Saturday, October 15, 2011


We had more sun than was predicted. Karma grabs her ray-naps.
She knew I was taking pictures, so she stretched for me. Karma usually either speaks or reacts with some physical movement...or both--LOL! Those are her interaction languages. ;)
We had some sun as the roofers tore apart the other half of the garage roof under my window.
The clouds rolled in and looked like rain, but we didn't get any rain during the daytime and the roofers kept working every day.
They got the first couple garages all done... the big front (to me) garage covered with new tarpaper...
...and started ripping everything off of...
...these other two garages in the back row.
I know it is harder to see, but they skipped over my garage which is directly in back of the one under my window. I wonder why?
They left it Friday with what looks like new tarpaper on those back two...
...and the one under my window. Looked like they may have shingled on the backside of this one, tho.
We had day after day of clouds, but if it rained it was after the roofers left. Chilly. They worked with hoodies and jackets on. I haven't seen them on this sunny morning.
Feels like the end of fall already--50s in the daytime and 30s at night. I've been just resting up and getting my energy back. Delighted to be sleeping at night and quite well. Funny how feeling miserable is so exhausting--LOL! And am just thrilled to be feeling back to my old normal pain and enjoying some sweet recovery time. Putter...putter...putter. Have a glorious weekend!! :):)
"I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable...but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing."
Agatha Christi


Teresa Evangeline said...

Yes, despite the rough times, life is, indeed, a wonderful thing! Happy weekend, Rita!

Queenie Jeannie said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better, and getting your sleep again!!! And yes, it is soooo exhausting to be in pain, day after day! Hopefully this stretch is over with and you will be right as rain again very soon!!!

Yes, I know what you mean about those stamps. I didn't care for them at all for the longest time and then I just sort of fell in love with them, lol! I don't like all of the them though (thank goodness!) and pick and choose what I like from each collection. This was a pre-order I did, so I won't be getting them for a bit. Which is actually good because I have lots of other things I should be doing!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Rubye Jack said...

It's good to hear you're feeling better. I lost much of July and August due to pain, and next thing I knew it was September. Here's to an amazing fall for us!

DJan said...

I love that quote, Rita. It says it all. And I'll join the others in wishing you a very happy weekend. Karma is quite the talker, BTW! :-)

Linda Myers said...

I'd forgotten how flat your part of the country is!

Desiree said...

I have been oncall all weekend as you know but it has not be soo terrible, but it is mostly the mind set of being prepared etc, and it has helped for me to just be more zen in my mind to deal with it, if that makes sense. You talking about being miserable being exhausting made me think of that Sad since there are so many ppl I know that are seriously miserable in general, sad for them indeed! :)

Intense Guy said...

You need a couple ray-naps to get caught up with things. Those Poofers seem to be really moving along. Now we wait to see if they do your garage - I would think so - it looks like they are doing all of them!

Hope you have a good weekend - pain free and sleeping at nights.

Desiree said...

I do love your quote, today! Good to see the roofers have been making steady progress. Hope they're all done, soon. Karma has won my heart. What a wonderful companion! The best news is that you're sleeping so much better at night. It makes a world of difference, getting a decent night's rest :)

Rita said...

Teresa--Yes, life is always precious! ;)

Jeannie--So, those stamps won you over. Hasn't worked on me yet--LOL! I agree, some are much cuter than other ones and the ones you got are pretty ones. :)
Yes, the fibro flare is pretty much over, I think. Thanks.

Rubye--Oh no! I just met you so I don't know what caused you pain for two months. You probably explained on your blog--I'll have to go back and read. I can totally empathize with you. Mine don't usually last over a month--obviously can and do--but a week can often easily go by before I know it. Yes, let's hope it is an amazing fall! How about whole winter--LOL! ;)

Djan--Most of my critters (the ones that could make noise) have been talkers--because I talk to them--LOL! They are a part of the family. ;)

Linda--Yes, we have long stretches of "flat" up here--ROFL!! ;)

Desi--As far as I know people with SAD get depressed or crabby and such, don't they? I don't. Mine is chronic fatigue that is best friends with fibro--LOL! And I have it all year round. But I do know people who suffer from SAD and can use special lights to help lift their spirits. Doesn't sound like a bad idea for any of us who live up north and get little sun all winter. ;)

Iggy--Karma would greatly encourage you to take ray-naps. She swears by them--ROFL!! ;)
It's been a good weekend so far. I hope you are feeling well, also, my friend. :):)

Desiree--Truth. I first started posting pictures of Karma because my aunt had lost her husband/best friend of 50 years and she asked me to post more pictures of Karma because they always made her feel peaceful and calm just looking at them. An easy request to fulfill. Karma's my furry companion who doesn't move a lot so she's easy to get pictures of--LOL! And I think she has kind of developed her own following. ;)
Sleep makes all the difference, yes. :):)

Beth said...

I am so glad you are feeling better Rita!
The photos are wonderful. Love Karma!! Beautiful!


Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, What great news--that you are both sleeping and feeling better. Of course, one is so related to the other. Being without pain comes as such a revelation. While enduring pain we forget what it's like to feel healthy. Or at least I often do.

I, too, liked that Agatha Christi quote. Today is lovely here and I am just grateful to be enjoying it. To be alive.

Rita, I want to thank you for the sharing of you own life that you often do when you comment on my postings. I can just see you and the other woman trying to get those dishes done. What an almost impossible task. And to do it quietly! No way.

Since I left the convent I've often thought that what I needed to do, especially in a small cafe is to leave a tip for the dishwasher. She/he deserves it!


Rita said...

Beth--Many thanks! I will be thinking of you on Monday. :):)

Dee--Being back to my regular pain makes me really appreciate that it certainly can be worse--LOL! ;)
Phyllis and I were usually alone when we did the dishes at the restaurant in the middle of the night--so we laughed and chatted and giggled. You had to talk loud to be heard over the dishwashing machine. We were anything but quiet. I would have had to be doing culpas for the rest of my life--LOL! ;)

In some restaurants the waitress have to share tips with the bus boys and dishwashers. Which, when the waitresses usually get paid less than minimum wage and they tell you the difference is made up in tips...seems unfair. Usually the dishwashers and bus boys got paid more per hour in the places (non-alcohol) I worked because they didn't get tips. Things may have changed over the years, but I'm sure none of them make much. I know what you mean--a waitress has to be pretty awful before I won't leave a tip after having been one. :)

AliceKay said...

The roofers seem to be moving right along. Hope they get the whole project done before the s**w flies. (notice i didn't type out the whole 4-letter word)

I'm glad you're feeling better and sleeping better now.

Karma looks content.

Rita said...

I am sleeping better and the flare is gone...ahhh! I hope you are feeling okay over there. You've been pretty quiet of late.

Donna C. said...

I'm glad you are sleeping well and back to your "normal" pain. I know what that's like! I've got my days and nights mixed up and wake up about 6pm and go to bed after I get the kids up for school. I had finally managed to tweek my schedule and woke up on Saturday at 11am but then that evening I had an allergic reaction to something and had to take benedryl. I'm really sensitive to benedryl so I didn't wake up until really late Sunday evening. I've also been having headaches. Yesterday I had a migraine and the meds for that put me out too. So I really want to get back to normal sleeping times so I can be up with my family. My kids (teenagers) have been making dinner. I feel bad for them but at least they know how. Anyway, I hope you and Karma have a great week :O)

Rita said...

Donna C--I can so totally relate to the crazy hours!! This is why I always say I am so grateful that all these health issues started after my son was grown and it's just Karma and I. At least your kids are teenagers and know how to fix themselves a meal, etc. That's a relief! Anyways, I hope you get some good sleep, no matter when it is, and the migraines leave you alone. Bless you! :):)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you're doing better, and getting some good sleep in! :)

Excellent quote! :)

Rita said...

Tori--Thanks!! You, too!! :):)