Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Been in the 30s for a couple of days. Miss Karma has been spending more time at the porch door--hehe!
She's still not totally convinced it might not be freezing out there (wise cat) so she sits silently and doesn't cry to go out. (There is a "you cry, you go out whether you like it or not" rule here.) So she sometimes nearly dozes off waiting next to the door--hehe!
I noticed that there is now a big white roofing machine parked where the yellow one was. They must have taken the yellow one off to be repaired. (Remember the roofer who was stuck for hours on the frozen roof?) With our spring-like weather, maybe they're actually thinking about coming back and finishing the job?
My big thrill! (People bored with pen and ink talk can skip this green part--hehe!) I signed up for "Ink Drop" with The Goulet Pen Company.
I could hardly wait to get my ink samples for March!
They arrived yesterday.
Yes, one label was put on upsidedown--hehe!
It's an ink club. Each month I'll get five ink samples to play with.
These are the ones for March.
I already own Baystate Blue, which I love. I'd been looking at the Kung Te-Cheng and now I know it is a nice almost navy blue.
So glad I came across them thru the videos of the owner of Noodler's Ink--a unique and opinionated man.
(I love Noodler's inks!!)
I am in seventh heaven! Goulet's do also sell samples of the various inks they carry if you're not in the club or you just want to see what some specific ink is like up close and personal--so I don't plan to ever in this lifetime buy a bottle of ink and find out I am disappointed again--tada! They even have a blog and an interactive hour online every Tuesday night so you can ask questions and find out what's new (or watch later if you were busy, as I often am). A young couple own the shop and he makes various videos for youtube, also, to demo the pens and inks they carry.
They recently expanded to carry Lamy (love those) and have another brand lined up that hasn't been revealed yet.
Anyways, did I mention seventh heaven? Ink Nirvana? :):)
Made it over to the new dentist's office yesterday. Had a chipped tooth that needed fixing. So nice to have a real waiting room with carpeting, a TV, a bathroom, comfortable chairs--and not to have a "no weapons allowed" sign over the receptionist's desk--whoohoo! Everyone was really nice. The dentist was fast and yet didn't make you feel he was rushing at all. Did a nice job, too--can't feel any roughness. And I get to see him--the very same dentist--again the next time! I am soooo happy!!
Tonight is Sacred Circle. Dagan and Leah plan to be over after work. Always look forward to seeing them! It has hit 42 degrees!!! I just checked! Wow!!!
Hope everyone is doing well.
Please say a prayer for all those people in Japan.
"When the bridge is gone, the narrowest plank becomes precious."
Hungarian Proverb


  1. Just how much does Karma weight?! He is one big puff of fur!! :)

    I know what you mean, a nice dentists office! I was on SSI for the longest time, went to run down places but then I got good insurance. Now my dentists office has a TV in the ceiling... offer neck pillows with lavendar and heat in it... so so so nice.

  2. Poor Karma!!!

    I loved the inks and I can't wait to see what you do with them!!

    Congratulations on the new dentist! I'm impressed at your courage!! I avoid dentists like the plague!

  3. Congrats on the new dentist.

    Karma's a smart kitty!

    Hope you enjoy playing with your ink samples! :)

  4. Nikki--Karma weighs about 20 pounds! She is a big female, as am I--LOL!
    Yes, it makes a world of difference, even tho it probably shouldn't. But when you walk into a place where you aren't smashed into a corner with hard plastic chairs and it looks inviting and COMFORTABLE--you suddenly feel you might be looked on as more human right off the bat. Not that they weren't nice at the other place, but it had more of the cattle chute feel to it. ;)

    Donna--Never fear, Karma got to go out many times the past few days since it's been warmer out. ;)
    Not much to show with the inks. I just write letters with the various inks. Funny--all the pens and inks and it is mostly for me. The person getting the letter can't see the pens you use or the pretty ink bottles--only the colors of the inks.
    My insides turn to mush a good day or so before I even have my appointment. I know what you mean!! I have had some horrendous experiences with dentists over my lifetime. *shudder*

    Tori--Thanks. It's hard enough going to the dentist. This new one didn't make me feel like just a number on the assembly line. :)
    Karma is smart when it concerns her own welfare--LOL! She learned quickly when it meant her big mouth got her stuck outside when it was 20 below--ROFL! ;)
    I have already been writing letters and switching up inks. :):)

  5. WOW on the inks....I love to hear all about them. As you know, they are scarce as hen's teeth around here. Love your sample writing!

    I'm so happy for you re. the new dentist! What a difference!

  6. Serena--I was so excited to find the Noodler's owner (I forget his name) on youtube...and then the Goulet shop...and then Ink Drop--hehe! I never thought to look and see if they do international shipping with Ink Drop.

    No comparison with the new dentist! My nerves level has dropped--hehe! ;)

  7. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Karma is funny by the door, our cat just scratches and scratches at the door, drives me nut, sometimes I just spray her with water hehehe. I love those ink samples I would be giddy too girl :o)

  8. Lynn--The "you ask to go out, you go out whether you like it or not" method of training your cat not to bug you to go out only works if you have nippy 20 below weather like we do--ROFL! Miss Karma gets much more vocal and demanding about going out in the summer. ;)

    I was so excited about the ink samples that now I also ordered some I wanted to try. Whoohoo!

  9. LOL! Yeah, that would teach her quickly. I'd keep my mouth shut too in her position! ;)

  10. Excellent news indeed - about the dentist (You ever see Little Shop of Horrors?) and the inks.

    I thought you were writing out "the little brown fox jumped over the lazy karma" (or however it goes...) and then I see its the really super fancy names for the colors...

    I'll have to remember those names.

  11. Tori--Yup, the threat of freezing paws is a quick teacher--hehe!

    Iggy--Yes, but the worst one for me was...what was the name? Running Man? The one with Dustin Hoffman and that dentist!! *shudder*

    Yes, that was perfect! The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy Karma!! I love that one!!!

    Yes--there are some great color names for some inks. Just like all the names of the different papers and such in the craft world--and I know they crack you up--hehe! ;)


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