Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Chilly rainy day. Kind of expected it from these clouds rolling in yesterday.
Today there is no blue sky showing at all.
Karma caught a few rays yesterday, tho.
I got a bigger vase and added the flowers from Ruby to my dried flower arrangement on the top of the desk hutch.
Haven't done much. The knee has been touchy as hell, to be honest. I think it's better, do something (like wash clothes), and I'm hobbling about again. How can you twist your knee that badly and not even know you did it? Getting old? OA getting worse? Who knows? But the knee is on the better side again now today. ;)
Speaking of joints...my dad had his hip replacement surgery yesterday and all went well! TaDa!! He'll be in the hospital for a few days and then go to rehab. They were going to get him up to walk already last night! Glad to hear all went well. :)
Dagan and Leah cancelled this week. Getting to be that time of year when they are so busy getting ready for ValleyCon (always close to Halloween). So we're planning on next week to re-pot plants and such.
Speaking of, I did google how to dry herbs and found a few ways to do it. My herbs are looking pretty good. Only a couple of them have lost some bottom leaves after their chilling ordeal. ;)
Caroline will be here this afternoon to clean. She is always a bright addition to the day.
The movies I saw--the new Jane Eyre and Meek's Cutoff. Well, Jane Eyre was rushed and crammed to get the whole story into one movie--kind of jumbled with flashbacks and compacted information. Personally, I much preferred the miniseries that was on PBS. Not that this one wasn't done well, I guess...kind of darker and more gothic. But I would say watch the miniseries instead.
Meek's Cutoff was the best movie I have ever seen about pioneers crossing the west if you wanted to feel like you were really right there with them. The silence, the dark nights, the total unknown, the men making the random decisions, the hot layers of clothing they wore, the not knowing what a native is saying or who to trust...probably the most realistic portrayal I've ever seen. BUT...
Spoiler Alert: I don't usually like to give things away, but there is literally no ending. They leave you hanging. You don't know what ever happened to them or who they should have been trusting. Left you with this unsettling feeling...that they must have traveled with every single day. I still really liked the movie because I am fascinated by that time period and those people who were brave enough to pick up and travel into the unknown. This group of three families--well, the three men--decided to trust this guy Meek and to leave the wagon train so that Meek could take them a shorter way. Every decision you make on a journey like that can mean life or death. This way or that way. How much water to carry. What to discard off the wagon. Who do you listen to. You felt like you were traveling right there with them. But then, right in the middle of the story, you were plucked right back into your living room. Odd movie.
Well, geese are honking. I can hear the vacuum going out in the hallway and a door slam shut. Wet tires in the parking lot. The light rain may have stopped again. Time to gather up all the trash and pick up Karma's toys. Haven't even gotten dressed yet. Come on, knee. Time to move it-move it-move it! ;)
"It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen."
Frances Burnett


Furry Bottoms said...

Don't push it with that knee! Maybe you need a few days of it feeling fine before you go around too much. I wouldn't want you to make it worse!

The movie Jane Eyre... I thought it was SO LONG... I wasn't wild about that version myself.

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Your blog today reveals just how much trouble you are having with that knee. I hope you truly are being gracious to yourself and that youi're using ice on the knee with some regularity.

Thank you so much for all your recent comments on my postings about Meniere's. You wonder if I got help and I did. The horribleness lasted just 16 months. I had an operation done by a fine surgeon in Minneapolis. It took me 18 months to recuperate, but today all I have are an occasional woozy day and the headaches.

I'm fine and dandy, like sugar candy!!!!

Thank you, also, for your concern. That touches me.


Intense Guy said...

I hope the knee is the bee's knees soonest.

That sky looks ... like the season is changing.. and Karma seems to realize it.

Beth said...

Great photos!

I have OA too only my pain settles in my neck, shoulders and back. The damp air is what sets mine off. I hope your knee is feeling lots better soon.

Thank you for the comment on my blog yesterday. You are a lovely lady!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

love the quote at the end!

i like those dreary days...but i suppose after days and days of them...it can be a bit much! c'mon sun!!
sorry about your knee...those joints...just seem to sometimes do what ever they want without any warning! give it a rest...try not to walk around too much while it hurts...the bearing weight thing. it's tough though, i know...when you look around and see all the things you have to do!

karma reminds me of milo...they always seem to find that nice warm sunny spot...even if it's just a sliver of light through the window...

i've not seen those movies you mentioned...

i hope your dad gets better quick! he just has to push himself a little with that therapy! (those physical therapists are good at doing that!!)

have a wonderful rest of the day! :)

Desiree said...

Hi Rita! My sincere apologies for having taken a while to reach you. The important thing is, I've arrived and I've just signed up as your newest follower. I have been enjoying reading your comments on other blogs I follow and most recently and remarkable, Dee Ready's wonderful blog. I had already decided I ought to pay you a visit as I really do find your observations thoughtful, thought-provoking and insightful and you strike me as being a very compassionate person. I sadly do not have time to read any of your earlier posts in depth, but I have done a quick scroll through a few after having read today's post. Karma is such a beautiful cat and I see she features regularly in your posts. I have also seen the beautiful potted herbs you grow. Wow! They are so healthy and lush!

I do hope your sore knee improves soon. You may even have twisted it in your sleep. I am sure that's a possibility. Glad to hear your Dad's hip replacement went smoothly. My FIL had his done a few years ago shortly after his 90th birthday. He's on his way to 95 now.

Take care and I'll be visiting as often as time permits and seeing you elsewhere on your travels in Blogland.

AliceKay said...

We had rain in the night and light showers this morning. It's mostly cloudy here and a bit chilly, but there's a peek of sun every now and then. I'm not looking forward to seeing geese flying south. Nope, just not ready to see them up there. Cold weather isn't far behind them.

Sorry your knee is still bothering you. It sounds like it might take awhile for it to feel better.

I'm glad your dad's surgery went well. It's amazing what they can do these days, isn't it? I hope he has a quick recovery. Will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Movies with no real endings are a bit annoying to me, unless they plan sequels, but this doesn't sound like it would have one.

Hope the rest of your day is a good one.

DJan said...

It drives me crazy when I feel good except for ONE little body part that doesn't cooperate! Here's hoping that knee gets better sooner, Rita. Your comments on my blogs make me smile, always! Thank you.

Rita said...

Nikki--LOL! I think I had finally decided I needed to leave the knee alone, but then I was overdue to wash clothes. But now I can just rest it for a few days, thanks!
If you like a shorter version, you'd probably like this new one better. ;)

Dee--Thanks so much. I am taking it easy for a while now. Done pushing myself and going backwards--hehe! ;)
I am sooo glad to hear you are fine and dandy, like sugar candy now!! I had never heard of Meniere's before. Dreadful! Thank God they were able to help you! :):)

Iggy--I'm sure my knee will be better soon. I just have a hard time not pushing things the minute it is a bit better--LOL! I promise I'll be good this time. ;)
I wonder if Karma remembers the sound of all the geese and thinks it is time for the weather to change? You wonder what animals notice.
Hope you're having a great week!! :):)

Beth--Yup! I have OA in my jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and I think it is starting to show up in my hands now. The dampness really sets mine off, too. I really discovered that for sure this summer with all the wet weather we had up here. I've had the windows open a lot now that it has cooled off and that dampness some days probably doesn't help much either--LOL!
You're welcome, you're sweet! :)

Laura--I don't mind cloudy days, either. Only start to bother me a bit if it goes for too many days in a row--yup! I'm with you!
Yes, and I do have lots of things waiting to be done--LOL!! I'll just ignore them for a while. ;)
My dad will be being pushed by a physical therapist for the next several weeks. He was all prepared, he said, for it to really hurt at first. He was so ready! I hope all will go well for him. Thanks!
Milo looks like a real sweetheart, BTW. :):)

Desiree--Hello! I know what you mean! If I follow somebody new I don't have the time to go back very far, either. You certainly don't need to apologize! I am just happy to see you stop by. I have noticed your comments, too. :)
You'll see a lot of Karma. It's just the two of us almost 24/7--LOL! ;)
I suppose I could have twisted it in my sleep. I don't know what I did or when, darn thing! ;)
That is so nice to hear that your FIL had this done at 90, too! I'll have to tell my dad that. Thanks!
I have no doubt that we'll be running across each other and connecting out here in cyberspace. :):)

AliceKay--Been chilly here all day--in the 50s and clouded over. Not even any peeking from the sun here. There's been a lot of geese the past few days. When I hear them I know the seasons are changing for sure. ;)
Thanks for prayers for my dad!! :):)
No, this didn't seem to be a movie that was going to have a sequel. It was one of those that if you were a pessimist or an optimist you'd have very different ideas as to how it would turn out. I was disappointed they left it hanging like that. :(
Hope you are getting back to normal your way after the flood. :)

Toriz said...

Don't push it with the knee. That's how I messed mine up. Thought I just twisted it, but when it wasn't quitting bugging me people got sick of me moaning about it and took me to have it checked... Turned out I'd torn the tendons in it and not just twisted it. So rest it where possible, in case you did the same!

Glad you know what you're doing with herb drying now, and that your herbs are mostly fine. :)

Rita said...

Djan--And it's funny how one little body part can put one out of commission! Arg! Good thing I have a whole lot of other body parts I can use in the meantime--LOL! ;)
Makes me happy to know I can make you smile!! :) :)

Tori--Oh, that's true! I should not assume it's nothing, I guess. I don't want to mess it up any worse, that's for sure. Thanks!
I think I am going to try to dry a few herbs after the knee is better. Hanging and the oven, I think, are my choices. :)
Hope you get your moving okayed soon!!

Carol C said...

Glad to hear the knee is on the mend. Sometimes the 'good' knee ends up giving trouble when we compensate for the 'bad' one.....so take it easy! Hope you enjoy your rainy day...

Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear your dad is doing well :)

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

I'm so glad to hear your Dad is doing well after surgery. They certainly get people moving about after surgery much sooner than they used to.

Sorry about the knee. Try to rest it where you can...have you tried rubbing liniment into it? Know you aren't alone...I've been in terrible pain all day with my hands and feet after overdoing it yesterday with some gardening. I did a lot of re-potting plants into bigger pots...Aaron helped but I can't just stand by and watch. I'm sure paying for it today and probably for a few days yet. Unfortunately, the miracle pawpaw ointment I mentioned in one of my letters is outside of my price range. :(

Re. herbs - it sounds like I will need to catch up on some missed posts to find out about the chilling ordeal. lol Good that the drying methods you are now using is working.

The roses look lovely in that vase.

Thanks for the heads up on the movies. I'm not sure I would like being left hanging at the end.

Serena xo

Cowgirl Red said...

Rita, do you have a de-hydrator? If you don't I have one that I never use. It is light weight. I would be happy to ship it to you as a gift. email me at cowgirlred52@yahoo.com Terah

Toriz said...

I think it depends if you want it done in the most natural way possible, or if you want it done quickly. Not to mention whether or not you have a suitable place for hanging them to dry.

Toriz said...

Yeah, you definately don't want to be making the knee worse!

And, I hope I get the "OK" for my move soon too... It's looking good for it, but I'll feel better when I have the confirmation (and more so when we're there and all moved in and all that).

Rita said...

Angela--Yes, we were relieved. Surgery is riskier when you're 90...almost 91 (Nov). :)

Terah--OMG! Are you serious!? You blow me away lady! I'll email you. You are such a sweetheart! :):)

Rita said...

Carol--I know what you mean! When I got the permanent injury to my left arm and can't lift over a pound, etc...well, I overused my right arm until I tore the rotor cuff in my "good" arm--duh! Sad! Now I don't really know which arm is my "good" one--LOL! I did push it at first, but I am being careful to let it fully heal right now. Thanks so much!! :):)

Rita said...

Serena--Thanks re: my dad! :)
I had just been looking at some more natural liniment to order for next month with my grocery delivery. But I had been looking at it for my hands, which are starting to ache sometimes. I guess I could use some for other body parts, too--LOL! I wonder if it would work on my jaw joint pain, too? Never know. I am going to try some, thanks. Sorry to hear your hands and feet have been so sore. I can certainly relate. It is very hard to slow down and force yourself to only do small amounts of activity at a time--or to stand by and have somebody else do things for you, I know! Sucks! I know how it can take days to recover, too. Hang in there, sweetie! ;)

The herbs--was just that we had frost warnings for a couple of nights. In the 20s! And waaay too early for that. I don't watch the news, as you know, and missed the warnings. My plants all fell flat in the cold. They have perked back up and only lost some bottom leaves. The only one that suffered quite a bit was the arugula. But one out of six ain't bad, right?

Hope your pains are less today! :):)

Linda Myers said...

Love the midwest clouds.

Rita said...

Linda--Me, too! Love me lots of sky sometimes! Not that I don't LOVE the woods. :)

Santosh Kumar said...

First two photographs are wonderful. Rich Clouds always visualize mesmerising effects. Loved to see your pet.

Rita said...

Santosh--Glad you like the sky photos. I've been putting up quite a few of them this year. I can see for miles up here! :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, I just finished rereading the comments on this posting and saw that Desiree had discovered you. I'm so glad as she is such a perceptive reader and I'm sure, she too, will respond again and again to the peace and quiet loveliness of your postings.


Rita said...

Dee--I noticed her perceptive comments and was happy to connect with her. Thanks so much for the compliment...a great compliment! :)