Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Since I am awake and too miserable to sleep, I thought I'd do a quick post.
[TMI: When I have appointments I have to make and cannot afford to miss, because of the IBS I have to take anti-diarrhea pills for a day or so ahead of time. I make it to the appointment (dentist on Monday) but then a day or so after that (hit me during the night)...I am totally miserable. I may be a miserable useless mess for a day or two here, but I made my appointment. Told you--TMI.]
Anyways, yesterday I received a small box from Spruce/John in Canada. The second I opened it the scent of woodsmoke wafted up from the box! Ahhh! Could just picture John in the wilds of Nain, Labrador. :)
He had told me he made a small box for me but, when he varnished it, the top got stuck to the bottom. Well, he mailed me the cover, which I am sure I can figure out a way to hang on the wall.
It looks like the scene of trees, clouds, and moon is hand-painted on birch bark. John said the little cones all around the lid are from larch trees. So pretty and small. I know the scent will fade, but I will never forget the smell of his woodstove when I look at this. I know John is offline these days, but I will say many thanks to you, John, anyways. :):)
I tried to catch a picture of Karma over in the dark hallway last night sticking her head in Leah's tennis shoes. I got her sniffing them, but as soon as the camera came out she walked away, of course. She loves Leah's shoes!! :)
Well, the old desk computer is gone. Tower, speakers Dagan added, monitor, keyboard, and all those wires--gone! Here's what it looks like now with just my laptop holder sitting there waiting for occasional company. ;) So clean!!
And--shock! Leah called me yesterday from Target. They actually had the lamps again that we bought for the craft table that we really love. The older silver desk lamps we had (you can kind of see them on the floor behind Karma smelling Leah's shoes) are halogen and get HOT!! You could feel the heat emanating from them even when I used to have both of them up on top of my desk hutch, so they were horrible to use right next to you for crafts or painting.
So, Leah brought over two more lamps--tada!! Have one of them (and another old lamp of mine) now on top of the desk hutch. (With my poor eyes I have always needed a lot of light.)
Now I can really move around with my laptop--from my chair, to the craft table by the window, to my desk. I do love my new laptop stand so much! Now I can hand-write over at my desk again. too--be able to see to write--whoohoo! (All the moving around from place to place in different positions helps my back and shoulders from going fibro-crazy on me.)
The other lamp is on the art table. No more feeling I am going to singe my hair on the lamp when I am drawing or painting--hehe!
Duh! I could also use the art table, too, with the laptop stand or for writing. Aren't I living the life?! :):)
With all this going on we didn't actually get to doing a Sacred Circle--again. So we told ourselves that we will next time...for sure! But, as usual, we had a good time just hanging out. I never care what we do. Love to see them and spend time with them...just because I really like them. My two favorite people in the whole wide world. :):)
Meanwhile, I know I'll feel better in a day or so...the sun is hiding just below the horizon...Karma is sleeping on the footstool/ottoman...supposed to maybe hit 40 again today. Life is good!
I'm blessed. I have more than one. :):)
"Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly."
George MacDonald


  1. I hope you get to feeling better much sooner than later. Life is good, isn't it.

    You have everything so organized. I need to take lessons from you.

    Is it warming up any in Fargo? The snow is still on the sides of the road here and yet they are predicting the temperatures to climb into the 70's by tomorrow. My poor body is very confused.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon! *Hugs*

    That's great about being able to move about with the laptop so as to keep yourself from being stuck in the same spot and ending up in pain. Also great about the lamps.

  3. I'm loving those lamps!!! I see a trip to Target in my future (probably should figure out where I could put another lamp first ;-)

    Love Karma with her nose in the shoes ~ some interesting smells for a cat I'm sure!

  4. Deanna--Me, too! Sooner than later. But, yes--life IS good!!
    Yes! Been hitting 40 or close to it for like three days!! Still a lot of snow, but also lots of puddles. Then it freezes again every night--hehe! 70s!!! OMGosh!! That's about my comfort max for summer!! ROFL!

    Tori--Thanks! Me, too.
    It's funny how just being in slightly different positions from different chairs and heights of tables/desks that it makes such a difference on a person's muscles. Who knew? We love-love-love these lamps! They have an adjustable arm, Tori, and look kind of old fashioned--looks like an antique bronze colored metal and an ivory glass and metal seven sided cone-shaped shade. And we get the new light bulbs that stay cooler and are supposed to last so long--daylight bulbs. :)

    Donna--Check quickly! They came and went really fast last time they had them in. We never expected to see them again because, at least the Target up here, they usually never repeat much. :)
    I wish I had grabbed the camera faster--she had her whole head in Leah's shoe! Several times. Silly girl! And it is only Leah's shoes she likes. Never smells mine or Dagan's. ?? Cats. Who knows what goes on in their furry brains? :)

  5. I understand your IBS. It's not a nice or easy condition to have to live with sometimes.

    I love those lamps. They sure do brighten up your work spaces. Your desk looks great. Nice and tidy. :)

    It's great to be able to spend time with the ones you love. I spent my afternoon with Karen and Ryan. She had a doctor's appointment, so I kept an eye on Ryan while she was in the exam room. We went shopping afterwards and then picked up Pizza Hut pizza to take home for supper. (it tastes much better when it's freshly made and not an hour or so later) Ryan fell to sleep on the way home.

    I hope the rest of your day was a good one.

  6. What is it with cats and the smell of stinky feet? My cats stick their heads in footwear as well.
    As for the TMI, you're a blogger, I'm a blogger, we live for TMI! Hope you feel better soon though.

  7. I'm so sorry about the IBS side of things, Rita. So stress is one of the triggers for you? If so, your "ask and receive" work may be a big help here.

    What a thoughtful and lovely gift from John.

    LOL at Karma and her fetish with Leah's shoes.

    Your lamps are beautiful! You're all set now.

    I hope you are feeling much better tomorrow, dear friend,

    Love Serena ~ xo

  8. AliceKay--I know! That's often why Dagan, Leah, and I have to change plans. :(
    We love the lamps! They swivel in all directions, too. :)
    I can tell how much you love to spend time with Karen and Ryan, too. Such a blessing to have people in your life who lift your soul just to set eyes on them.

    Sandra--Hello! Welcome! :)
    Yes, dogs would chew the shoes, cats savor them--ROFL!! ;)
    I sometimes give TMI about me, but I don't tend to talk about other people on my blog--unless it is okay with them, of course. Well, I only see other humans maybe 3-4 times a month, anyways--ROFL!! ;)

    Serena--Stress is usually a trigger for IBS, as far as I know. But, sadly, there are other triggers, too--hehe! I have sooo many different health issues--that's why I did a general "health" request for Ask and Receive. Maybe I should try to be more specific.
    It is always such a treat to get a handmade gift from John in the wilds of Labrador. :)
    What cracks us up is that it is only Leah's shoes--hehe!
    Hope everyone is recovering in Australia. I still send prayers your way, as well as to Japan. :)

  9. Anonymous6:11 PM

    So sorry your not up to par right now, hopefully your system will get back in balance soon :o) Cute lamps and I dont like those halogen lamps either we used to have one and we got rid of it because of how hot it got. Hope you get some rest :o)

  10. Lynn--Getting better. Takes days to get back to normal, but at least I made it to the dentist's--LOL!
    I can't believe how terribly hot those halogen lights can get! They seem almost dangerous.
    Thanks. Finally slept a bit better last night. :)

  11. I had a lamp similar to that. I had it by a comfy chair for reading, because when I could still read print books I needed the light to be just right to read with. I gave it to my Dad when it was no good to me any more. I think he uses it when painting his figures.

  12. Tori--Painting those small figures you need good light, too, that's for sure. :)

  13. *Nods* Definately!

  14. Smelly shoes, sweating under the hot lights AND diarrhea?

    No wonder you are miserable.

    I'm glad you got a nice bit of cheer from Spruce/John in Canada... every little bit helps when you got smelly shoes, sweat stains from being under the hot lights AND diarrhea.

  15. Iggy--LOLOLOL!!! You are so funny! :):)


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