I had to go over and see your abandoned gold mine. Nice to have a little excitement on a rainy day! I had looked up toxic plants for pets and both the fern and the philodendron are supposed to be toxic. *sigh* She chomped on the fern before when it was first outside and never seems to have a reaction--and yet she barfs up those Japanese beetles that look like lady bugs. Never stops her from eating them, tho. She doesn't put two and two together--LOL! She's already losing interest. If I pretend not to notice and she doesn't get chased away...well, the thrill is gone, you know? ;)

Nikki--Planning on it. And you have an excellent weekend, too!! :):)

AliceKay said...

What a special surprise! That is one cute calendar. Iggy is one of the greatest friends ever. :)

I had read where "One Life To Live" was going to go online after awhile, but the actors and actresses weren't even informed until after some of the big named stars had left the show. Not sure how things will go if I have to watch it online. I guess time will tell.

It's been a bit warmer here the past couple of days, which is much better than the 40 degree mornings and 60 degree afternoons we were having. Still no heat in the office, and there won't be for a long time yet. I'm hoping for a lot of nice warm days yet this fall.

Karma is too cute. :)

I've been watching a lot more TV this week, with all of the season openers airing. Been watching Grey's Anatomy as I was reading this. :)

carol l mckenna said...

Awesome photos! Love the 'kitty ones' also ~ enjoy the day ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Like you, I need to bring some plants in from the patio. One of the cats with whom I live, Maggie (a long haired calico), also loves to chew leaves. I simply can't get her to stop. She sneaks into my office in the dark of night and chews away.

Rita, I want to thank you especially for your recent comment on my posting about Meniere's. I found your story about the little two-year-old child to be heart-rending. Unless those seizures ceased, I cannot imagine how she could have lived like that. I so wish you did know what happened to her. Such innocence. I got tears in my eyes when I read your last sentence about her smiling at you.

Toriz said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'd feel bad if the window being open could possibly make the plant cold too! ;)

That sounds like a great present... Iggy always sends such wonderful things! :)

Hey, at least you're another step closer to getting the machine sorted. And it sounds like by the time you're ready for it you'll have it back and sorted anyway.

Glad you enjoyed the movie.

Silly Karma... Ferns aren't kitty food. LOL!

Hope you have a great weekend too.

Cindy Lane said...

10 points for Karma's Stickability! If only I could stay as focused and on task with some of my jobs!

Ha! You made me laugh with your plant guilt! I suffer form it with my son's bonsai. Too much son is bad for the moss "lawn", not enough is bad for the pine tree. What to do??? Solution, I move it around through the day so the bottom bit stays in the shade. OCD or what!

Desiree said...

Karma is too gorgeous...what a joy to have her in your life! We are so spoilt here. I never have to bring plants indoors.

I read the comment you left on Dee's blog about the two year old with daily seizures. How incredibly sad and how distressing for her and her parents!

Rita said...

AliceKay--Yes, Iggy is a great friend and this will be especially nice to gaze at in the dead of winter. ;)
I'm not sure if I will watch online, either. So many of the old cast will be gone. Maybe all the raising from the dead AMC has been doing will mean they will have some past characters continue online? I'll peek, I guess. Not expecting much.
I've been watching more TV, too, with the new season and new shows. Good way for me to leave my knee alone--LOL!
A little bit warmer here, too. :)

Carol--Thanks, lady! :)

Dee--Ha! You have a plant nibbler, too! LOL! :)
I know, I thought of that sweet little being trapped in that body with the never ending you were trapped by yours for those 16 months. I'm so glad life got better for you!! :):)

Tori--Ha! You'd feel badly, too, chilling the poor plant. ;) It's a really cute little calendar, Tori. Both you and Iggy have surprised me with special gifts!! :):) So glad you got your place and will be moving soon! What a happy October!!

Cindy--LOL! And I think dogs have even MORE intense patience and focus! ;)
You made me giggle with your son's bonsai because that sounds like something I might do! I am very aware of sharing my space with living things--and the poor plants are trapped and immobile without us to help them out, you know? I can totally relate to your bonsai sun shifting--LOL! ;)

Desiree--I can't imagine having weather all the year round where your plants would be okay outside. I know I would desperately miss seeing my breath freeze in the air and the diamond glitter of fresh snow. The crisp shifting in the fall with the gorgeous tree display and that anticipation of melting spring and new life. I feel pretty lucky, myself. ;)
I had forgotten all about that gentle soul living in the prison of her body. Made me wonder what happened to her. She had amazing parents who loved her dearly. So, no matter what, she had great love in her life. :):)

Carol C said...

Wow! It sure has gotten cooler, although it may have started back to the 70s by now. That Karma sure knows how to enjoy life....although I think I could leave the fern alone....Hope you're having a great Friday and have an even better weekend.

Rita said...

Carol--Yes, I think it got up to 70 or close to it today. Sadly, I am making my way around the clock again and slept through most of the day. Hope you have a super weekend, too!! :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you've had so many nice gifts lately!

Yes, October will be a great month! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Naughty Karma...well, maybe not, just playful and inquisitive although the plants would disagree. lol

I had to cut back my tall African Milk Tree (Euphorbia) last year when the top of it started to bend when it reached the roof of the pergola. It worked out well because the trim encouraged new growth shoots from the main spine....something it desperately needed.

Cool calendar!

Rita said...

Tori--I have been blessed, that's for sure. From you, too!! ;)
October will be big changes for you guys! :):)

Serena--My plants would probably rather have a few Karma nibbles for attention rather then my overwatering--LOL!
I think I remember pictures of that plant hitting the roof--LOL! Glad it is dong well after the pruning.
I've left the philodendron alone because ever since I got it the plan was to repot it--and you know how hard it is to untangle the tendrils if you have wound them around and around. Between me overwatering and the cold it has lost a lot of leaves. I hope it will be okay when we transplant it. ;)

Intense Guy said...

What would be neat would be to write down your daily activities plans in the calendar with that special ink you can't see... :)

You are quite welcome, dear friend.

Karma thinks she is a gardener huh? Keeping the plants trimmed... no self-respecting Sabre Tooth Tiger would eat a "fern"... not even for "garnish". :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Thank you so much for commenting on my Saturday posting about life being restored to me after the Meniere's operation. And yes, "This, too, shall pass" is like "And all shall be well."

I am so grateful for having that mantra. I still use it each day as I ask for peace in my mind when the world and life overwhelms me.

Thank you for reading my blog and for so faithfully commenting. I always look forward to your response.


Anonymous said...

That Karma cracks me up!!

Deb Shucka said...

What a hoot Karma is! Very persistent. Great pictures.

giddy up said...

Hi Rita... Love your sky pictures, I love it when our skies look like that (I take lots of pictures of it too) Our weather in Idaho is changing like yours... enjoying the last few "hot" days. Your plants are beautiful too! Have a beautiful day!

Queenie Jeannie said...

After the heat and humidity of summer, I look forward to cooler temps and perhaps a bit of rain too! Any plans on what you'll do with your Christmas cards?? I only have ONE done so far and I'm sooo behind on everything!!! LOVE the calendar Iggy sent you - he's so awesome!!

You saw post #1 but not #2 & #3! I took some special pics just for YOU, lol!! Hugs!

Intense Guy said...

Are you okay?

Rita said...

Iggy--Invisible ink on the calendar--then no one can see what I didn't get done--LOL!
ROFL@no self-respecting Sabre Tooth Tiger would eat a "fern"... not even for "garnish". I'll have to tell her that!! LOLOL! ;)

Dee--You're so welcome! I hope you are having a super week! :):)

Angela--Karma's a silly cat alright! :)

Deb--She makes me laugh every day! :)

Rita said...

Karen--You probably get some great sky pics in Idaho! Yup, the seasons are changing. Have to appreciate the moderate weather while it lasts. ;)
Hope you have a great week! :)

Jeannie--Oh, I am behind on blogs. I just get all off when my hours go crazy. Just haven't been feeling the best. I'm going to try to catch up on blogs during the night here. Some pics just for me!? Talk about motivation!! :):)
No Leah and I haven't decided on anything at all yet for Christmas cards. The year is slipping by! I have all the organizing to do first and my knee has been annoying. We'll have to decide on something by Halloween, I hope. That the goal because we always want to be done with all the cards before December if humanly possible. ;) Good luck with yours, too. And post pics please. :):)

Iggy--I'm alright. Just feeling on the crummy side from the flipped hours. Thanks, sweetie! Don't worry, I'm doing okay. :):)

Parsley said...

Watch out Karma! That's some big 'cat nip'. hehe

Love your giftie. So sweet that we've all made friends in blogland.

Rita said...

Parsley--LOL@big catnip! :)
Yes! I've met so many wonderful people online. Funny that I was so scared of the computer when I first got one in 1999 and only used it for college until 2005. Who knew!? Like a whole new world opened up! :):)

Possum said...

I LOVE the colouring of Karma's coat!!
I need to not overthink things as well sometimes :)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Karma!!! She's precious ~ even if she is a stinker ;-)

I so wish we were having chilly temperatures - it was 101 over the weekend and 99 or 100 everyday since then. I'm really wanting to go to Roundtop this weekend but I know I can't take the heat - so I've got my fingers crossed. Send a little of that cool down here if you can!!

Rita said...

Donna--I must have sent the cooler air down to you because today (Weds) I had to put on the AC and it's close to 90 degrees! What happened? Maybe you sent the heat up here--LOL! ;)

Rita said...

Possum--LOL! Yup! Don't over think it! Good advice for me, too. ;)
Karma is a dilute calico, so all her colors are kind of dusty looking. I'd never seen one before her. The calicos I always saw and had were bright, deeper colors. I think she's pretty, though. Thanks! ;)