Thursday, September 15, 2011


A glorious, albeit chilly, day yesterday.
Was in the 20s again last night and 50s again today.
I noticed yesterday that one young tree in the yard is brown...
...and one is green. They aren't very far apart. Kind of funny.
I forgot to get pictures when I took the herb pots in yesterday. Five of them had collapsed, were flattened, draped over the sides of the pots, and seriously contemplating giving up the ghost.
After being inside where it was warm for a day, they are reviving quite nicely.
I think they might all decide to thrive after all.
They're all at least partially standing tall again. Poor things!
I still need to google how to dry herbs because I can't keep up with them. ;)
Dagan and Leah were here last night and the extra bookcase shelves arrived! So we (well, Leah--I supervised) rearranged shelves and added the new wooden shelves--two in this bookcase... that the new paper storage shelves are now in place! TaDa!!
Added another couple shelves (top and about the middle) of this craft bookcase on the other side of the living room, too. (There are already some empty satchels down on the bottom half, too!)
Now you know what I will be doing for quite a while...sorting and rearranging and tweaking until I have it the way I want it. There is stuff everywhere! :)
"Karma's" chair...
...the craft table...
...a TV tray (the catnip is on there, too, for a temporary place out of the cold)... of the craft table chairs...
...the art table...
...and in the bedroom on the floor.
Added a shelf to this art & craft bookcase in the bedroom (have to organize the top half of this one)...
...and more piled on the bedroom floor.
I might as well clean the top of my closet, too--LOL!
Gong to keep me good and busy for some time. ;)
Leah is going to drop off my sewing machine to be checked, cleaned, and oiled. (I had no clue Caroline was a sewer and she told me where the best place in town was to bring it!) My machine worked fine the last time I used it, but that was maybe 8-10 years ago. I've been putting off my few sewing projects and repairs because I knew the machine needed to be brought in first. I just may have gotten inspired by various bloggers. ;)
One of the things I want to try is sewing my own journal holders or book covers. I have some odd sized refills and figured maybe I could just custom make my own covers. (For example, the red Clairefontaine clothbound journal!) This may or may not work out, but I'd have little to lose, right? And Leah has something she wants to sew, too. (Something to hold a cellphone or an iPod?) Anyways, depending on how backed up the repairman shouldn't be too long and I'll have my sewing machine in working order once again. Like I don't have anything else to do, right? LOL! ;)
So, I shall be puttering away my chilly days up here in Fargo. And every time I sit down in my chair Miss Karma is on me like a fly on flypaper! She just wants her human heating pad. That's right. I know it isn't sudden overwhelming love that makes her clingy when the weather turns cold. She doesn't fool me--LOL!
Happy almost-the-weekend!! :)
"My message is always the same: to cultivate and practice love, kindness, compassion and tolerance."
Dalai Lama


Furry Bottoms said...

Of course, Karma had to check out the new shelves! :)

Those clouds look like they could go on forever, and your apartment is so colorful!! :)

Toriz said...

That's weird about the trees, and good about your herbs!

Glad Dagan and Leah were able to come over, and that your shelves are all sorted now.

Well, you definately wont be bored with all that sorting you need to do. ;)

Kero thinks there's only one problem with human heating pads... They don't stay still! LOL! And I feel the same about animal hot water bottles. ;)

Great quote!

Beth said...

You are a very busy lady! I really like your new shelves. Your camera takes very nice photos.

Dee Ready said...

Once again, Rita, you've charmed me with pictures that reveal the depth of your passion for writing and journaling and exploring new and old ideas.

I look forward to seeing some photographs of the items you will sew. You are so gifted.


Intense Guy said...

Goodness... if you had a whole library of shelves you'd have 'em covered!!

and you got to! I mean, an uncovered shelf just blows away in the wind... or they must, I've never actually since one.

Rita said...

Nikki--Nothing gets past Karma--LOL! I never thought of my place as colorful. Nice! :)

Tori--I'm glad the herbs made it okay. It was just as cold last night again!
You're right! Those animal hot water bottles don't stay still when you want them to, either! hehe!

Beth--I was given Dagan and Leah's old camera (my son and DIL). It's a Cannon PowerShot SD700IS. I have fallen in love with it because it's easy enough for me to use--LOL! ;)

Dee--I will take pictures for sure when I get to sewing. Whether they turn out or not--LOL! ;)

Iggy--You can bet they will all be covered and no shelves will blow away in the wind at my place--LOLOL!! ;)

Jenny Woolf said...

There is something so wonderfully rewarding about organising stuff that's been hanging around. I love it when it's done, so I wonder why it's so hard to get round to it. I suppose because it means upheaval.

Those cloud pictures are beautiful. And I envy you your herbs. Somehow mine don't care for being in pots. They're all right for a while, and then, nearly always, they die. I wonder if I over water them, or don't water them enough... or something.

AliceKay said...

Maybe that one tree was watered by a dog instead of a cloud? LOL I agree, those clouds look like they go on forever.

Those herbs are looking great. I hope you find out how to dry them so you'll have use of them this winter.

Wow, oh wow...just look at all of those shelves filled with papers and card stock and lots of other cool things. :)

I hope the projects you have in mind for your sewing machine work out the way you'd like them to. (looking forward to pics)

Karma is a typical cat...always looking for a warm lap when the weather turns chilly. :)

Loved that quote.

Artoholic said...

Happy herbs indeed! I wouldv'e popped over for some Sweet Basil for the spaghetti if I lived closer!

So very organised - it makes a big difference when you know instantly where everything is.

My poor old sewing machine needs a service desperately - it can't do reverse anymore...

Teresa Evangeline said...

OOh, I think we have matching arts and craft chairs... :) I suddenly feel much better. I bet you know where everything is, too! You look like an well-organized, very creative person who loves to keep busy and have a full life. If a person's home is empty of these piles, it seems like a house without soul, or inhabited by people who live their lives only outside their home. Thanks for the peek inside your life. Regards to Miss Karma.

Rita said...

Jenny--I know! It's so hard to get going, but I actually enjoy it while I am organizing and love it when it is done. I think you hit the nail on the head...the upheaval! The chaos!
I usually overwater or underwater plants and only the hardy survive, so I have been wondering about the herbs and how long they'll last--LOL! My place is a risky place for plants to live. ;)

AliceKay--LOLOL@dog watering the one tree!
I'm excited to organize all these craft bookcases. I have to do it little by little...many small decisions to make. ;)
I haven't sewn for soooo long. Should be interesting! :)

Cindy--Love that sweet basil in Italian foods!! And love when things are organized and at my fingertips, yes! :)
No reverse! Yup! Needs a trip to the sewing machine hospital! ;)

Teresa--No way! The same chairs! Awesome! Hey, they're comfy! :)
I'll know even better where everything is after the current reorganization project--LOL!
Funny! I have basically had no life outside my home for over six years. Good thing I love my apartment, my silly cat, and have a variety of interests so that I am never bored. ;)
You have a glorious day, too! :):)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

your herbs are doing great!!
new shelves!! MORE space to put stuff! it's amazing how much we collect...we're like magnets! as soon as i clear the magically seems to collect all sorts of things. you look very organized...and karma has more to explore!

Rita said...

Laura--I can't believe how well the herbs came back after being a bit frostbitten! ;)
My craft and art tables always seem to magically accumulate piles of stuff, too--hehe!

Serena Lewis said...

It sounds like the herbs were saved in the nick of time.

I hope all goes well with the sewing machine. Making your own journal holders sounds like a great idea.

As for the shelving, I'm sure you will have it all organised in no time....BUT do take it easy and rest that knee. xo

Rita said...

Serena--I haven't sewn for sooo long, I hope it comes back to riding a bike, eh?
Once I can get going, the organizing will be a long puttering process--LOL! I never do anything quickly anymore, it seems. ;) But it will be so nice when it's done. :):)