Sunday, September 04, 2011


Yesterday's dawn. Was a cloudy day with a little rain. May have been more than I know since I slept a lot.
I was sooo tired (chronic fatigue is a b*tch) that I fell asleep in my chair for three hours in the afternoon. I thought for sure this would goof up my hours, but I was still back in bed and slept the same hours I have for the past three nights now--7:30pm till 2:30am. Maybe today I won't be such a zombie? LOL!
Was a quiet day. Karma was feeling lazy, too, and used her paw with her treat egg while laying down instead of walking it all over with her forehead.
She was sawing logs on the dark day, too.
I was excited to see that my Ink Drop came before the long weekend! This is the one year anniversary of The Goulet Pen Company's Ink Drop, so they added a surprise in the package this month! A little Clairfontaine notebook--whoohoo! You know I am a new fan and how much I appreciate this french paper with fountain pens. Also a new fan of Exacompta (my new journal--also french paper) and I want to try Rhodia paper because I've heard how nice that also is with fountain pens. Happiness is good paper--LOL!
What a wonderful treat! And I only have one of these sample inks, so I have four more to try. Well, more than four--have several sample vials from the past couple months. Only have so many pens--LOL!
I'm not sure if you have heard of Story Corps or seen any of their animated videos, but I just love them!! The newest one is Miss Devine.
My favorite one so far is Danny and Annie.

They also have a lot of audio interviews. I haven't heard them all, but I am fascinated by people's stories in their own words. They are in the process of trying to do an interview on every one of the people who died in 9-11. Gotta love public radio! (And, of course, public TV--which is where I first saw Dannie and Annie!)
I've seen a few memorable ones in the past week or so. First of all I watched a documentary that Caroline told me she couldn't believe was real on Instant Netflix called The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Not realizing that this was the documentary sequel to White Lightnin', which was also on the Instant Netflix list--so I had to watch that one, too.
They made the movie White Lightnin' based on Jesco White's traumatic life--with actors--won awards. Then for The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia a documentary film crew spent a year with the actual White family and you get to meet the real Jesco White and his kin. It is an entire clan lifestyle where they are up against it from birth. Hard to describe. So sad. You have to see it to believe it. Broke my heart.
Another one I really liked that I rented from Netflix was called Goodnight, Mister Tom. A touching movie, without being overly sentimental, about a young boy evacuated from London to the country in WWI where he stayed with Mister Tom.
Snow Cake with Signorney Weaver and Alan Rickman is another one of those movies I can't believe I never heard anything about. I do so love these smaller independent films. Unique, unexpected, slowly unfolding, memorable performances.
The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn was really good, too. Not as black and white as the trailer and description. Had more levels to it and left you wondering until the end.
Two Weeks with Sally Field is the most realistic movie I've ever seen about a mother dying without becoming maudlin or trite or even overly depressing--and will probably often make you laugh, odd as that sounds. Probably because it was written by someone who had lived through the experience. Another movie I hadn't heard about. (I love cruising the Netflix lists--LOL!)
The movie Yesterday is a movie that has left me thinking about unconditional love and forgiveness long after I watched it. Profound.
To round off my eclectic list, I started watching Dexter (Season 5-the first DVD arrived) and have been watching (instant) episodes of Ancient Aliens. Both fascinating for completely different reason--LOLOL!
I never like to tell too much if people want to see them, but you can check the links for more information and some of them have trailers you can watch.
There. I am caught up on the movies I wanted to mention. :)
[Note: I have no idea why all the links in this post turned out two different colors?]
Today is supposed to be a sunny day in the mid 60s! Despite the 83% humidity, I've had the bedroom window and the porch door open and will just put up with the dampness and feeling more stiff and achy. Just too dang nice to have it cool out!!!
Happy, happy Sunday! :):)
"Most of us look at our ideals, say how far we are from them, and get depressed. But it is heroic simply to say, 'Here are my ideals,' state them before the world, and then spend the rest of your life trying to live up to them."
Keshaven Nair


Dee Ready said...

Rita, thank you heaps and mounds and mountains for these movie suggestions and for introducing me to the audio and video recordings. Both of the ones you had here were touching. One so funny; one so sad, but overflowing with unconditional love. I hope to watch more of these and also to view several of the movies.

And thank you too for commenting on my Saturday blog posting. I always appreciate and learn from your point of view.

The three cats with whom I live send a big Meow to Karma!


DJan said...

It simply amazes me that I haven't seen ANY of these movies, and so many of them sound great! Thanks for the tips, Rita, I'll certainly watch at least a few of them.

Rita said...

Dee-- So often the movies aren't really worth mentioning, but this last week and more I have really been lucky to see some good ones. ;) I love StoryCorps, too! They're wonderful. If you have an ipod you can get them to listen to, I guess, too. :)

Djan--Since I am not as busy as you are, I have more time to snoop around on Netflix--LOL!! Glad to be able to do that for you, my hiking swimming friend! But I don't know when you can find the time to watch movies!! ;)

AliceKay said...

I've never heard of Story Corps, so I watched both videos. The story of Danny and Annie brought tears to my eyes. So moving. To have that kind of love is something pretty special.

I've never seen any of those movies you mentioned, and I never got into "Dexter", although we used to get that channel. I'll have to stop back when I have more time and check out some of the trailers. :)

It's very warm and humid here today, and they're still predicting possible severe thunderstorms later on. I'm taking my mother over to Bonanza for dinner around 12:30. I hope the storms wait until we get back. Mom doesn't like the place very much but said she could find something she liked to eat. LOL

Have a good Sunday and enjoy your new inks. :)

Beth said...

Very nice post!! I have a sister that lives in WV so I definitely will check out that link!!

Gorgeous cat!!


Desiree said...

I have never heard of story corps either but omg dannie and annie defiantly made me cry! a good cry though! beautiful

I saw the movie about the White on the netflix but have not watched, really did not think it would interest me but I may try it now.

I have been watching Ancient Aliens and enjoyed it so far. I will have to look up the other ones you mentioned and check them out. :)

carol l mckenna said...

Love your photos! And the ink pens and paper sound very interesting ~ thanks ~ Have to check them out!

Incidentally ~ movie I mentioned on today's post should be entitled August Rush ~ (trying to do too much yesterday and day before) hugs and namaste, enjoy the day ~ ^_^

Rita said...

AliceKay--I know! They were just so sweet and so in love to the end. Made me tear up, too. :)
It's been cool and humid up here. I am loving it! Hope you and your mom had a good time. :)

Beth--Greetings! So nice to meet you!
The Whites live in Boone County. A wild, bad-news bunch, that's for sure. Openly drink and do drugs all the time--even while pregnant, it seems. So sad! I wonder if your sister's heard of them--especially after the movie and documentary? :)

Desi--There's another animated StoryCorps with a mother of an autistic boy that is really sweet, you might like. You should check them out. :)
Jesco White's movie is so sad and wild that you almost wonder how anybody could have lived like that and through all of that--until you see the documentary and the entire clan is revealed. How any child would have a chance being born into that, I don't know. They just have no hope that things will ever be better, I guess. Kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion. So very sad. I felt so bad for the kids!
Ancient Aliens is pretty darn interesting! Glad you are enjoying it, too. Gives you a lot to think about, anyways.
Have a good holiday! :)

Beth said...

Rita, thank you so much for joining my follower's list. I can't find your friend's list so I can join it.


Cindy Lane said...

Oh, gotta love any kind of ink based treat! You lucky gal!

And thanks for the heads up on the movie "SNOW CAKE" - 2 of my most fave actors in it and I didn't even know! WIll have to track it down.

Give Karma a tickle under the chin from me...

Rita said...

Beth--Goes to show you that I haven't done anything with my blog in a long, long time. I always go up at the top and click "follow"--but now I have done some rearranging on the side there. Should have a long time ago, I suppose. Proves I don't know a lot about the actual blog other than writing posts--LOL! I just learned how to add links not so long ago. ;)

Cindy--I do so love being a member of Ink Drop! :)
I know! When I saw who was in this I had to watch it!
Under the chin is Karma's favorite scratch spot! ;)

Kat Sloma said...

Love the movie list! After two years away, I have no idea where to start. That is a gorgeous sky you captured, thanks so much for sharing it with us today!!

carol l mckenna said...

Me again! LOL ~ Awesome photos! ~thanks for sharing ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor) linked with Creative Everyday ~

Deb Shucka said...

Hi Rita! Thank you so much for visiting me at Catbird Scout. I'm so happy to find your blog (love your cat!), and will be back for more.

Parsley said...

Sweet Karma! Love that cat!

I hope your Labor Day weekend is a creative one.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Dannie & Annie ALWAYS makes me cry...but in a good way! Such love and devotion!

I just love your cat - she's got good "karma", lol!

I hope you have a great, sleep-at-night, week!

Toriz said...

I did a lot of catching up on sleep this weekend too.. Really needed to! I slept more than doing anything else this weekend... Made a nice change, lol!

LOL @ Karma... Well, even she can have a really lazy day too! ;)

All this new stuff... Well, you definately wont be bored through the Winter! ;)

I love Goodnight Mr Tom! I have the audiobook, and I'm sure I have the DVD of the movie too!

Sounds like you've seen some pretty good movies lately.

Deanna said...

Chronic fatigue is definitely a Capital B. Hope you are feeling better again soon.

I am going to have to check out some of those movies. Now that the new TV lineup is coming out for the Fall, I guess I won't be watching quite as many movies.

I may be contacting you for recommendations on the best pen and paper to get for a beginner Caligrapher. I'm thinking about taking a short class at our local career center.

Take care.


Rita said...

Had responded to all of these and then lost them all--sigh. Going to try again.

Carol--Missed your first post. August Rush--don't feel badly. I am notorious for forgetting names and titles, etc. ;)
Hope you're having a good week! :)

Kat--Thanks so much! Hope you're having fun reacquainting yourself with the crazy old USA! :)

Deb--Thanks for stopping by! I'd be happy to see you any time and have you on my blogger map now, too! :)

Parsley--No, not too creative a weekend--LOL! Laundry and cleaning. Maybe yours was more creative than mine--hope so! :)

Jeannie--That one always makes me cry, too. It is heartwarming and funny at the same time, too. :)
LOL@Karma having good karma!
I have been sleeping basically at night--and loving it! Thanks! :)

Tori--Glad to hear you have caught up on some sleep, too!
I did have quite a run of movies that effected me in one way or another. :)
Thanks for all the goodies! I have even more to keep me busy. I am never bored, I must say!! ;)

Deanna--CF is definitely a Capitol B sometimes. Just another one of those unwanted bonuses from fibromyalgia--LOL!
Yes, the new TV season is right around the corner. I have favorite TV shows I record, too. Being home almost 24/7 the past six years, I have seen more TV and movies than I did the whole rest of my life, I think--ROFL!!
The calligraphy teacher might ask you to buy a certain paper. Mine had a favorite one for students that was cheaper...I think we just got it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's. If the teacher doesn't give you a required list, let me know. I hope you have a lot of fun. Don't take it too seriously, even if you get a teacher who does--LOL! :):)

Intense Guy said...

...I think I saw a movie this weekend. I don't remember the title.. or what happened in it. I do remember enjoying it....

*Looks blankly*

Hmmm.... oh well.. I'll remember eventually...

Have you ever watched "The Last of the Summer Wine" on PBS?

Rita said...

Iggy--If you remember it let me know. ;) If I don't write down the titles I forget. I'm more likely to be able to tell you what it was about. Same for books. Oh well. At least I don't have to worry about that going when I get Alzheimer's--LOL!

Yes! I saw "The Last of The Summer Wine" and got a kick out of it. Was pretty cute! :) You can tell that we both watch quite a bit of PBS, eh? LOL!

Teresa Evangeline said...

My gosh, girl, you have all sorts of fun stuff going on over here. I love Danny and Annie and Miss Devine. Funny stuff and a great story.

I will be back. Often.

Rita said...

Teresa--I am so glad you stopped by and that your blog was recommended to me! I will be back to yours and hope to see you again soon. :) :)

Donna said...

A friend sent me your blog for inspiration. I'm learning about art journals. I watched these two videos and boo-hooed... so so sad. What a wonderful thing to see true love during these times of drive up weddings and divorce court. Love love love your blog and your kitties.


Rita said...

Donna--I am so glad you stopped by!! I love Story Corps! Thank whoever sent you. I checked out your blog and am now a follower. Hope you stop by again. Have a great week! :):)