Friday, September 16, 2011


These were the last pictures I had of Karma sprawled on the porch on those glorious three fall days...
...before the frost warnings...
...and the chilly 50 degree days that have kept her indoors the past three days.
In fact, since I like it chilly for sleeping and actually have had the window open with the fan on low, Karma refuses to sleep with me and has been snoozing inside the big box in her cat bed. I even covered it with a throw so Karma has to crawl her way under (makes it even more interesting if it looks like maybe she's not supposed to be in there) so that she really feels like she's in her own Sabertooth Tiger cave as Iggy suggested--LOL! She's nice and warm, anyways, while I am snuggled deep under layers in my chilly, chilly bedroom. ;)
In fact, it has gotten so cold that I have had to turn the fan off during the night the last two nights. 20s. Brrr! Nice sleeping weather, tho!
I had a small Amazon order arrive yesterday. The Dayrunner on the right is my old one that I have used for maybe 16-18 years (my memory isn't what it used to be). I searched online to find a new one that would use the same paper with the same goofy six holes. Took a while, but the one on the left is the new zippered version. They don't list them by the size of the actual runner, but by the size of the paper you use inside. Strange! Good thing I discovered that at the main website or I would have ordered one way too big!
They're that plastic fake leather stuff so after several years they just crack like crazy. As you can see, I've needed a new one for some time--LOL!
The new one looks nice, but is very stiff and won't lie flat, of course. I need to break it in. I'm sooo happy that all my old refills and pages work just perfectly in here!! This has been my address book for decades, so I had a lot of spare sheets I had bought up for it.
And I also purchased one of the Peter Pauper Press journals. This one is called "Yellow Flowers"--no surprise--hehe! Anyways, this company makes tons of these! All kinds of pretty covers to choose from, 5" X 7", elastic band closure, lined, and have a back pocket. Naturally, I've wanted to test the paper.
I took the page from the backside and it didn't cut out well. The paper was soft and tore unevenly, so I wasn't hopeful.
But, it wasn't as bad as I expected, actually. There was bleed-thru with the Parallel Pens and a couple others, but on the whole not nearly as much as I thought there would be. Did shadow, but with certain inks, it could be usable for fountain pens. Probably best with gel, ball point, roller ball, etc, though. I think I may have to experiment some more. ;)
Hey, it's not Clairefontaine. But these are pretty, have a lot of variety, and run $8.99 most places. This one has bits of golden shimmer on the flowers.
Peter Pauper Press has been around since 1928. They also make stationery, other journals, cards, calendars--well, you can see in the link. I've just been looking at them for a long time because they're pretty cute--LOL! Now I have a much better idea.
I must have twisted my knee on Wednesday when we were doing the shelves. Bummer. It's sore and swollen, so I am waiting for it to go down before I will try tackling the organizing. Meanwhile, I watched the newest version of Jane Eyre yesterday and have Meek's Cutoff to watch today...and letters to respond to...and Karma to giggle at...and drying herbs to google (no I haven't done that yet-sigh). Supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow and low 70s on Sunday...and only in the 40s during the night, so things are looking up for a nice, normal fall. ;)
Have a really special weekend! :):)
(I like this quote because it gives you hope to always keep trying.)
"Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is in exact proportion to them will flood the soul."
Simone Weil


Teresa Evangeline said...

I can resist anything except a good looking journal. That yellow flowered one is gorgeous.I almost bought another notebook today while I was in town. I had to walk away. It was hard.

Karma's fort looks fun.

Beth said...

You find the most interesting things Rita. I am going to check that link out because I would like to find a daily journal that is unique to send to my sister.

Hug Karma for me, she is precious!!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Thank you, once again, for your comment, which was both reflective and perceptive, on my Thursday posting.

You said, "Even if that supposed easy route may be rocky, precarious, and is familiar." And I think that is the absolute truth. We often choose the familiar because it feels safe to us, non-risky.

But sometimes even the familiar can trip us up, so why not try something new! That's my philosophy!

I've never before considered the idea of Grandma loving her children unconditionally. You've really given me something to ponder. Thank you.

Your posting today about the cool weather there in Fargo is a reflection of what's happening here in Independence. Lovely cool night in which to snuggle beneath a blanket.

The three cats with whom I live--Matthew, Maggie, and Ellie--are, like Karma, noticing the weather changes. They keep trying to find new and satisfying places to snooze!


Furry Bottoms said...

I love that little hide-out that you made more interesting for Karma! :)

I, too, like it chilly when in bed. I am a very snuggy type... with 14 pillows arranged just so around me. That is, when I don't have insomnia! I have the fan going on HIGH with the window open... even when its raining. Can't be good for me, but I swear I suffocate if the window's closed!

DJan said...

We sleep with the bedroom door closed and the window open year round. Last night it got cold and today the high won't even reach 60, I suspect. Karma's little hideout reminds me of forts we made when we were kids... :-)

AliceKay said...

I sit here shivering thinking of you and everyone else sleeping with their windows open and fans chilly weather. (my feet are cold tonight...first thing that gets cold on me)

Karma must really enjoy her "cave". LOL

I'm sorry to hear you twisted your knee. I hope it feels better soon.

Nice quote. :)

Toriz said...

Tiger caves sound fun! :)

Sounds like you're having the holidays early at your place... More goodies, YAY! ;)

Ouch about the knee! Hope it gets better quickly!

Was the new Jane Eyre any good?

Love that quote! :)

And... Thanks again for the card that came through my letterbox yesterday! *Hugs*

Rita said...

Teresa--Kudos to your self-restraint! I have a hard time resisting anything paper, pens, art supplies, craft supplies, books...;)

Beth--They might have something cool for your sister, who knows? I always snoop around until I find what I like best and then google that particular item to find the best price. ;) *hug for Karma* *hug for you, too*

Dee--Yes, we often choose what we THINK might be safe and easier when it is only "familiar"...and some of us are familiar with some pretty dark pathways--LOL! ;) I am always intrigued (and often uncomfortable) when somebody gives me a different perspective to ponder, but it has always been a good thing for me--so I hope that is the case for you. :):)
Cool weather and three cats--ahhh!

Nikki--My dear friend, Ruby, has to have a fan on to be able to sleep, too--all year round. Doesn't matter if it is 40 below outside--LOL! Hey, whatever floats your boat, right? ;)

Djan--It can't get below zero your way then, I would imagine. I do love the fresh air, but it gets a bit to cold here to do it year round. I do give it my best shot, much to Karma's chagrin in the cold weather--LOL! ;)

AliceKay--I would have been freezing in my younger days, but something happened to my thermostat after I hit menopause--LOL! That's when the insomnia and being up all night long started, too. You'd think I'd be done with all that by now. ;)
The knee is on the mend, thanks! :)

Tori--You're welcome re: the card! Did you notice that almost everything I used was from the supplies you sent me? :)
Jane Eyre--well, it was okay. After the great mini-series I watched on PBS this seemed very rushed and a bit jumbled to get the whole story in. They did flashbacks and such to cram things in, but the mini-series was much better, in my opinion.
I hope my knee gets better soon, too. Thanks!

Cindy Lane said...

Lots of treasures there! Love the page of Pen Trials. I have a collection of parallel pens - great for quickie calligraphy on the go. You can refill the cartridges with a syringe. Using gouache (using them as a dip pen) will not have much bleed thru.

Cat caves are cool. My kitty was under the covers with me this morning as it is very stormy.

Have a great week!

Rita said...

Cindy--I would never have thought to use a parallel pen as a dip pen! Yes, I love that you can fill any empty cartridge with a syringe. Just got one a few months ago! Nice!
I've had cats and dogs that love to sleep under the covers with me. Karma will sleep under all kinds of things and even the bed covers, but not with me in it. Too small of a bed, I think--LOLOL! ;)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

OH i'm so jealous! of the cool weather...and of karma...lazing around like that! i'm so far behind...on so much stuff...

her cave reminds me of the SAME exact caves i used to play in when i was a little girl...either a big box or a small table...with a blanket thrown over the top! thanks for bringing back that memory!
OH, and the new journal is really nice! the little glitter...or shimmer...adds so much to the cover!
hope you're having a happy sunday!

Deb Shucka said...

So much fun to read this wonderful variety of topics in your very engaging voice. Thanks especially for the quote at the end: it's exactly what I needed to hear today.

Carol C said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog---you're my main reader! And they remind me to check in with you and Karma. I always enjoy hearing what you're up to....I'm also going to check out the journals you mentioned, not because I need any but because I can't resist them!

Rita said...

Laura--I hope cooler weather will be on its way down your way soon. :)
Oh, yes! Blankets draped over all kinds of things made the best forts when we were kids!
Hope you're having a happy Sunday, too! :)

Deb--LOL! I do chat about several different subjects on my blog, I guess. Over time I rotate around my different art & craft interests, too. I was born with a compulsive need for variety, I think--LOL! There is just so much that is interesting, challenging, new...or maybe I just get bored easily--ROFL! Variety is the spice of life!
I loved that hopeful quote, too. ;)

Carol--Aha! Another kindred spirit who cannot resist journals--LOL! I bet it wouldn't be hard to find something there that you'd like. ;) Have a great day!

carol l mckenna said...

you are soooooo creative! Wonderful ideas and commentary on paper goods ~ and, of course I love your cats! ~ Stay warm ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ ~ Share the Creative Journey

Rita said...

Carol--Thanks so much! Hope you have a really good week! :)

Elena said...

Oh been meaning to come by and say thanks for the super sweet comments on my blog. So nice to see you visiting more often. Beautiful kitty and great journals. And do hope your knee feels better.

Rita said...

Elena--You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by here, too! The knee has been a pistol, but it's on the mend, thanks. Hope you have a great week. :)

Toriz said...

I thought so, but wasn't 100% sure if they were from the stuff I sent, or if you just had things like them already. LOL!

That's the big problem when they try and make something in to a movie that is a bit long for just one movie... The rush through the plot!

How's the knee?

Intense Guy said...


If she wasn't so sleepy, she'd be a good sabre toothed tiger.

:) I like cooler weather for sleeping.

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,

Thank you again for commenting on my recent posting.
Like you, I think Mom did was had been modeled for her in her own childhood. Thank you for seeing me as
"a flourishing, loving soul." I find that very touching.


Rita said...

Tori--LOL! Nope, your gifts!
The knee is better every day. I sure set it off somehow. ;)

Iggy--If she was ever truly hungry she'd make a good hunter. She is smart and can be lightning fast. (Don't let the looks fool ya!) ;)
I sleep much better when it's cool out, too. :)

Dee--We do that modeling even when we don't think we are--LOL! I call 'em like I see 'em, lady. ;)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh boy, does Karma look like she has a ruff life! I love her cozy little 'safe' spot.

I'm a real sucker for a beautiful journal and yours truly fits the bill.

God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!!! :o)

Rita said...

Nezzy--Hi, lady! Karma does love her safe ave--LOL!
Aha! Another journal lover! ;) You have an absolutely wonderful day, too! :)

Serena Lewis said...

That's weird...I could have sworn I left a comment on this post the other day. Blogger doing weird stuff OR I dreamed it. lol neat that Karma had her own Tiger cave. lol

Nice day the yellow flowered journal too. It's getting close to that time of year where I will need to buy a day planner in preparation for next year too. :)

Rita said...

Serena--LOL! I've done that lots of times. I am reading a blog, get interrupted by something or another (doesn't take much with me), and then think I have already made a comment. No worries! :)

I wonder if Peter Pauper makes a day planner? They might. I've had mine for sooo many years, but I don't actually use it as a actual day planner anymore--just for addresses and lists of all kinds. I use a weekly desk calendar to keep track of appointments and such. All depends if you need to be able to carry it in your purse or not. I always seem to want lots of room to write and the smaller purse-size calendars just didn't work well for me. Just needed a bigger purse--LOL!!