Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First of all, I want to apologize to everybody on my older yahoo email address book. Apparently I have gotten some kind of a virus and everyone is being sent emails from me about viagra and God knows what else! So sorry. Going to have Dagan look at the McLap tonight--but I also use my desk computer? Anyways, I'm sure he'll be able to get rid of it. *sigh* It really wasn't me concerning myself with your private parts and sex life--honest! So sorry!
Anyways, lots of pictures today, too--and proof I actually do leave the house once in a while--hehe! Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny fall day. Karma was catching the morning rays. [Today we have fog as thick as pea soup. Must be the 91% humidity.]
I went to the post office in the afternoon to pick up the package I missed on Saturday. The leaves are turning and beginning to fall
Here's the post office.
The tree lined streets...heading for home.
This is the back side of West Acres Mall, the biggest shopping in the area. (I was blindly clicking pictures one-handed as I drove.)
The big movie theater next to the mall. What a beautiful day!
This one was for Iggy--hehe! A brave, knobby-headed cone in the middle of the road.
This is the front of my building that you see from the road. You can see my building, the office, and then the other building in our complex.
I was standing in my garage door and could see that the roofers were over at the other building with their crane.
Walking home--here's a shot of the opposite end of my building. You can see where they have removed sections of the siding here and there.
This is the roof on my end of the building. That is my apartment on the upper left--my balcony/porch and the living room windows. I wonder when the roofers will finally be finished? Hopefully no more leaking after they are done, right?
Miss Karma was right by my side as I opened the package and pulled everything out of the box.
Thinking she is smaller than she is (also a failing of mine)...
...she dove right into the box...
...thinking she could squeeze herself in--ROFL!
I smoothed out the packing paper a bit and Karma dove under the layers...
...and played for a while.
I saved the packing paper, also, for making handmade paper later. Recycle. Recycle. :)
And what was in the package?
We are now stocked up on ScorTape--tada! And got a ScorBug, too. You're supposed to be able to run the ScorBug along the groove on a scoring board and create perforations or embossing dots. Haven't tried it yet.
Tonight I am going to make a quick trip over to Dagan and Leah's. Leah needs to work on making jewelry for her friend, Amber, tonight since she is going to see her this weekend. So we won't get to the etsy shop tonight, but I need to have Dagan go virus hunting on the McLap! ;)
Have a sweet night, everybody! :):)
"From adversity we can learn the value of patience."
Dalai Lama


Anonymous said...

Awww I loved the pictures of Karma with the box and paper, she is just too funny as usual, if only we could be that happy over a box lol Hope you are having a good week!

Good luck with the virus hunting, I hate those things :o/

Rita said...

Lynn--Yes--Karma was quite delighted with the box and paper. I really am quite easily delighted myself--hehe!

I hate computer troubles, too! I've never had anything like this. I'm not sure if it was from a forward I got or what. *sigh* Poor Dagan. I sure keep him busy! ;)

AliceKay said...

I loved the pictures of your area. Even the ones you snapped as you drove around...they come out so well. :) I can't get over how flat it is out there. It makes the clouds and the sky look so BIG.

I noticed the van with the e85 on the side. Ethanol...e85 fuel...might be good for some but it's made a major impact on the corn market. Farmers have no choice but to pay the higher prices for corn to feed their animals.

Karma is comical. (i think i've said that a time or two...lol) Cats sure do love getting into things, don't they? I was wondering if she got stuck in the box. That's one of Ryan's favorite words right now....stuck. LOL (he was here visiting this afternoon)

I hope Dagan can find the virus, if you actually have one. I don't understand why some people want to make other people's lives miserable by infecting computers with viruses. (meanies)

I've seen that quote by the Dalai Lama before. Very nice.

Intense Guy said...

I love that big bright blue sky you have!!

And I do hope that SoulCOmfort KnobbY Head, or SCOKY Head for short, made it across the road safely!

*makes note - if I ever send something to SoulComfort make sure its in a really BIG box!*

Toriz said...

Karma's a real nut! LOL!

Good luck with the virus hunting.

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

I'm finally getting a chance to come up for air after officially finishing Michelle's wedding dress yesterday....PHEW!! I made the top tier of the wedding cake last night with plans to put the fondant icing on tonight. Two days to go!

Enough about me - I LOVED seeing the pics of the area where you live. 91% humidity! This makes me dread our summer which is fast approaching.

Karma is so cute playing with all the packaging!

I'm off to catch up with more of your posts now ~ :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--I took quite a few shots to get those few good ones. ;) Now you can understand why I can get to feeling claustrophobic in deep valleys--hehe! I am used to being able to see the horizon and a lot of sky.

No, Karma didn't get stuck in the box. I was surprised she didn't flatten her head pushing so hard against the inside, tho--hehe!

Dagan said this is specific to Yahoo and isn't in my computer, perse. I'm working on trying to fix it.

Iggy--Love the big sky of the prairie! :)

No--the silly thing was just standing in the middle of the road--obviously protecting something, but I couldn't tell what--hehe!

Not too big--then there's no challenge--ROFL!! ;)

Tori--That reminded me of the commercial they used to have for Mounds and Almond Joy..."Sometimes you feel like a nut..." ;)

Deanna said...

You cracked me up with the Karma trying to get into the box picture. Thinking I'm smaller than I am is also a failing of mine.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Hope the fog lifts some.

Rita said...

Serena--OMGosh!! Soon! Soon! I can hardly wait to see pictures! :)
I guess I should snap more shots of the outside world--hehe! Besides out my window or from my porch. ;)

Deanna--Giggles back. :)