Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just thought I'd show's the little siphon I got for the ten gallon fish tank...
...and the new bookcase box standing in the hallway covered in plastic.
This is the view I've been seeing on these chilly, sunny mornings... Karma takes in the rays on the carpet by the open porch door.
She does turn around once in a while, so I don't always have the belly-butt view--ROFL!
I've been stamping the backs of the bookmarks. Grouped them up in piles according to color so I could get a somewhat appropriate ink color on the backs.
Leah and I decided to stamp one along each long edge...
...the shop web address and the "handmade by" stamp. This way the bookmark is never upside-down--hehe! ;)
Meanwhile--the roofers were actually back on my end of the building yesterday--tada!
At least they put down plywood to drive the crane-machines (not sure what the proper name would be) across the lawn so they don't tear up the grass as much.
Needless to say, Miss Karma had a very stressful day yesterday. Spent a good portion of it under the bed. Quiet today--no roofers. No idea how far they got.
I made it about halfway thru the bookmark stamping as of last night. These are ready to go! :)
A touch of whimsy--hehe! Since I messed this one up--and then made it even worse trying to fix it...
...I claimed it as "mine :)" with red liquid pearl on the back--ROFL! This would be a good one to include in the first batch when we try to see if they laminate properly. The red will make it easy to find. ;)
Well, I just sent off the letter today to the collection agency to cease the phone calls and contact me by mail or I will turn them in to the FDCPA. I quit answering the phone after I talked to that woman. I have been getting 2-3 calls a day with nothing left on the answering machine, so I figure it is them because anyone else would leave a message. They start about 8-8:30am and can go till 9:30pm--so far. So, hopefully, after this coming week I will be able to answer the land line again. Then--if it IS the collection agency I will contact the FDCPA and report them. And never fear--I won't hesitate to hang up on them. ;)
It's only been in the 50's during the day all week. My goodness that was quick! What happened to the 60's and 70's? I was hoping for a long, leisurely cool fall after this hot, sticky, damp summer. I hope we still have a long fall ahead of us. We should still have some 60-70 days, but if it's in the 50's, I guess I'll take it. (Like I have a choice--hehe!) The leaves are going to turn early this year, I bet. Sure do like the cooler weather, tho! :)
Hope everybody is having a really great weekend! Keep smiling!! :):)
"There is within each of us a modulation, an inner exaltation, which lifts us above the buffetings with which events assail us. Likewise, it lifts us above dependence upon the gifts of events for our joy."
Dr. Albert Schweitzer


Intense Guy said...

I AM so glad Karma turns around some of the time...



AliceKay said...

I just typed a long comment but as soon as I hit the publish, "Service is temporarily unavailable" popped up at me again. My internet has been slow all week, so I'm not sure if the comment went thru or not. I guess time will tell. :\

(maybe it's time to bury another cable guy)

Anonymous said...

LOL what a view, that Karma is always entertaining :o)

Good luck with the agency that has been bugging the crap out of you.

That is nice of the workers putting down the plywood on the grass so they dont mess it up :o)

I love the bookmarks, is your etsy site ready and going yet?

I sure wish it was in the 50s here we have already broken a record with with temps being in the 90s and were still not done :o(

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Create With Joy said...

Dear Rita

I am SO enjoying all of the Karma pics on your blog!

I really love the wedding cards Leah created in the previous post and the bookmark project is very cool. Know what you mean about errant cat hair everywhere. Tsunami LOVES my husbands shoes. My cats also lay on anything and everything that isn't moving!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I appreciate all of the love you leave me on my blog!


Serena Lewis said...

Cody likes to warm himself in the sunlight on cool mornings sweet. I liked how you claimed that bookmark ~ :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :) Your Karma is adorable and what a cute name!

Toriz said...

Glad you're getting those bookmarks sorted, and also that Karma did allow you to look at something more pleasant than a cat butt some of the time. LOL!

The weather's gotten quite a bit cooler here too.

Rita said...

Joy--You're welcome. I couldn't resist following your blog when I saw that you did reviews on etsy shops! Iggy sent me your way. ;)

Rita said...

Iggy--LOLOLO!! :)

AliceKay--Your back yard must be getting awfully crowded--ROFL! :)

Lynn--We already have an etsy shop up and running--Leah and I are just working on getting some new product posted. Hopefully this week if all goes well Tuesday night at Leah's. :)

Ramona--I love your beautiful cats! You really would know about cat hair--hehe! ;) You're welcome!

Serena--Cody is such a smart little sweetie pie. I was feeling a bit silly--hehe! ;)

Rita said...

Tori--LOL!! Now it is on to Christmas cards. :)

Deanna said...

Karma sure is entertaining. And that is sure a lot of bookmarks! I like the one with the red the best ;)

Rita said...

Deanna--LOLOL!!! ;)