Sunday, October 30, 2011


It was another gorgeous sunrise yesterday!!
For a few minutes the sky will glow on the horizon and the colors shift...

...until the sun rises up...bright and yellow. :)
Karma's been spending a lot of contented time in her newly uncovered bed.
Doesn't seem to miss her box cave.
Karma doesn't pine for the past or think farther ahead than her morning treat.
A police car sat outside for a long time?
I puttered about.
Got the art table pretty much set up for November--tada!
I decided that I am finally going to use one of the watercolor journals that I made a few years ago.
Yes! I have been so afraid to actually use them--to make that first mark, you know?
[Confession. I have a lot of different types of journals in pristine condition.]
Anyways, I made my few journals with actual 140 lb. watercolor paper. Just cheaper paper from a tablet, but it's watercolor paper. So, I should be able to really play!!
I got out a couple of the Sucrets watercolor palettes I made... Radiant Rain and other misters...
...and my trusty timer so I don't overdo it. ;)
I was wondering how I could paint and mist on just the one page and not get it all over the place. (The journals I made are about 5 X 7 or smaller.) I decided to cut up some butcher paper to slide under the page and over the adjacent page. (The paper was so curly that I had to kind of roll up in the opposite direction and smash a little to flatten it out.)
Anyways, I'll try that and see how it works. [With my anal/OCD tendencies, I really wonder how good I can ever expect to be at this being "loose"--LOL! Wish me luck, eh?]
I have a non-stick sheet underneath it all. Leah and I actually use oven liners for craft sheets. They're larger than most of them they sell at the craft stores and we got ours with a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond so they were cheaper, too. ;)
For any actual misting I have a good sized designated cardboard box that I use. Don't want colors on the white walls--LOL! I'll set the misting box up on a TV-tray next to the table when I am arting--LOL!
So...getting all prepared for November. ;)
Today is a gray, dark, rainy day.
I was up late and slept in.
Prayers for those who need them.
Hope life is treating you well today.


DJan said...

I rally appreciate all the nice comments you leave on my blogs, Rita. And your sunrise is really beautifully captured. I am on the mend, my cold almost gone, but my energy has not returned in full just yet. Life is treating me very well today, thanks for asking! :-)

Carol C said...

Beautiful sunrise!! You're already to start creating....hope you have fun! My husband reminds me that's what I'm doing it for anyway. And I also have lots of journals in pristine condition. Let's get 'em dirty!!!

Beth said...

Beautiful sunrise photos Rita and great shots of Karma as always.

You are such an organized person. I used to be that way but I have gotten lazy lately. I really like the idea of making the Sucrets containers into color palettes.


Toriz said...

Wish I had Karma's attitude to life; live in the moment!

You sound really excited about the month of crafts ahead. And, I'm glad to hear the timer is among the things being put ready on the art table; have fun, but pay attention to that timer!

carol l mckenna said...

Your photos are really awesome! Terrific! and Karma looks very content ~ Yes, every Sunday I have Spirit Collage Sunday so if you have a collage and want to post it I will gladly it to my blog with your name on it. November is looking very exciting for you art wise! Wonderful! ~ I also use wax paper or a paper towel even to protect other pages ~ I can relate to the 'pristine' journals ~ I remember that 'white paper' being so intimidating until I got it in my head ~ it is just 'paper' ~ So play, have fun and explore with your inner child ~ I bet even Karma might like to put a paw print on the page ~ Looking forward to seeing what you post ~ hugs and namaste, CArol ^_^

Rita said...

Djan--You're easy to leave nice comments for. :) Glad you're feeling better.

Carol C--Yes, we are doing this for fun! That first page is always the hardest--LOL! ;)

Beth--I bought the empty palette cups at Daniel Smith and then you glue them in and fill them with tube paint and let them dry. I've used white plastic cough drop containers, too. Fun way to try new brands or for taking up less space and for travel. :)

Tori--Critters live in the present moment, that's for sure. ;) Yes, I have to remember to set the timer. One hour at a time is plenty for me. :):)

Carol--I mostly plan to use any paper or magazine pics as just a bit of side decoration in mine. Mostly want to play with paints. Love to see what you are doing, though.
Karma would hate having her paw print done--LOL! She doesn't like anybody touching her feet...even before she got declawed. ;) Stay warm!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rita! Isn't hard to believe that it is almost November already, oh how I hate retail this time of year I am so not ready for it LOL I love the sunrise pictures such pretty colors and Karma looks so cozy in that bed too. Your journal looks very pretty I might have to try making my own, I have been thinking about journaling just to get some thoughts out of my head hopefully with events that have been going on around me lately. I sure hope all is well and you have a wonderful week! Happy Halloween!!

Deanna said...

Beautiful sky pictures! I sat and watched the most gorgeous sunset through the branches of all our trees the other night and was just content to watch and remember... no photos!

You have a pretty good setup there. Now be sure and show us the results - ok?


Furry Bottoms said...

Whhhhhhat did you do, Rita! That has that cop car sitting out there for a long time...? Thats their strategy, you know. To make you nervous! LOL

Once there was an unmarked cop car on my street with a guy sitting in it. He was sitting in it for the longest time. Finally I sat on my porch and stared right back at him. After a few minutes of this, he decided to move away. The nerve!

Rita said...

Lynn--I worked retail for years and it does get just plain overwhelming over the holidays. I remember many days of not even having time to take breaks or eat (small shops). Another crazy maker over the holidays is waitressing! I did that, too. Be sure and put those feet up and rest when you get home!! If you have other things to deal with, too--you really need to have down time, lady! :) :)

Deanna--I only see the sunrises because I face east. I miss all the sunsets. I guess I was surprised that for those few minutes the sunrise can look like a sunset...and that fascinates me. I never used to be up to see them...well, rarely--LOL! ;)
I'll take pictures, I promise. :)

Nikki--LOL!! There wasn't anybody sitting in the police car, I don't think. Guess I didn't look that closely. I'll have to go back and look at the pic again--LOL! I'm actually surprised they aren't here more often...and glad. ;)

AliceKay said...

Absolutely breathtaking shots of the sunrise. That first shot is so awesome!

Karma seems to be enjoying herself. :)

Looks like you have things well planned for your creativity to begin. Have fun with it and be sure to post pics. ;)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Lately I never know if I will see the sunrise. Been sleeping later. So when I get to see one and it is cool, I've been trying to remember to take pictures.
I'll post lots of pics this month, I think. ;)

Serena Lewis said...

WOW...that sunrise was gorgeous!

I can't wait to see what you create in your watercolour journal, Rita!

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement about 1 hour at a time being plenty*

Rita said...

Serena--Since I face east I have discovered how beautiful the sky is right before the dawn some days. I never knew they could be so dramatic. Of course, I wasn't up for them very often--LOL!
Posted Tuesday my first work on the art journal! :)

Tori--Yup! Much easier for me to break away from art or crafts than writing. ;)

Intense Guy said...

Such a beautiful sunrise!!

Almost (and I mean it, almost) makes me want to get up early enough to watch one...


Rita said...

Iggy--I was always a night person so I didn't see a lot of sunrises, ether. Since fibro has twisted up my hours I have seen more sunrises these last few years than in my entire life--LOL! Never knew they were so awesome. ;)