Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The roofers have been working steadily...
...gathering the shingles as they arrive on the crane and scattering them on top of the garage roofs like sprinkles on a cupcake.
Karma listens... the shouting, the music, and the hammering. Doesn't seem to bother her when it is farther away, but she pays attention...well, when she isn't snoozing. LOL!
They seemed to be randomly skipping around to different garage roofs.
Working away every day. We've had no rain.
They finish one...
...and move on down the way to another one...skipping over a few.
Me...I've been puttering away every day. Got the art table cleared off...
...quite a few things moved around in the bookcase next to the craft table...
...and even got everything off the craft table that needed to be removed. Down to specific project stuff, now--tada! Been over a month since I could call all the surfaces in this room my own again--LOL! (I'm ignoring the bedroom for now.)
As I cleaned, the roofers skipped way down to the far end of the garages... choose a couple more to start on.
Yesterday I walked some paperwork down to the office. (For some reason, every two years they need me to swear in writing that I am not a student.) So, I asked about the roofers and why they are skipping half the garages. Found out that it was the insurance company that decided which garages had suffered wind damage to the shingles and they were only re-doing those particular garages. Okay. That makes sense. Mine wasn't one of them...and I am glad of that, I guess. I had no leaking and hope I won't have any in the future, either. Means they'll be finished faster, too. ;)
Then Caroline came over to clean yesterday afternoon. Right as she got started the UPS man arrived with a really big box!! I was so excited! Caroline helped me open the box later as I told her the story. When I was talking on my blog about my herbs Terah (Cowgirl Red) asked me in the comments if I had a dehydrator. Nope. She said she had one she never uses and she'd mail it to me as a gift!! Wow!!!
This just blows my mind!
Now I will have to read the instruction booklet to find out how to dry my herbs...and other stuff, too! ;)
Thanks so very, very much, Terah!!
People like you restore my faith in humanity!!
Am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.
I just have to say that I have met the most wonderful bloggers! As people, you are shining examples of kindness, heart, talent, honesty, optimism, joy, perseverance, empathy, silliness, generosity, compassion...
brings tears to my eyes.
You lift my days.
I am proud to know you all!!
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
Marcel Proust
"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart."
Kathleen Grove


  1. Huh... I have NEVER thought to use a dehydrator to dry herbs before?! That is brilliant! It kinda makes me feel stupid, almost. That solution is SO easy and obvious, that it should have been glaring at us from the beginning?!

    I like the name Terah. I'll have to check her out!

  2. A very nice gift from Terah! You will really enjoy it.

    I so enjoyed the pics and the ones of Karma!! Love that cat!


  3. Your post brings tears to my eyes, too...I'm so thrilled for you, receiving that wonderful gift and I know you will have fun putting it to good use. What a lovely person Terah is.

    I'm so glad you found out why the roofers have been working so you say, it now makes a lot more sense!

    Again, I wish I could reach out and cuddle Karma!

    You must have the neatest, most organised work station in your city! Hope you'll be inspired to get busy, creating :)

    I loved your post, Rita and think you summed up my feelings about the wonderful bloggers I've come to know in the 11 months I've been at it, perfectly! You are ALL a gift!

    Big hug

  4. Nikki--I know! I never would have thought of that, either! Duh!

    Beth--Yes, it really was such a nice gift!!
    Karma says hi! ;)

    Desiree--*Hugs* Terah is a lovely person!
    Karma is like a big old teddy bear. I wish she liked to cuddle more. Well, maybe not. She's very demanding--LOL!
    You're one of those amazing people, too! :):)

  5. rita, wow!! a cleaned off art table...i do that once in a while...and it doesn't stay UNcluttered for very long! yours too? before you know get that table filled with all sorts of projects!!

    you're so organized! i love all the compartments & storage you have...

    what a wonderful gift!! my mother in law volunteers at a local thrift shop...brought us that same dehydrator! i have never used you've got me thinking...i NEED to 'get to know it'! thanks for the push i needed! ha!

    and always...looks so comfy and happy...

  6. I'm glad the roofers are progressing so quickly. Makes sense about the insurance and only repairing the ones that need repaired. I bet Karma will be glad once they're gone.

    Looks like you've been keeping busy. Your shelves are so neat and organized.

    That was a very thoughtful thing for your friend, Terah, to do for you. Blogger friends are something else, aren't they? :)

    We have a dehydrator that Terri uses to dry strips of venison and beef to make jerky, but that one looks much nicer than the one we have. :) Good luck with your herbs.

    Loved those quotes. The one by Kathleen Grove is one I use a lot. It is so true. :)

  7. Laura--No, that folding table I use for my art table seems to be the catch-all space around here--LOL!
    Caroline, my cleaning girl went into raptures about banana chips. I guess I'll have to try some new things. Sounds like you might, too! ;)

    AliceKay--Yes, it makes sense why the roofers are skipping garages now. We can hardly hear them now that they are way down at the end. Can hardly hear their radio now today. :)
    Yes, I am amazed by my blog family. And not just things like unexpected gifts, which touch me deeply, but by their kindness, openness, and heart. :):)

  8. I follow you!! I like your blog!! Nick
    Big hugh from Italy!
    if you want look my sketches!

  9. Rita,

    I've found over the years that some of the nicest friends can be found online. I've often been overwhelmed with the kindness of people I've met. It does sort of restore faith in mankind, doesn't it.

    I hope you really enjoy that dehydrator. We make Jeky with ours. When the kids were home I dried fruit. I need to start doing that again!

    Your scrapping space looks amazing. Great job!


  10. Niccolo--Welcome! Hope to see you again. :) I'll check out your blog.

    Deanna--Yes, it really does restore your faith!
    Since I am a vegetarian I think I'll stick with fruit and herbs. But I see they mention crafty things you can do, too--like drying flowers. I wonder if leaves would dry without curling up? Hummm.... :)
    Have a great day!

  11. Those food dehydrators are really cool. I keep saying I'm going to get one but haven't gotten around to it yet. People really are good at heart you know!

  12. Hugs!!! What a wonderful gift! I used to make beef jerky and beef sticks with mine. Only problem is that it took 24 hours to make, and about 10 minutes for my family to gobble it all up, lol!

    Loving all your organized crafting goodies and spaces! You KNOW I clicked to enlarge it and check it all out, lol!

    Sounds like you are feeling better and that's wonderful!!

  13. What a beautiful thing for Terah to do...I'm sure you will put the dehydrator to good use, Rita.

    I have found the blogging community to be so supportive and caring too.

    I'm sure you're happy with the progress you've been making with all the careful not to overdo it.

    Serena xo

  14. Rubye--They truly are good at heart!! :):)

    Jeannie--LOL! I enlarge when people show craft areas, too! ;)

    Serena--Leah is already wanting to dehydrate fruits, too, so two households will get use from this gift! :)

  15. Ah OK (about the roofers). I was going to say that maybe they thought mixing it up would make it more fun doing the roofs. LOL!

    Glad you're getting the cleaning and sorting done nicely, now on to the actual craft projects! :)

    Awesome about your gift from Tara! Enjoy learning to use it! :)

    I agree; there are some people out there with the warmest of hearts; people who I'm very glad to have met... And, for the record, you're one of those people! *Hugs*

  16. Tori--As time goes by and they keep moving about it looks like there are only going to be a very few that aren't reshingled. at least this group is faster! :)
    You are sure one of those people for me, too!! :):)

  17. =)

    I think this blogger love is a case of "what goes around, comes around".

    I can only echo what Serena said, "What a beautiful thing for Terah to do..."

    I'm going to sleep so much better tonight knowing why the roofer/poofer guys are doing what they are doing - they FINALLY finished the repair work at my office!!! I was so happy to see the torn up gutters replaced with nice, working ones... the wound in the building was wounding to me.

    I really like that shot of Karma sleeping in the box on/under the desk!

  18. Fast workmen? Can it be true? LOL! ;)

  19. Iggy--Well, I send around some blogger love whenever I can. :):)
    I am sooo glad that your poofers finally came back and fixed the gutter!!! I know what you mean. When my place was so chaotic for over a month it made me feel scattered and off, too. Delightful to have that wound healed, my friend. ;)
    Funny, when I have moved the box with her bed in it other spots around here she will only sleep in it when it is under the art table or right behind my chair. And she isn't as happy with it behind my chair because she was in it half as often--LOL! Guess where she is right this second. ;)

    Tori--I know, hard to believe, but it's true. Fast workmen. LOL! ;)


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