Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday-10:30am: Cat Stuff

In all the years I have been blogging I don't think I have ever blogged twice on the same day, but these cat things gave me the grins on my oh-so-tired day (still bang-bang-bang up here).
First of all, speaking of Miss Karma sleeping on hard pillows...
...does this look familiar, Iggy?
Karma still loves it. Especially after I hide it away for a while--LOL!
For those of you who are new or don't remember...Iggy sent this chunk-a-wood-pillow as a surprise for Karma. He didn't think she would actually use it. She does. ROFL! (She chewed off the little strap right off the bat--does love anything that looks like string.)
And then--for those of you who don't follow Simon's Cat on youtube--this new one cracked me up to no end!

Enjoy!! :):)


Artoholic said...

We LOVE Simon's Cat in this house. Jez walks around with finger pointing to his mouth going "Meow" all day...

Now there's a new kitty in Simon's house- doing all the things cats do all around the world. Especially love the Crab Walk.

Must go and check out your post below - spied some pencils in know I'm OCD about that!

Artoholic said...

Better than pencils - pens! Calligraphic accoutrements are all wonderful to look at (even if they don't always work 100%).

Hope that wind has died down and you've got some zzzzzzz's.

Tickle under the chin for Karma too.

Intense Guy said...

That karma... is such a fruitcake.


Obviously she is reliving her past life as a Sabre Tooth-Tiger cave dweller that only rocks for pillows! I'm glad she likes her pillow! Its actually a pretty nice bit of wood.

That cartoon cracked me up!! I got to start watching the rest of them!!

Dee Ready said...

Rita! Thank you so much for introducing me to "Simon's Cat." I laughed out loud throughout. I'm headed to YouTube!


Cindy Lane said...

Forgot to say that Karma has Japanese leanings with that wooden pillow!

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOVE those Simon videos!! Thanks so much for sharing this new one too! Soooo true and I've seen all these behaviors first hand, lol!

Karma's pillow - soooooo funny!! I can't believe she likes to lay down on hard things like that! I thought cats liked soft, fluffy things??? Silly Karma!

I hope the bang, bang, banging ends SOON!!

Rita said...

Cindy--You can tell Simon really does know cats--LOL! Adding a kitten to the mix is going to give him a lot of fodder!! The crab walk? I never heard it called that, but I immediately know what you meant. I loved that and how the kitten immediately fell on it's back when things got dicey--and yet learned the food dominance trick right off. So funny! :):)
Yes--Pens-pens-pens! I love them, too, obviously.
LOL@Karma having Japanese leanings. ;) I'll give her a good scratch for you.

Iggy--LOLOL@rocks for pillows=STT. :):)
They are all really cute. I hope you get a chance to watch them. :)

Dee--I was an immediate fan. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. :):)

Jeannie--I was so delighted to see a new kitten added!!
All my other cats preferred the softest places best. Karma is just a bit odd--LOL! In more ways than one. ;)

AliceKay said...

Simon's Cat...never heard of it, but it cracked me up. LOL Thanks for the laugh this morning. :D

Karma looks really comfy on that pillow. LOL

I'm off to work and then to a bridal shower for my niece this afternoon. Have a great Saturday!

(i noticed this post last night before i read the previous one, but after commenting on that one, i forgot about this one. oops...sorry)

Furry Bottoms said...

I love Simon's cat cartoons! They always, always, always crack me up!!

Very clever of Iggy and that block of wood, LOL!!

Trixie said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have been sharing a video from this artist for I don't know how long BUT I NEVER knew it was called SImon's cat. YES!! I am watching teh videos tonight. LOL ROFLMAO. WOW. We have 4 cats here and all four of them are Simon's cat at some point in time.

OH and continue to CED!

And pet ur kitty. It makes the world brighter!

Rita said...

AliceKay--There are several short Simon's Cat cartoons on youtube if you like them. ;)
Hope you had fun at the bridal shower. :)

Nikki--I know! They're so cute!
Iggy really cracked me up with that gift and Karma cracked me up that she uses it--LOL! ;)

TrishaTrixie--Greetings! You will probably love them all! I'm jealous--4 cats!! ;)
I haven't been good at focusing any specific blogs on CED, but I do try to be creative in some small way every day.
I'm off to check out your blog! Thanks so very much for stopping by and hope to see you again. :):)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, thanks for your comment just now on my posting about table-waiting in the convent.

I'm so glad it made readers laugh. After I recovered from the chagrin of the whole thing, I laughed also--even then.

It's my sense of humor that has gotten me to the point where I can tell the story of my life and rejoice in it.

I hope today that your pain is less.'


Rita said...

Dee--I think the angels laugh all the time!! I wouldn't have made it this far without being able to laugh (at many things other people wouldn't even find funny). When I am not able to laugh I am in big trouble. ;)

Desiree said...

Simon's cat is so cute! I'd not seen it before, so thank you for the link.
That kitty of yours has the most angelic of faces! What a great sense of humour, too...sleeping on the joke block of wood and turning the tables round on the would-be jester!

Rita said...

Desiree--I hope you get a chance to see the rest of the Simon's Cat videos, too. They're all cute! ;)
Karma has always liked hard pillows, but even I wasn't sure she'd like her wooden pillow--ROFL! When she sleeps in bed with me she uses the hard headboard as a pillow. She's such a goof!
Enjoy your week! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I remember when Iggy first sent Karma that 'pillow'. She sure does love it!

Rita said...

Serena--And all I have to do is hide it for a couple weeks and then when she sees it again--poof!--interesting! LOL!!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

hahahahaaaaa!!!!!! thanks for that!! and Karma and her wooden pillow! cats sure do the funniest things! that's why i love them! and look at that little adorable peaceful sleeping face...OOOoooh!!

Rita said...

Laura--Cats do do the funniest things! Karma looks sweet while she sleeps. I remember how sweet my son looked while he was sleeping when he was little, too--hehe! ;)