Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Karma: What are you up to? Why are you moving around? Are you getting up?
Oh. Just the camera. Back to my nap.
Karma has been loving laying on the comfortable carpet in the sun when the porch door is open in the morning. Best of both worlds--LOL! That huge amber jar propping the door open is my penny jar. I loved the way the sunlight cast that orange shadow on the rug!
Another exciting delivery yesterday! The plastic shelves (piled to the left) arrived... an interesting box that had sturdy cardboard walls between each set of shelves.
This is Karma begging for bubble wrap--LOL!
She loves to lay on it, of course. It's a good thing she doesn't pop any bubbles because they scare her half to death! ROFL!
We had a frost warning last night--29 degrees? No laying in the open door this morning for Miss Karma. I had the bedroom window open all night and it is still quite nippy in here. Only supposed to be in the 50s for highs the next couple days. One bad thing about not watching the news--I'm afraid to go out and check my plants on the porch. I peeked and it looks like a couple of the herbs in the pots have kind of collapsed. Who would have thought! Frost in September! Well...I meant well. Guess I'll haul them in and google how to properly dry herbs. ;)
Happy Wednesday! :):)
"Good intentions are not enough. They've never put an onion in the soup yet."
Sonya Levien


Furry Bottoms said...

Meow meow, good morning to you Karma! And to your human, of course. Stay warm!

Celticspirit said...

I like the way that picture of Karma has that yellow light in it from that bottle. So neat!
I can't get too many pictures of my cat right now because she does not stay in one spot too long unless she is napping. That would not make for a very exciting picture.
You sure have bought lots of shelves. That must mean you are very organized! Looking forward to pics when you are all done.
Have a fantastic day Rita!

Beth said...

I think your weather is heading our way for tomorrow night. Not looking forward to winter, I want to enjoy autumn first.

Karma is so cute. Love the sunlight through your penny jar.

Rita said...

Nikki--LOL! Who thought we'd already be saying stay warm! ;) Hope you're having a great day!

Barb--Hey! I'd love to see a pick of your new kitten sleeping. Kittens are adorable when they are dozing after expending all that endless energy--hehe!
Yes, I have lots of plans for a couple of bookcases and organizing craft stuff. I'll take picks. :)

Beth--If this cold is heading your way, do a better job than I did and protect your plants! ROFL! Autumn had best return for a good long while--please! :):)

Deanna said...

It is amazing how quickly the seasons take over one another!

Herbs are easy to dry, but there are so many ways... so I'll hush and let you google and find what works best for you.

Karma is so cute when she begs....

Hope you are doing ok.


DJan said...

Who would have thought it would go from so hot to so cold in such a short span of time? Love those first two pictures of Karma. Yes, she really knows how to relax...

Serena Lewis said...

I too love the way your penny jar casts the orange-yellow light.

Funny quote but makes total sense. :)

AliceKay said...

I loved how your penny jar cast that orange-yellow light, too. Really neat how things like that happen sometimes.

Karma has the life. LOL. I totally cracked up when I saw the "begging" picture. :D

I hope the frost stays away from here for awhile. We're supposed to get colder here, too, and that's not a good thing. Too many people without working furnaces due to the flooding...and that's if you're lucky enough to have a home to go to.

I hope your herbs survived. Would be a shame to lose them to some frost.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow! That was a fast turn-about in temps!!! Are you ready for another winter???

Karma is just the funniest cat! What great company she must be.

Santosh Kumar said...

Nice story with pictures. loved pictures of Karma.

Rita said...

Deanna--Before I knew it Dagan and Leah were here and I never googled drying herbs--LOL! I took them in and they are coming back to life! ;) I will still google and find the easiest way I can--LOL! :) If you have any tips, please let me know.

Djan--Ya! A little too quickly from hot to frost and freeze warnings! It's only mid-September, for goodness sake. But I prefer the cold to the heat, so I guess I can't complain. ;)

Serena--I love that jar. When Dagan and I lived on a farm for three years I found this down in the dirt-floor cellar caked with earth and covered in spider webs. I fell in love with it on sight and only later found a practical use for it. ;)

AliceKay--Oh, I hope it doesn't get terribly cold your way!! With the people not having electricity and heat and still cleaning up after the flooding that's the last thing you all need!
I was waving the bubble wrap in the air and Karma was wanting it so badly--LOL!
I hope you are still faring "okay" and recovering from the flood. *hugs*

Jeannie--Yes, this temp turn around is a lot quicker than normal so hopefully this won't last and we'll still see some nice fall days. I am not a lover of the heat and humidity. Never have been. So, in a way, I guess I am always ready for winter--ROFL! But I prefer it preceded by a nice looong fall because that is my very favorite time of year. ;)

Santosh--Greetings all the way from Fargo! I checked out your blog and shall return to read more of your thoughtful posts. So glad you stopped by and hope to see you again. :)

Toriz said...

Karma's funny... And so smart (I beg for bubble wrap too, LOL!)

The weather in the world is getting more and more weird!

Good luck with the herb drying! :)

Intense Guy said...

The light shining through the penny jar is really neat!

And Karma is such a ham (she's even ham shaped)... Looks like she wanted to play in the boxes again!

Rita said...

Tori--LOL! She wouldn't bed for it if she popped anything! ;)

Iggy--Karma really is ham-shaped!! She couldn't figure out how to make herself small enough to fit into the tiny spaces in that box. Not that she didn't seriously contemplate it when I tipped the box sideways for her. ;)

Toriz said...

Well, I'd just beg for it so I could pop it... I love the popping noise!

The bubble wrap in your package almost didn't make it in there... I wanted to play with it! ;)