Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Good Morning!
Karma and I have just been hanging out in Fargo--hehe!
I just realized that it is March first and I have done nothing this year for crafts or art except make a few cards. I've been so totally immersed in my new daily spiritual practice that I quickly use up all my good hours and have nothing left to spare but what is needed for all the daily life stuff, you know? Been fun...and I am still going strong...but I need to cut back a bit and add in some time for play.
I want to start my yearly birthday and Christmas card projects. I want to make some journals, too. Well, I always have a long list of projects lined up--hehe! Really need to incorporate some art and craft time in March, that's for sure. I'm starting to go into withdrawal!
Not that my digging and mining hasn't had its fun moments, too. For example, I had to giggle when this thought came to me...
If I am ever in doubt, I do have tremendous tenacity and strength of mind--just look at how fiercely I have clung to these negative beliefs all these years against all logical evidence to the contrary! LOL!
And while still trying to find the gifts from the negative self-talk...
I remembered going to see this lady psychic (who also did ear candling and I had shown up for my first experience with that). As I entered her home the first thing she said was, "It's a good thing you have some extra weight on you. You really need it to help you stay grounded."
"Huh?", I said brilliantly in response.
"Your energy is such an intense, high frequency...you need the physical weight to counterbalance it."
I forgot all about that bizarre statement from the ear candling lady. Well, I have now decided I choose to believe that my energy has grown much stronger and higher in frequency. (Rather than I have just gotten fatter.) ROFL!!!
*still giggling*
Anyways, Dagan and Leah are coming over for Sacred Circle tonight. I have been back on daylight hours for a couple of days now and sleeping fairly well. A bit on the restless side.
Does anyone else ever go to sleep and wake up from a dream a few minutes later? I thought it was supposed to take like 90 minutes to reach REM sleep? This has been happening to me lately. Like I fall immediately into dreams. Strangest feeling. You wake up from a dream and think you've been asleep for quite a while--but you look at the clock and you just laid down 20 minutes ago? It is odd.
Well, got to get moving today. Have a couple of quotes today. The first one is actually a poem from the Dyer book I am reading and the second one is from an Oscars tribute. :):)
Is God speaking.
Why not be polite and
Listen to
(poet) Hafiz
"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."
Lena Horne


  1. Heeehehehe, so much energy ya need weight to hold ya down. That's just priceless girl!!!!

    I love the quotes especial Ms. Horne's.

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!!

    Giveaway...my place! :o)

  2. Thanks for posting the pics. Looks like all is well in Fargo for now. Karma looks so comfy.

    I have a tough time falling to sleep. Not sure if dreams come to me quickly or not. Been having some strange ones lately, tho. (i think i'm just overly tired)

    Enjoy your time together with Dagan and Leah tonight.

    I loved that second quote.

  3. Nezzy--Yup! And my energy keeps increasing a little every year, I guess--ROFL!!
    I'll check it out. :)

    AliceKay--It always takes me at least 10-15 minutes to get to sleep. Some nights can be more like half an hour. If I am still awake after an hour I usually give up and just get out of bed and go read or watch TV or something. :)
    Dagan and Leah were tired. Didn't end up doing Sacred Circle, but had a good time gabbing and doing other stuff instead. :)

  4. That sleep thing happens with me all the time. I wish it didn't... I wouldn't have nightmares if it did take the 90 minutes, because I never sleep solidly for more than an hour (always wake, even if just for a moment, after that hour).

    Oh, yeah... You have to make time for crafts! :)

    Hope sacred circle happened and went well!

  5. Tori--So you can dream that fast, too? It takes me 10-15 minutes to fall asleep so I woke up in 5-10 minutes from a dream. Very odd feeling, isn't it?

    Yes--I need to make time for my hands to be busy--hehe! :):)

  6. I can fall into a dream sleep pretty quickly - it depends on how much "unwinding" I have to do first and how relaxed I am.

    If I'm relaxed and have nothing on my mind (or nothing in my head, umm.. well.. I can imitate a vegetable pretty good sometimes..) and I direct the dream, I can find myself in one in a jiffy.

    It doesn't happen very often though - maybe 20 times a year..

  7. Iggy--If I usually do, I must not normally wake right up again--hehe!
    I tend to kind of daydream my way to sleep, when I think about it. So maybe this is something I do but normally don't find out about it. That cracks me up! Yup--easily entertained. ;)

  8. *Nods*

    Yes... And very confusing... I swear it takes longer to properly seporate the dream from reality than it does to have the dream sometimes!

  9. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Love your quotes for the day. I have not crafted one thing in so long I just dont have time it seems and It doesnt help to come down with a wicked stomach bug either, thats all over thank goodness ugh!

  10. Tori--*nods*

    Lynn--I hope you're feeling all better and back to normal. The flu bug is the pits! I miss crafting when too much time goes by. I hope you get some time soon! :)

  11. My dream states vary time-wise but I've never really taken note on how fast I get into a dream state.

    LOL re. weight and the higher frequency. Hmmmmmm....I wonder if I can use that as my reason for the extra weight I've gained over the past couple of years. I feel like I walk around with my head in the clouds half the time. lol

    Love the poem by Hafiz!

  12. Serena--I guess I shouldn't have felt quite so surprised being as I tend to go into a dream/daydream state AS I go to sleep--but it felt almost like time loss or like being away or something. Hard to explain. :)

    Yah! Go ahead and use that perfectly legitimate reason--hehe! I completely forgot about what that woman said to me. Just came back to me in one of the meditations. (I think GA has a great sense of humor.)


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