Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Funny--every time I move a chair I find a cat.
Here's a photo of the four favorite batch bookmarks I am keeping even if none of them are completely sealed. The fronts aren't too wrinkly. I lucked out! They are like rainbows you can hold in your hand. :)
Got a few pictures of the roofers. Took these yesterday morning. They completely blocked off the entrance (and all the handicapped parking spaces!) with various parked trucks and vans...
...and four orange cones. (The one thing that made me smile, Iggy--hehe!)
They had made it to the crook of the building by the door/lobby/elevator. Big old truck and trailer parked right on the front sidewalk! I can't help but wonder what the handicapped people are doing during this? We have people in wheelchairs! They can't get in or out and have no place to park their vehicles?
The garbage truck arrived and couldn't even get to the dumpster. Had to wait and wait for one guy to come and move both a truck and a van out of the way (which he quickly replaced when the garbage truck was done).
Not only had they taken up the entire end of the parking lot, but they laid out various odds and ends to "save" (for later when they were done working for the day) most of the parking spaces all along the sidewalk. They didn't seem pleased that they couldn't find the owner of that one car, either.
They also have taken up 3/4 of the parking lot behind this garage...
...and almost the same behind the second garage. They just aren't a very considerate company, you know? I am soooo glad that I have a garage! Not everybody does here, so they need the parking spaces. I wonder where they are parking?
Caroline had a long way to walk to get into the front door! Kind of scary, too, when they are tossing shingles off the roof.
The sun kept trying to peek out from behind the clouds. It sprinkled some, but didn't rain hard.
Actually a perfect day for roofing--cooler and no burning sun.
I did get some sleep yesterday. Slept from 6pm till midnight--up every two hours. That's a lot better than 2-3 hours--up every hour, eh? Things are looking up. I even went back to bed around 5:30am and slept till 9am--only up twice--tada! I don't want to jinx it, but maybe I'm getting over the hump?
This SOOOO reminds me of my menopause insomnia. I thought I was finally done with all that, but--apparently--oh, joy! joy!--I can have temporary hormonal flashbacks--ROFL!! I hope this is it--over and done with. I have a headache and feel like I've been in a fight--and lost. ;)
Oh--yesterday the girl from the office did come to see where it had leaked. She doesn't even have the number of the boss guy from the roofing company to call him. The guy who usually talks with him is on vacation--but she has a call in to him for the telephone number. She did say that they aren't finished above me on the roof yet. I did bring up that if the roof isn't finished that they shouldn't leave for a long weekend without providing some kind of protection on the roof from leakage.
It's not her fault. We laughed about Murphy's Law and she left to go look at some more places. *sigh*
This morning I tried to snap pictures on the porch. They have passed the corner of the building and are working on the other wing, as you can see.
Lot of standing and sitting around going on when I was watching. But they are obviously busy most of the time or they wouldn't be this far.
I guess I don't understand how they can be working way over there and have not "finished" way over here on my end? I just expect them to fix the leaks. If I have any more--I will just call the office. We're expected to have rain again the next couple of days, despite the blue skies this morning. Time will tell, eh? I left my ice cream pail at the ready. ;)
When I am up to it, I am going to have to go over and pick up my milk at Dagan and Leah's. Possibly today. I have a key and Leah told me where it was in the frig--but, even tho I got some sleep last night, I am that kind of tired where you feel weak all over and have a headache where the sun hurts your eyes. Maybe I'll feel better later--or have another nap...
Anyways, that's what's happening up here. Hope you're having a good week! :):)
"If we were logical, the future would be bleak, indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope, and we can work."
Jacques Cousteau


Anonymous said...

My week is ok so far nothing to brag about Im still alive so that is good :o) That just burns me up about those workers, people like that just irk me when they think they can just take over and no one is gonna mind. Im glad you got you some sleep and it is weird they would quit working in one spot and go start another way out of the way, shrugs, who knows hopefully they will be done soon :o)Have a good day.

Intense Guy said...

I've been busy this week - too busy to blog (or mentally up to it when I've a few minutes).

Those shingle folks look like they got sued really big time recently - thus all the effort to keep folks away from ... falling shingles.

Judging from the pictures - they are really moving right along though - so hopefully the job will be done (and done right) soon.

:) those 4 orange cones have front row seats!!

AliceKay said...

Your first line made me laugh. LOL That Karma is something else.

Yep, just like rainbows you can hold in your hand.

That company and it's employees sure have a lot of nerve. I can't believe the management of the building allows them to block off the handicapped ramp or parking like that. Not good at all. I hope they finish your part of the roof before you get any more leaks. Water coming from a light switch can't be good, anyway you look at it.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Deanna said...

Hope you are having a good week too. The fact that you are getting some sleep is great. Those roofers don't seem to know what the devil they are doing!

Serena Lewis said...

I like those rainbow-like bookmarks too.

They certainly aren't a considerate company...what a huge inconvenience it must be for residents. I wonder how long they are going to take to get the job done? And yes, I'm sure it would be illegal for them to leave the roof unprotected during repairs/replacement. I'm most concerned about the safety issue with it being near the light switch. Keep on them about it.

It's good to hear you're at least getting some decent sleep again.

Rita said...

I agree with all of you! I can't believe the disregard for the people who live here. Maybe they don't think anybody uses those handicapped spots? Or half the parking spots in the lot? Come on! I have more pictures to post today (Thurs). *sigh*

Lynn--Yes! If my end wasn't done, were they leaving the entire building vulnerable to leaking? Makes no sense that they'd only not finish my end. ??

Iggy--I miss your blog conversations when it has been a while--but understand if you are too busy. ;)
If they were afraid of being sued for falling shingles--I'm posting pictures today and they left random stuff on the roof! And it is windy here. ?? The cones have definitely had a front row seat--ROFL!! ;)

AliceKay--Karma is definitely the curious cat, thats for sure! ;) Slowly feeling better. :)

Deanna--Thanks! I am slowly getting more sleep and feeling better. :)

Serena--Looks like they should be done soon on the roof. I'll be careful if the light switch starts dripping again, I promise! It really startled me! Dangerous! :)

Toriz said...

Hope they got stuff done over your end before more leaks happened, and that they are done soon.

I also hope you are feeling better!

Rita said...

Tori--If it leaks again, I'll be calling the office, that's for sure. I am feeling better today than yesterday, thanks. :):)