Saturday, September 25, 2010


Karma was literally sun "bathing"--hehe!

(Don't tell her I posted these pictures--hehe!)
My--been a while since I've blogged! I finished trimming up all the green fronts for the Christmas cards.
Snapped a picture of the moon. Haven't ever tried that. Don't have a great zoom feature on my little camera, but it was a pretty night (even if I can't remember which night I took this--hehe!)
This picture was Wednesday night over at Dagan and Leah's. I know it's a gaggle of geese, but what do you call a bunch of turkeys?
This has to be that batch of young'uns that we saw earlier in the summer following mama around--now turned into a gang of teenagers--hehe!
When I was over at D&L's we made a craft suppy order before we started on the etsy pictures. Have some goodies coming!! I'll show you when they arrive. :)
We worked on getting pictures set up for me to work on the descriptions. Got up a lot of the snowflake Christmas cards and one of Leah's beaded necklace's with a hand-wrapped stone pendant. We'll do more next week. Felt so good to finally get some new product posted. :)
Note: Yes! I did get them all up on the shop Friday--tada!!
I also have been in the process of using up the last of my gold jar of paint. Have enough for one more sheet, I think. I made up a red and gold one...
...was trying a more 3-D effect with the gold, as you can see.
And that beautiful blue ink I love with the gold. Looks like a sky to me.
Cut them down into bookmarks, but haven't stamped the backs yet.
Since then--I have the craft area set up to work on cutting out the circles and ovals for the Christmas cards.
Maybe halfway done with the pre-cut stacks of black and white papers.
Saving the scraps, of course--for recycling into handmade paper.
Let's see--Thursday it rained lightly off and on. I thought maybe I was in the clear, but by evening the water was dripping off the ceiling light bulb in the hallway. :(
About 12:30am the fire alarm went off! For a moment I wondered if it was from my apartment--water coming down in a new place and shorting out the ceiling smoke alarms--but it was the building alarm. I peeked out the door and some guy was running around way at the other end yelling--"get out! get out now!" So--I threw on my big "monk's" robe (I think of it as that because it is heather gray with a hood and goes to the floor) and some shoes--grabbed my purse with cell phone & camera, and Miss Karma in her stroller and down the steps we went. To save time, I hoisted the stroller on my right hip with my good arm and carefully made it down the three flights. (Still sore, but she's worth it.)
Karma is so used to the horrific alarm routine by now that she didn't cry much on the way down the stairs or as I wheeled her to the garage in the cold wind and rain. Too windy for the hood to work--my hair was drenched and the bottom of the robe was wet from walking thru puddles in the parking lot (I'm short so the robe hits the floor). We settled into our spots in the garage. I was thinking how I should have brought a book--but the automatic light went off after a few minutes and we were in the dark. The manual light bulb was/is burned out. Dang!
I didn't smell or see any smoke, so I assume it was another false alarm--but I really have no idea this time, because I decided to wait in the garage until the truck left this time. Then I would know the elevator was working again. (It's a lot harder to get Karma up the stairs than down--hehe!)
Karma and I spent the time in the dark garage. She was sooo good and quiet in her stroller. (Maybe she fell asleep?) Me--wet hair and ankles--just huddled into my robe in the red chair and grateful that the material had been much thicker than I had expected when I ordered it online--ROFL! I decided that it was a good time to get in some long overdue meditation.
Next thing I knew I heard the truck leaving and we headed back to the building. Still cold and windy and wet out. Everyone was long gone--back in their respective homes. 1:30am! We'd been in the dark, cold garage for an hour! I worried Karma might start to yowling--but she was very good. Only a couple of meager meows in the elevator and down the hallway. She cased the place out when we got back home, like she'd been gone for a week--hehe! And acted like she thought I had just gotten up and it was treat time (hence my suspicion that she had slept in her stroller--ROFL!) She'd been such a good girl that I broke the rules and did give her a tablespoon of canned cat food anyways. ;)
Dagan had come over on Friday to install the second tuner, but he found out he needed some additional equipment. So today--Dagan and Leah came over and he installed the second tuner. Was tricky getting it to work and there is now another router involved, I believe--but it is working--tada! I am in house-bound TV heaven!! Thanks sooooo much, Dagan and Leah!!! :):)
Leah cut some card pieces while she was here. And she wrote up for me the three ads for freecycling the three bags of VCR tapes--but freecycle wasn't letting her post. (What is it with sites being glitchy lately?) She'll post them later for me. Maybe I'll get rid of those, too? At least the bag of movies, I would think.
So--that's all I can think of since Tuesday. It's been dry today. Oh--funny thing! Okay--I usually rate every DVD I rent from Netflix so I know if I have seen it or not. Last week I happened to go looking for Mad Men--saw season three not rated, so I thought I hadn't seen it. When it arrived...I just had forgotten to rate it--hehe! So, by accident, I am watching season three again. I have to admit I am enjoying it just as much the second time around--got sucked right back into the Draper's 60's world and wanted to finish watching the whole season. :)
Oh--and I did watch the last two episodes on Netflix Instant Movies of The Pillars of The Earth. It had said there was one more episode, but there were two. All I can say is that I guess they wrapped up their own invented storylines.
I set down the sequel book--World Without End--must be going on two weeks ago now. I'm only a little over halfway. Today might be a good quiet day to pick it back up. ;)
Hope you're having a good weekend! :)
"Believe that problems do have answers. Believe that they can be overcome. Believe that they can be handled. And finally, believe that you can solve them."
Norman Vincent Peale


Deanna said...

Those fire alarms would be un-nerving. Glad all was well and Karma behaved.

You seem to be so nice and organized - unlike me.

Sounds like Dagan and Leah have gotten you set up perfectly!

Have a great rest of the weekend.

AliceKay said...

I'm with Deanna on those fire alarms. They would get to me. I was happy to read nothing was on fire in your building...that you know of. You and Karma are real troopers. :)

Turkeys travel in flocks so it would be a flock of turkeys. I took more video of a flock in our fields this morning. Took it thru my kitchen window so I wouldn't spook them because they spook easy and travel fast.

Sounds like you've been keeping very busy with your cards and bookmarks. The blue and gold bookmarks are really pretty.

I'm glad Dagan and Leah are around to help you out with things. It's a blessing to have such wonderful kids. :)

Loved that quote today. Believe...a single word that can have so much meaning.

Hope you're having a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

My goodness I know you are tired of fire alarms going off, Im glad everything was ok but that could be dangerous having to go out in the dark like that.

You have such a cute little work space, I know it is nice to have something like that :o)

That is so funny about Mad Men I think I would enjoy watching it again also :o)

I hope you have a good week!

Intense Guy said...

Take the turkey quiz and learn all about 'em!


I'm glad Karma behaved - and that it wasn't hip deep in snow and 40 below...

Rita said...

Deanna--Both Leah and I have OCD tendencies, so I'm fairly organized by compulsive nature--ROFL!! Not sure if that is a good thing or not sometimes. ;)

AliceKay--Just an ordinary flock like a flock of birds. I thought it might have a cool specific term. Oh well.

BTW, I responded days ago but somehow blogger lost them?

Lynn--We're VERY tired of fire alarms.
Mad Men was just as good this time. Now I can hardly wait for season four to come out on Netfix. Why does it take so long? They are already showing season five. OH well--worth waiting for. ;)

Iggy--I am going back to take the quiz right now. I do not expect to do well--ROFL!
Yes--winter is a lot worst for fire alarms! Poor Karma! Let's hope we don't have any tis winter, as we just had two this summer. ;)

Toriz said...

Sounds like an eventful few days there!

Rita said...

Tori--When I don't blog every day I sometimes have a lot to pack in--hehe! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

Those fire alarms seem to go off at the most annoying times. :( I'm glad it wasn't something serious though.

Rita said...

Serena--Just so it doesn't go off this winter, I'll be happy! ;)