Saturday, October 01, 2011


Karma lolling on her toys.
Well, the herbs weren't getting much light way back by the kitchen so far away from the window and I could tell they weren't happy. So I got a large bin cover, to protect my cabinet that sits right behind me at my craft table near the window, and moved them all down there. I decided I needed to relinquish that space to them. I think they are happier. We'll see. (Three of them got trimmed, too, tonight so they may not have liked that at all.)
Don't ask me how I got this huge pot up on top of the bookcase!! OMG!
When Leah re-potted the philodendron I had her put it on a TV tray in my bedroom by the window...foolishly thinking I could pull it across the floor away from the window if I wanted to open the window, right? Well it was too heavy for me to pull with one arm. The wooden legs were just trying to bend! So, I placed the step stool under the bookcase in the living room, managed to get the pot up on my side, hauled it one-armed into the living room, got up the steps of the ladder, almost dropped the pot...but just barely managed to kind of hoist/toss it up there--whew! A feeling of accomplishment, I tell you! :)
Leah used this metal epoxy to kind of weld together three hooks at the top for the fern that's sitting on top of the boom box. There's another huge hook that is meant to go through the top of those hooks and then the plan was for me to hang the fern up on that ceiling hook after the epoxy cured. But there is no way I can lift this heavy pot filled with wet dirt with one hand at that angle. Maybe after the soil has dried out. We'll see. Eventually it will hang there.
Neither of these pots came with hangers, so Leah was converting the pot. I told her the big one for the philodendron was just too large and heavy to attempt to hang. After carrying it...I am positive! LOL! The funny part was Leah got the stiff hooks and epoxied them together so it would (in theory) be easer for me to move by myself. ROFL! The best laid plans, right? I can't even lift the smaller pot with my good arm--LOL! Oh the things that crack me up. ;)
Anyways, the only sun I get now in the winter will hit that wall. All the plants are now on the sun wall so they will be as happy as I can make it for them. It's the best I can do. :)
Tonight after I woke up I finally made another batch of cabbage soup. Been putting it off because of feeling crummy. But I figured that if I could move plants yesterday I could make soup today (before the celery was totally limp--LOL!). Added some fresh cilantro, chives, and parsley--tada! Oooo....warm soup on a chilly night....ahhh! Perfect!
Karma got bored with her saber-toothed tiger cave, apparently, and hadn't used the box for many days. So, I took off the throw (I wanted it to keep warm anyways) and moved the box under the art table. Voila! Instantly interesting!
Let's see...I finished watching the last season of Dexter, my favorite serial killer. Now I am in the process of watching last year's Supernatural with the usual interesting angel/devil wars. Also been checking out the new TV season, of course. Glad I can just record so easily now with this computer system. (Is that called tivo-ing?) Can't say anything has stood above the rest so far. Two and a Half Men might be good again. Does anybody have any favorite or old?
We had one hot day (90) and then it cooled off again. You never know from one day to the next if it's going to be in the 70s or the 50s. Was in the 30s again last night. Hey! It's October 1st! They should have the heat working again now for the winter. (I don't think landlords have to legally provide heat until October 1st.) I suppose I should check...later. Been up since 9:30pm and, right now, I am curling up under the throw and going to turn on the TV and veg out for a good long while. ;)
Happy weekend!!
"A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is in your mirror."
Ken Keyes Jr.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I'm still a big fan of The Big Bang Theory. Love those little geeks.

The soup looks yummy and I love that Ken Keyes quote. The more I understand how true that is, the easier life gets.

Toriz said...

I hope the plants are happier where they are.

Don't over-do it mind... You know you'll pay for it if you do! *Hugs*

Yes, warm soup is perfect for a cold day; and soon we'll have plenty of those!

We had a really warm day yesterday... I think it was in the high 20s C (high 80s F, so only a little cooler than with you).

Love the quote!

DJan said...

Those are some impressive sized plants, Rita! Good thing you didn't drop it, maybe you can now wait until Leah is around to help you with the fern. Please?

I recently started watching Parenthood and Breaking Bad. I miss my Mad Men fix!

Beth said...

I am so glad you got that big plant moved safely. Whew!!

My favorite TV shows:
1. Bones
2. The big Bang Theory (love Jim Parsons)
3. NCIS (I have a crush on Mark Harmon)
4. All of the CSI shows
5. Law & Order SVU

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, I'm with DJan on this--take care of yourself and resist moving heavy plants and other items until you have some help from others.

As to the TV programs: I have only very basic cable and so mostly just watch the old channels. My favorite programs are "Harry's Law" with Kathy Bates, "Blue Bloods," "Prime Suspect," and Masterpiece Mystery.

Your quote today, ending your post, is so true. My Mom always said, "Dolores, you find what you look for. If you look for good you will find it. And if you look for bad, you will surely find that too."

Her philosophy has made all the difference in the way I meet people and welcome them into my life.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey! I finally made it over here. You have been busy..your herbs are looking good. Looks to me like you will have fresh herbs for awhile. Do you have a dehydrator? That was some haircut you gave than philodendron..but it looks better! I cannot believe you got it on top of that shelf..determination.
Karma is looking good..LOL about her saber tooth tiger cave:)

AliceKay said...

That's a huge plant! Not sure how you managed to get it up there, but I'm sure glad you didn't hurt yourself.

I never got into the whole "Two and a Half Men" thing. I hope it survives without Charlie Sheen, tho. I have a few shows I'm watching on a regular basis this year. I really like the new show, A Gifted Man, that airs on CBS on Friday nights. I also watch Dancing With the Stars on Mondays and Tuesdays, Body of Proof on Tuesdays, Survivor on Wednesdays, Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays, and college football on Saturdays (depending on what teams are playing), and Extreme Makeover:Home Edition on Sundays.

My goodness. No heat being used out there yet? My furnace has been going for awhile now. (my feet are ice cold at the moment even) It's cool and rainy here today. It doesn't know enough to stop raining. (it's raining hard out there right now) Everyone is sick and tired of the rain, and those dealing with the flooding issues are exhausted. We need some sunshine. I hope the weatherman is right and the sun shines for us next week.

I like that quote. :) Have a great weekend.

Serena Lewis said...

I hope your body isn't suffering too much from you flinging huge plant pots around. lol I had to laugh, sorry, because it's exactly something I would have done too. My body always pays for it later but I so know the feeling of accomplishment you mention.

For some reason, I've never had a lot of luck with herbs except for maybe, basil. Good luck with your herbs...hope they like the new spot.

Those appear to be quite large pots to hang from the ceiling being that they can get quite weighty,especially when watered. I'm having visions of the pot crashing down to earth bringing half the ceiling with it. lol Of course, I realise you must have placed the ceiling hook into a support beam so that won't happen but it's just my silly worrywart mind.

OH, your cabbage soup looks delicious, Rita. I might just have to make some for myself this week. YUM! I love a good home-made soup at any time of year but, yes, it's particularly good on a cold winter's evening.

Karma is SO funny! lol

So is Dexter actually a good guy or a bad guy? I've never watched the series.

Happy October 1st to you...have a lovely weekend,

Serena xo

Rita said...

Teresa--Oh, I love Big Bang Theory! That's my favorite comedy on today. :)
I agree. I understand it more the older I get because I can look back and understand more about what I was really looking for and what I got--LOL! ;)

Tori--Yes, I probably should have waited and let somebody else lift that big planter but I did it for the poor plant. They have no choice in the matter. ;)
I can never figure out the difference between C and F temperatures without a chart. :)

Djan--I don't think I am moving anything else by myself--my back is complaining today--LOL! I'm not so sure the fern isn't too heavy to hang, too. But, I promise I'll wait till Leah or Dagan or Caroline is here to deal with it. ;) I promise. The plants are all in good spots for sun now, so they'll be fine.
I just found Breaking Bad on Netflix streaming! I didn't think I would like it (subject matter), but it sucked me in! LOL! I LOVE Mad Men. Has that been cancelled? Oh no! I don't get to watch them for like a year or more later because I have to wait till they come out on Netflix. I'll have to google and see. Funny that "google" has become a verb. :)

Beth--I watch Big Bang and the original CSI--which Ted Danson joined this season! Mark Harmon is a cutie! ;)

Rita said...

Dee--I will be good. ;)
The only way I get to watch cable shows is when they come out on Netflix, but I do follow quite a few of them when I think about it. I love Kathy Bates and started watching Harry's Law right away! Been watching Prime Suspect so far, but I preferred the British version with Helen Miran so much more. I watch almost every one of the Masterpiece Mystery and Masterpiece Theater programs, too.
Yup! You find what you look for...or, seek and ye shall find. :):)

Connie--Hello, Lady!! So glad you could stop by now that you're done trucking over to the museum every day. :) No, I don't have a dehydrator, but Terah (Cowgirl Red) offered to look for one she doesn't use and send it to me as a gift!! Whoohoo! I hope she can find it. ;)
The philodendron didn't get cut down, just got twirled around and around. I didn't want anything hanging down because Karma chews on plants and they are supposed to be toxic. I guess I could let some tendrils down now that it is up high. Karma is too fat to make it up there--LOL! ;)
Getting that monstrosity up there with one arm--well, even if my back hurts today, I am still proud. Back before I injured my arm and my health went to pot that would have been no big deal. So it felt good, regardless. :):)

AliceKay--Stubborness! Sheer stubborness!
I started watching A Gifted Man, too. Still not sure about it. I watch Dancing With The Stars because my aunt does and I call her once a week--chat fodder. I like Body of Proof, watch Survivor (and Big Brother) out of habit, and cry at Extreme Home Makeover half the time.
That reminds me, I should see if we have heat yet. I hope you get some sunshine!!

Serena--LOL! I already felt guilty because the plant was so root bound it was dying, so I didn't want it sitting where it didn't get enough sun and was too cold for many more days...and some times I am just sick and tired of being able to do so little compared to what I used to be able to do--ROFLMAO! If I hadn't been able to kind of hip swing it up there I would have at least gotten the pot out here on the sunny side of the room on a TV tray. ;)
I'm not so sure I'm having a lot of luck with the herbs, either. The arugula rallied but has been dying since the cold snap and the only one that actually looks really healthy is the basil. Luckily that is my favorite. They were much happier outside in the summer. Not so sure they will do well indoors. But I would love to plant more next spring if they don't make it inside now.
Yes, I thought of that, too. I can't remember if Leah screwed that hook into a board/beam or not. I am seriously thinking it might be just fine on the boom box--LOL!
Well, Dexter murders bad guys...horrible people. But he is a murderer. A serial killer you don't want to see get caught. After you find out what happened to him when he was little (I think that was second season?)...well, you can see why he is the way he is. I love it, but it is way too scary for my friend, Ruby. It's got its gory moments, but not nearly as much as I expected. I love it.
Have a great weekend! Almost over where you are, I guess? Or is it just starting? I can never remember if you are ahead or behind us over here. :):)

Carol C said...

The plants all look happy in their locales. Sounds like that was a huge job! Now maybe you and Karma can relax!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Homemade soup is the bestest!! Great job!

LOL @ silly Karma! I know I always say it, but I do truly love your cat!!!

I wish you hadn't been so stubborn about that plant!!! But I guess it worked out OK in the end. Totally sounds like something I'd do too. (Like lifting a 100 lbs laundry basket filled with stamping stuff up the stairs with a bum knee...*eyeroll*)

Yes, this time of year you never know what you're going to get. Very familiar with that having lived in MN, WI and NE!!! And I'm so glad to NOT be living in the cold anymore!!!

I'm waiting desperately for The Walking Dead to come back on and for it to show over here. They left us hanging!!!

I hope you have a great, snuggly warm weekend!

Rita said...

Carol--Kind of a risky job to do one-handed. Angels watch over children and fools, right--LOL! My back is going to force me to relax for a couple days. My own fault and well-deserved. But I am so happy the plant is happy. :)

Jeannie--Going to have another bowl here pretty soon. My hours are all over the place, so I don't know if I should call it lunch or dinner--LOL!
Sounds like we both did dumb things--ROFL! ;)
The Walking Dead? I haven't heard of that one. Sounds like zombies!
Thanks! Silly Karma and I have been having a nice snuggly weekend. The heat is working now, too. You have a great Sunday. :)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

karma looks co COMFY...among her toys AND in her new cave!!

your plants look happy!! don't even attempt to move the HEAVY ones yourself...not really worth it if you should strain something!

your cabbage soup looks YUMMY!!
last night was the first night in a looong time we opened the sleeping weather...NO a/c kicking on! yay!

we have lots of tv shows on record...we like the weird and action stuff...Fringe...Ancient Aliens (history channel)...Unforgettable (new)...Sons of Anarchy...Hawaii five-0...Falling Skies (not on again til next year)...

have a happy sunday! :)

carol l mckenna said...

You been one busy lady ~ now I hope you rest along with Karma ~ enjoy Sunday ~ ^_^

Cindy Lane said...

Rita that is a regular Jungle you've got growing there - well done on hoisting that pot!

Box + New Spot = Intrigue. My cat is a sucker for a box partially opened. Keeps us all entertained for hours!

Michael Hall was a fave of mine from Six Feet Under days. Gawd that opening credit music was haunting.

A show I used to love was The Pretender, from back in the late 90's, early 2000's. Corny but sucked you in. And Miss Parker had the most fabulous wardrobe.

Have a great week!

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita, Thanks so much for commenting on my convent posting about receiving the name "Sister Innocence."

You asked if the convent has changed since I left it in 1966. It has. Greatly. I've returned many times to visit with friends and to see the place that had such a great influence on my life. I find my friends happy and fulfilled and enjoying a freedom that wasn't as present when I was there.


Deanna said...

There is nothing better than soup. NOTHING! That cabbage soup looks very tasty.

That was quite an achievement getting that plant moved. It looks very heavy.

We've cooled off a lot here. Now we need a bit of rain. Just a bit...

Sarah Grecco said...

Your cat has beautiful coloring! And I am SO GLAD it is chilly outside so I can eat soup! I had tomato soup today.....yum.

Get Up & Go

Rita said...

Laura--Wow! It's actually finally cooling off down there?! (My folks retired to central Florida, so now they freeze when they come up here to visit in the summer--LOL!)
I have been watching Unforgettable and really like it so far. Been watching from the beginning Ancient Aliens on Netflix Instant movies--fascinating! I have Sons of Anarchy in my Netflix que and now Falling Skies, which I hadn't heard of. I missed the first year of Fringe, so I never started watching it...yet. Looks like something else I'd like to add to Netflix. I like a wide variety of types of programs and movies. Thanks for the new-to-me ones. :)

Carol--yup! Karma and I are resting. Hope you have a great week. :)

Cindy--Cats and boxes--always fun!
I watched Six Feet Under and Michael was the reason I checked out Dexter in the first place--LOL! ;) I never watched The Pretender when it was on. Might have to google that one to see what it was about.
Hope you have a fun week! :)

Dee--I hope you do a post sometime on how the convent has changed since you were there. That would be fascinating to me, Sister Innocence. ;)

Deanna--Aha! Another soup lover! I love so many kinds of soups and they are sooo good all winter...well, I like soup in the summer, too. I hope you get some rain! :)

Sarah--Hello! And another soup lover! The chilly weather makes me think of soup and warm bread! I have to go check out your blog! :)

Carolyn Dube said...

What a green thumb! I'm envious!

Intense Guy said...

On a cold misty/foggy day on the beach, you can hear me slurping the Clam Chowder (and munching those impossibly hard "oyster crackers")

*giggles at Karma*

*looks at you sternly* You shouldn't have oughta been doing that! moving that big pot.. you coulda dropped in on your head and then what????

Ponders if Karma the Sabre Tooth'ed Tiger can be taught to dial 9-1-1.... hmmmph... she's a cat.


Another Big Bang Theory watcher here. The Two Broke Girls looks somewhat intriguing.. I might give that one a go.

*pictures you with a fisher price crane toy....* Sorry...

Rita said...

Carolyn--Hello! With me it is hit or miss with plants. I'm not sure all the herbs are going to survive the winter, but they did so well out on my porch for the summer that I'd gladly plant more next spring. :)

Iggy--You video did look cold and windy. Clam chowder would have been warm and tasty!
I know. Should have thought it through or tested the spot out better before the kids left that day. You know how I am about living things. I couldn't leave that plant in a darker, chillier room for an unknown period of time after all it had been through already. ;)
Another Big Bang Theory lover!! :)
LOL@the toy crane!!!
Hope it's not too cold as you get the boat ready for the winter hiatus. :):)

giddy up said...

Rita... Looks like you have been busy with plants... Wow putting your huge pot on the bookcase! You sound like me doing stuff I should wait for other people to help me with. Karma looks like she loves her house, I should do that for my cat... Well gotta run the dogs are waiting for me outside to eat. Have a great day!

Rita said...

Karen--Yup! Not something I should have been doing with one good arm--Duh! But the plant is very happy. You have a great day, too! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I might look into getting Season 1 of Dexter as it sounds like one I would like. I forgot to mention some of my fave TV shows -

Criminal Minds - probably my fave
CSI Las Vegas
CSI Miami
Ghost Whisperer
Smallville -got hooked through Brad
The X Files
Northern Exposure
Xena - Warrior Princess
Murder She Wrote

Re. Cindy's comment - I used to love watching The Pretender too.

Re. time zones - I think we're about 16 - 17 hours ahead of you.

Have a lovely day...we're heading into evening now.

Serena xo

Rita said...

Serena--Loved Medium. Never could get into the other CSIs--just the original one. Watched X Files, Northern Exposure, Friends, and Columbo.
So you're over half a day ahead of us. So when I am up during the night you are up and about down there--LOL! ;)