Thursday, September 16, 2010


Busy couple of days. Tuesday night I went over to Dagan and Leah's. What a night for etsy to be down! Couldn't load a page, let alone photos. So Leah and I headed up to the office and took more pictures of product. Some of the jewelry this time. We'll try for next week again on posting.
The sad news is that Sammy ended up at the vet hospital! He has that feline urinary crystallizing thing, poor baby boy! So he's on a special diet and medication. Doing well, tho.
When I got home and emptied out my McLap bag... leapt at that opportunity. She was trying like heck to get my skinny Green Tea with Citrus To Go packets out of that front zippered pouch--hehe! It's a tough life, Karma! ;)
The last several days I have been slowly removing the backs off those bookmarks. I finally finished yesterday--tada! Here's a picture of the newest batch (in front) that never had backing and the repaired batch (in back).
One step forward, two steps back, eh? LOL! Next thing is to stamp the backs. :)
While I was gone Tuesday night, UPS tried to deliver the bookcase. They marked that they would try again on Wednesday. Leah and I had planned a quick shopping trip on Wednesday night after she got off work. Their system was down for five hours and they were behind, so she had to work overtime. But that turned out to be okay because they didn't come with the bookcase until 6:20pm anyways. Very happy, pleasant delivery guy, BTW. :)
Leah picked me up and we went over to K&Krafts in Moorhead, Minnesota across the river. Picked up the two bottles of diamond Stickles that we special ordered. Then we headed over to PetSmart. I got a little siphon for the ten gallon and some fish food. (Fishies got to eat, too.) Leah picked up some Greenies and a crinkle bag for Sammy who likes to crawl inside things. (Hope he loves it!) We weren't gone very long.
Then we came back here and Leah came up to make a wedding card.
I don't remember if I ever told you, but Karma LOVES all Leah's shoes. They are like catnip to her!
She rubs her head on them...
...sticks her face in them...
...paws inside of them and generally rubs & rolls all over them and pushed them around on the floor. So funny!
Neither Dagan's nor my shoes interest her--other than the shoelaces, of course. Anyone's shoelaces are in danger in this house. Miss Karma has been known to chew thru an unguarded shoelace in a matter of seconds. We have to tuck them into the shoes and put them up higher on the shoe rack by the door. Dagan has forgotten (or believed too strongly in his own good fortune) and gone home with a loose shoe more than once.
Anyways, Leah put together this pretty wedding card.
Inside the "two hearts beat as one" is actually a sticker.
What cracked us up, tho, was errant cat hair! I keep the cardboard box we use for misting in my bedroom. Leah went to spray the flower parts (copper mist) and discovered cat hair stuck to the them! So she had to sit with a tweezers and pluck all the Karma hairs off before she could construct the flower for the front. So now, I have wiped the box all out the best I could and have draped an old t-shirt over it to keep the restless floating vagabond errant Karma hairs out of our misting box! ROFL!
Let's see...the new coffee is a bit strong for me, but tastes really good with a titch of cream in it. And it was down into the 30s last night! I am going to have to do something with the giant philodendron on the porch! Leah and I bought a pot and chains. It has to be repotted before I can water it inside the house or it would leak everywhere. And I have no place to hang it in the bathtub to water it, either. Too big and heavy to hang on the shower head. Ooops! Just plain forgot all about that little project. [Email me, Leah! :)]
I am pretty well shot today from being out and about for two days in a row. I know--doesn't take much--LOL! Might be able to do some stamping on the bookmarks, tho? I'll see how my back holds up. :) Been a beautiful sunny morning, even if it is chilly. Hope you are having a super-duper great day!
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."


  1. Glad you're happy with the bookcase.

    Better luck next time with the shop though. A lot of sites seem to be down for maintenance lately.

    I'd be safe with my shoes with miss Karma... I don't have shoes with laces. I have a pair of slip on shoes, and both my other pairs (one of which are sandals) have velcro straps. I can't be bothered with laces.

  2. I'm glad you were able to put your time to good use by taking pictures of your jewelry. It's annoying when sites go down just when you want to use them.

    I'm glad Sammy will be okay with medication and a change of diet. He's a handsome cat.

    Karma is just plain comical. LOL It was funny to see her trying to get those packets out of your bag. By the way, I think Leah sprinkles catnip on her shoes before she stops for a visit so Karma can enjoy rubbing on them and having fun with them. LOL

    Leah's wedding card looks very nice. She did a great job on it. Karma just wanted to add her two cents to it. Can't blame a cat for trying. :)

    It's been chilly here but not in the 30s yet. I hope that waits for awhile.

    It sounds like you've had a busy couple of days. I hope you aren't feeling it tonight.

    Loved this quote. :)

  3. McKarma is (more than) a laptop - she's a lapfull and she has a shoe/foot fetish. I wonder why Leah's shoes are so appealing? Does she use some sort of athlete's foot powder? Is capnip a secret ingredient in Desenex? (or vice versa?) Fungus problem?

    Did you know:

    Brevibacteria are considered a major cause of foot odor because they ingest dead skin on the feet and, in the process, convert amino acid methionine into methanethiol, which has a sulfuric aroma. The dead skin that fuels this process is especially common on the soles and between the toes. The brevibacteria is also what gives cheeses such as Limburger, Bel Paese, Port du Salut, and Muenster their characteristic pungency.

    Is Leah going to kill me now? :)

  4. Poor Sammy....I hope he'll do fine on the medication. It's a worry when our fur-pals are sick. Mum rang me in tears early on Monday morning saying that her miniature poodle, Honey, no longer recognised her and was very disorientated and stressed. I calmed Mum down, then organised and took Mum and Honey for a visit to my Vet. The Vet diagnosed a stroke...poor Honey. The good news is that the Vet said Honey should fully recover with medication. I spoke with Mum today and she said Honey is doing well, recognises Mum now and is starting to get back into her old routine. What a relief.

    How cute Karma is with the McLap bag!

    YAY on your bookcase!

    Well done on the wedding card, Leah...darned cat hair though! lol How sweet that Karma loves your shoes ~ :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Tori--Haven't actually seen the bookcase yet. It is in pieces inside of a tall box--but I'm sure it will do the job. ;) I wear slip-on shoes most of the time, myself. Karma is part of the reason--ROFL!

    AliceKay--Yes, at least we got more photos taken. Funny the site would go down on the one night of the week we can get together--hehe! Murphy's Law! LOL@Karma trying to contribute to Leah's card and catnip in Leah's shoes!! :):)

    Iggy--OMG! LOL, Iggy!! That's probably more than I wanted to know--ROFL!! You are such a hoot!! ;)

    Serena--I'm so glad your Mom's dog, Honey, is better! That had to be really scary--a stroke!! I hope Sammy gets well, too, and doesn't have any more problems. Thanks! :)

  6. Iggy,

    First of all, no killing...Ever!
    I do think that I have stinkier feet than most, in those shoes shown, I have used both baby powder and more recently switched to this Lavendar powder I found on Etsy since I don't wear sock with these shoes.

    I also have sneakers (with laces) that she loves, of course wear socks with those and therefore no powders. As a side note Karma has never chewed my laces, she will roll all over them though and I'll come back to find my shoes in different places. I do however leave my laces tied, I just slip in and out of the shoes, and the laces remain tied at all times, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    I also have sandles that are just rubber and canvas straps and she loves those too. I've never seen her go crazy over anyone elses shoes like she does for mine, don't know why. She loves them all, no matter if I wear socks, don't wear socks, or put a little powder in them, doesn't seem to matter.

    She will of course hiss at me though if I walk to close to her... :)

    Next, about Sammy, the food is for the crystalizations in his urine, but he was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and is on antibiotics for that. We are lucky that he takes his pills just fine I just hide it in some canned cat food and he gobbles it up every morning. We have to take him back a week after he finishes the pills for his shots and so they can make sure the infection is gone.

    Etsy, I believe their sit was probably down because IE9 or Internet Explorer 9 was coming out the next day, they were likely updating their site for combatability, that's my guess, anyway, next week.

    Rita, plant pot, I am going to try to talk Dagan into working on the garage this Sunday and I haven't forgotten, just no time or space to work, if we can get the garage done, then my first project out there can be to get that pot ready for you. :)

    Karma, I don't mind her cat hair, but I'm not sure if the recipients of that card would be as thrilled, so I removed them, but I thought it was quite amusing... ;)

    Well, I think that's everything, hopefully this isn't too long to post...

    Thank you kindly,

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Im so sorry to hear about Sammy, but glad he is doing ok.

    The pics of Karma with your bag and Leahs shoes are just priceless and that is hilarious how she is with just Leahs shoes, she must have some good smelling footsies LOL

    Thats a beautiful card that she made for a Wedding and I can definitely understand about the hair lol

    You seem to be plugging right along with the bookmarks, that is a shame about the etsy being down.

    I sure hope you have a happy weekend!

  8. Leah--Thanks for filling us in on Sammy and Etsy. Good luck on the garage Sunday! :)

    Lynn--We get a giggle every time Karma commences loving on Leah's shoes--hehe! I liked Leah's card, too. :)

    Happy weekend a'coming! ;)


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